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chief town of Martinique, counting more than 80,000 Foyalaises and Foyalais.

Drone footage and aerial photography for sale on the HOsiHO aerial stock images bank, The World from Above, with drone views of Fort-de-France that  reveals a quiet city bordered by heavenly beaches and small ports such as Grande Anse and Bellefontaine or Le Robert, between hills, banana and sugar cane plantations.

Fort-de-France and Martinique by drone it is also aerial views during the lockdown with empty beaches like Le Diamant or deserted streets in town.

Some aerial footage, photos, time-lapses taken by drone over Fort-de-France

available for licensing, for all your audiovisual and publishing projects

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Located on the western part of the island of Martinique, the city of Fort-de-France offers a magnificent view of the Caribbean Sea. It is the capital of the department and also the arrival point of all those who arrive on the island.

A city rich of its historical heritage

The city of Fort-de-France was named so because in the 17th century, there was a Royal Fort at this location. It is Fort Saint-Louis that can still be admired today. Positioned in the bay of Cul-de-Sac-Royal, the fort protected the French Navy ships anchored there. In the past, it was a military defence post against the English and Dutch armies. The town gradually developed around the fort and extended over the entire bay. It is the witness of the military history of France of which the fortified architecture of the famous architect Vauban remains. Today, Fort-de-France has become the economic and cultural center of Martinique. In 2017, there were 80,000 inhabitants there, but if we count the population of the bordering towns like Le Lamentin, there are then more than 165,000 inhabitants.

A breathtaking view of the Caribbean Sea

Fort-de-France is also the first point of arrival for tourists who come to discover the West Indies by plane or boat. The city, like a pearl in its green setting, offers an opening on the Caribbean Sea and you can see the relief of the other end of the bay at the level of the three islets. The streets of the city are pleasant to visit and one discovers there the architecture of the coloured Caribbean houses, the whole in a natural decoration raised and very flowered. 

Discover the city and its treasures

When you arrive in the historic city center of Fort-de-France, you immediately want to go and admire the coastline and the bay from the Lafrançaise beach. Very quickly, we will go to Fort Saint-Louis, whose architecture is impressive. You will have a view of the port and especially the cruise ships. On the way back to the center of the old town, you will discover the Creole wooden houses (Pavillon Bougenot, Maison Saint-Cyr). Don't forget to visit the Saint-Louis cathedral and the Schœlcher library before discovering the surroundings. The garden of Balata for example is located on the heights of the city. There you can discover tropical plant species whose colors are impressive and you can also observe hummingbirds and anolis which are particularly familiar with the area. We will enjoy the colors of the market and we will discover a tasty and spicy local gastronomy. Finally, we will be lulled by the festive atmosphere of the Creole night.

List of ground and aerial audiovisual equipment

available to the team of our drone pilots, cameramen and photographers

Madinina Flying Pixels in Fort-de-France

                                          • 4 drones DJI
                                          • Camera for VR360°
                                          • Stabilizers for cinema cameras - Ronin, Steadimate, travellings,
                                          • Sliders, cablecam
                                          • RED camera

Drone shooting rates in Fort-de-France

Our members undertake to apply the reference rates of the network, for a service of aerial shooting by drone,

either for Photo or Video, without retouching or video-edit (excluding options; travel expenses; administrative costs)


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