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HOsiHO Drone Pilots Network
Hire your professional UAV drone operator in France

The HOsiHO Drone Pilots Network will match your aerial photographic and filming needs with a creative and reliable professional drone pilot living close to your filming site in France.

HOsiHO Drone Pilots Network

Hire professional drone pilots in France

It is your guarantee for a successful aerial drone service when hiring a
HOsiHO Drone Pilot Network certified french UAV pilot.

All of them have been selected by the aerial image bank

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for the high quality of their audiovisual services and their professionalism in terms of aerial imagery.

The connection with a french drone pilot from HOsiHO Drone Pilots Network is direct and free of charge

 Discover what makes HOsiHO Drone Pilots Network so special !

HOsiHO Drone Pilots Network's Members


The coverage of Metropolitan France is total and the unifying principles of the HOsiHO Drone Pilots Network labeled operators are:

  • each drone pilot radiates on several departments around his headquarters, at the nearest of your shooting locations
  • a perfect knowledge of the surroundings 
  • reduced travel expenses
  • a great reactivity and very helpful for scouting
  • homogeneous rates
  • adherence to the network charter
  • aerial work in accordance with french drone regulations
  • the most appropriate creative and technical response to your request



Beyond its proven audiovisual expertise in aerial and ground shooting the professional HOsiHO regional drone operator has various other services to offer, such as:


You will discover the offer of each of our members by clicking on the department where your photos and aerial videos shooting must take place, or by choosing the specific expertise field you are looking for. After having checked their services and credentials, you can directly phone them or send a quote request via our form. A fast and precise answer will be provided by the concernend pilot. Be sure that he will bring the greatest attention and professionalism.



Main qualities of our selected professional drone operators in France:

  • Creativity
  • Enthusiasm
  • Availability
  • Flexibility
  • Proximity
  • Versatility

The strengths and possibilities of drones operating at low altitude (less than 120 meters in France) are well established as they have revolutionized the way we see the world and sublimate it!

In expert hands, namely an experienced pilot in pairs with a cameraman or talented photographer, the remotely piloted aircraft with dexterity, imagination and creativity, equipped with a video camera filming in 4K / UHD video or photographing with a DSLR camera, will allow to realize stunning photographs and aerial videos, singulars and necessarily striking!

Click on a french department or a field of expertise to discover the HOsiHO Drone Pilots Network

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