PROPHEO (Drone Doubs, Montbéliard, Haute-Saône)

Give Height to your Images with unprecedented shots by Drones.

PROPHEO (Drone Doubs, Montbéliard, Haute-Saône)

PROPHEO is a company located in the town of Montbéliard in the department of Doubs (25). It operates some differents drones and provides qualified professional pilots.

PROPHEO operates with drones mainly in the departments of Doubs (25) and Haute-Saône (70).

We are specialized in the production of high definition aerials videos and photos. PROPHEO can also make pictures and movies on the ground to complete the services.

Specialized in video editing, we can supplement the service with the production of a commercial film or a report, examples here.

We are above all passionate about our region, Franche-Comté, but also about taking photos and videos. We have  naturally united his two passions to offer you our know-how and our expertise.

We will be able to use our geographical knowledge, the quality of our shots and our creativity to better meet your expectations.

Sport events :

Do you want to promote a sporting event by capturing aerial images? The assurance of a guaranteed result, a different vision.


Site supervision :

The use of the drone in the construction sector has proved its worth. We carry out aerial site monitoring in order to illustrate the know-how and skills of the project manager.


Cultural events :

Aerial shots offer original points of view to illustrate important events and preserve lasting memories.


Real estate :

Promote your real estate for sale or for rent with professional videos scripted from a new angle.


Tourism :

Amplify the visibility, notoriety and popularity of a region! Promote heritage with exceptional image quality and viewing angles.



Control or inspect by taking aerial photographs. Quick to set up, economical and ecological. Access the most difficult
sectors without risk.

For 3 years now, we have also implemented a research and development program to design drones that meet the specific needs of today and tomorrow for our society. We are constantly designing, developing, programming and testing new techniques, new materials to make the flying and shooting experience more professional.

For the HOsiHO Drone Pilots Network, we operate in part of eastern France, particularly in the Doubs and Haute-Saône departments.

PROPHEO Drones | Telepilots drones in Doubs and drone videos Montbéliard

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Customers and experiences

PROPHEO is above all specialized in aerial photography. 
We have a wide enough range of materials to cover the broadest spectrum of requests. 

Stabilized shots
With our INSPIRE and zenmuse5, Mavic 1 Pro, mavic 2 pro & mavic 3 Drones.

Indoor Drone FPV shooting
our 3-inch drones for indoor services (buildings, houses, etc.)  

Shooting in FPV mode outdoors:
With our 5 and 8 inch drones (4 to 8 motors). 

Ground shots
Sony alpha 7III type equipment with 3-axis stabilization (DJI RSC2)

Give Height to your Images with unprecedented shots by Drones.

Headquaters : Bethoncourt (25200)


Operator N° UAS / DGAC : ED14710

Insurance contract : ATLANTAS POLICE n°5551064-1395

Working locations

71 - Saône-et-Loire
70 - Haute-Saône
39 - Jura
25 - Doubs
21 - Côte-d'or

Fields of expertise and services

Prophéo operates in the following areas:
- Inspection of works of art.
- aerial panoramas
- production of films combining ground images and aerial images.
- Classic ground shots
- Video montage
- Time lapse and Hyper lapse by drone
- Time lapse and Hyper lapse on the ground
- real estate and site monitoring by drone (photo / video)
- FPV immersion flight and shots
In order to carry out the missions that you entrust to us, we register professional drones
 registered with the DGAC (general direction of civil aviation) and all insured in professional civil liability 
with the ATLANTAS insurance.

We own all this gears :
• 1 INSPIRE 1 Drone With zenmuse X5 camera
• 1 DJI mavic 2 Pro drone
• 1 DJI Mavic 3 Drone
• 1 3-inch Racewhoop Fpv Drone for indoor shooting
• 1 Fpv Drone 5 Inches
• 1 8-inch Fpv Drone 8 1300 KV heavy-lift motors + Sony alpha 7III
• Gopro 6 + Reelsteadygo
• Gopro 7 stabilization
• Gopro 9 stabilization
• Gopro 10 stabilization
• Sony Alpha 7III
• DJI RSC2 stabilizer
• Sliders, fixings, tripods, led floodlights

Video editing under FCPX with solid skills:
• Assembly
• titration
• voice deactivated
• colorimetry
• licensed music
• Son fx
• export.

Control software :
• Adobe Photoshop
• Adobe Lightroom
• Apple Motion
• Apple compressor

Propheo invents, innovates for the needs of today and tomorrow ...
For 3 years, we have implemented a research and development process in order to design 
and program some of our drones for very specific needs, mainly for immersive cinematographic shots.