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Live streaming service on the internet of aerial and ground images

from events filmed by our UAVs

Fall 2020 new services by HOsiHO network members

Drone en vol pour du Live Streaming vidéo

Drone Inspire 2 flying during a Live Streaming video

Shooting of images with UAVs and ground cameras, and streaming in HD720p via our platform,

directly on your website and your partners' ones.

All-inclusive formula: multi-stream - multi-site - multi-camera - multi-drones

What is a live drone streaming feed?

Today, most UAVs offer, via the manufacturer's application, the possibility of easily retransmitting live aerial images on social media or Youtube, provided they have robust access to the 4G+ mobile phone network or, better, to an Internet access box (which is quite difficult to find on a construction site, in the middle of the street, or in the wilderness!)

Thus, a simple drone connected to a 4G smartphone can - in theory - retransmit a feed on the Internet. 

In theory only, because a live streaming can only be of good quality under the following two conditions :

        • have fast internet access (fiber, ADSL, 4G) 
        • a stable network for the duration of the event

However, it is rather random to bet on the stability and datas connection speed of a single 4G operator, even in city centers. 

So, unless you're a gambler with low expectations in terms of reliability and quality, it's imperative to turn to proven technical solutions capable of providing a robust link that will enable continuous delivery of good-quality images and sound, regardless of the location - or locations - of drone overflights or ground-based image capture. 

Schéma Bonding par LiveU

This is what the HOsiHO network offers from now on, through its Live streaming service, which uses the Bonding technology (via LiveU), and thanks to the use of 2 to 4 different cell phone operators and/or a fast Internet access.

In short, it enables to avoid, at low cost, the risk of breaking the live link or a considerable drop in the transmitted image quality.

HOsiHO Drone Network and its tele-pilots are therefore able to offer you a unique, reliable, innovative and complete service, all at a reasonable budget.

Why and when to use live video streaming by drone? 

Live broadcasting allows you to boost your corporate events or your unique operations.It allows you to communicate more widely to the media, your customers, your public, and also to federate your teams who will find themselves at the heart of the event even hundreds of miles away.
The events sector is in great demand for this type of operation, whether it's for a sporting or cultural event (e.g. an open-air show), the broadcasting of aerial images taken by drones will give it a whole new dimension.
The Tourism sector is also keen on live drone and ground-based images, if only to give more echo to a tourist site or a monument that has recently been reopened or renovated. What could be better than images from the sky to show its new highlights?
Companies sometimes need to show their know-how to a larger number of people (whether targeted or not), whether it be on the occasion of construction sites or exceptional operations that are an opportunity to implement non-standard means, or, more basically, when launching a new product, such as a car.
There is also the use that the Media can have of it, always fond of live images as long as the retransmitted event interests the generalist channels or the specialized newspaper.

What is the multi-stream live feeds offered by the HOsiHO Drone Network?

You organize an event, on a single location or on several sites spread over the 4 corners of France and you wish to retransmit it live on the internet to your customers and partners?

With our Live Multi-stream feeds service of drone and ground images, it becomes affordable and easy to implement because the streaming units are lightweight, wireless and extremely mobile.

Dispositif portable pour Live Streaming par drone via mini-régie vidéo _DS13016 copie

Portable devices for Live Streaming by drone via a mini-video control switcher

Imagine a small drone, a mini 4 channel control switcher, a LiveU unit with the 4G+ modems, a video monitor, a small camera on a tripod for the battery change phases when the drone is off, the micro-Hf (if you need a live commentary), the whole thing fits in a small backpack that accompanies the pilot and his assistant.


Télépilote Drone-Pictures, préparant un live par drone pour la SNCF à Aix-en-Provence

Once on site, each team places itself at the desired location, sets up its take-off area and the camera on a stand, cables the autonomous mini-regulator and connects to HOsiHO's Live streaming platform. Everything is then ready to start the drone flights and share these incredible moments online with the audience you have chosen to virtually invite to the event. 

This device can be placed in different geographical locations, more or less distant, whether in the same city or across the hexagon. 

Our members are all available for this type of live interventions and will be able to organize themselves to send their feed on our platform.

The feed - or feeds - are then relayed on your web pages and possibly on your social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, etc...

What services do we offer with our Multi-stream live feeds platform?

The members of our network will set up a complete technical device in order to capture images of your events, on one or more sites, in metropolitan France and the French West Indies. 

Here is what our members propose concretely during a live streaming via the platform HOsiHO Drone Network :

    • Image streaming on the web (several websites are possible without extra cost): we provide one or more html integration code (iframe embed) that you insert on the web pages of your choice, on the number of sites you want. Here is an example of Live integrated to the dedicated page of our member Drone-Pictures in Marseille. Note that in addition to the general page gathering all the feeds, we provide the individual code of each feed.

    • Up to 6 simultaneous feeds (images from UAVs or ground cameras): our streaming platform can host up to six individual simultaneous feeds that we display directly on the web pages of your choice (see the HOsiHO Drone Network Live Streaming page).

This displays a mosaic of clickable images, allowing you to follow on a single screen the action taking place in 6 different locations (cities or places). It is of course possible to click on the stream of your choice in order to display the images in full screen and quality.

Page UK Live Streaming Multi-flux

    • Inlaying your logo on the images (and/or text or visuals related to the event): you provide us with a png image at the following dimensions 1280 x 720 px and it will be inlaid on your Live as in the screenshot below :

Vue aérienne de la Grue TSO Gare Aix-en-Provence vue par Drone + logo Sncf NGE © Drone-Pictures

Aerial view of the TSO crane in Aix-en-Provence railway station for a live drone for SNCF and NGE © Drone-Pictures

  • Replay: recording of the entire Live on our servers, with or without audio, for replay on the following days, depending on the duration requested. Your audience will therefore be able to see or review the live for as long as you deem necessary (to be determined at the time of ordering).

  • Delivery of the recorded video (mp4 file): The next day, you will receive it via FTP and you will be able to upload it on your website and social networks, or edit it to integrate it into your productions and clips relating the life of the company or the event. 

Rates for our Live Streaming Video HD720p Services

Price list for the supply of our services and our platform for live image streaming.

Please note that aerial shots by drone or the capture of images on the ground, must be the subject of a separate quote from the remote pilot chosen among the members of the network.

Type of serviceGear and services includeDurationTax-free rates

HOsiHO Live Streaming platform in HD720p

(one ou multi-stream)

Creation of the feed(s) on our platform

Inlaying your logo or visual to the images (to be provided in png 1280 x 720 px)

Provision of iframe codes for integration to your websites

Live tests at D-3 for checking your side of the good performance of the solution on your websites.

Live image streaming in 1280 x 720p

Replay of the live broadcast for 48 hours

Delivery of the recorded material as .mp4 file 1280 x 720p

Package including the setting up and availability of the platform on the D-day.

Replay for the next 48 hours


4G+ Live Streaming Package

(price per source of images retransmitted. One source = one camera or several cameras connected to a control switcher, which becomes the source to be retransmitted)

Rental of a unit containing: a LiveU Solo Hdmi unit with the Bonding option; 2 modems with a 4G+ subscription; a Hdmi monitoring screen; a 4 hdmi ATEM mini- video switcher with 4 inputs; a battery power supply; a headset and a HF microphone; a backpack; cables; an assistant.

Half-day (4 hours on location)

Full day (9 hours on location) 



Other optional services that the HOsiHO network drivers can offer you 

Images taken by drones or on the ground by our network operators can also be used for :
  • Use of a multi-cam control switcher to deliver a single live stream which will then be visible on the Internet, on a giant screen, a television network, other... This configuration requires a team dedicated to this, with an audiovisual director who will know how to choose which camera to broadcast during the live broadcast. It is quite common in this kind of case to use HF video transceivers to be placed between the central control room and the different image sources, as well as intercom headsets for communication between the mobile teams and the live production.
  • Streaming on a giant screen or led wall, indoors or outdoors.


We use OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) for video recording and live streaming of multi-cameras and multi-stream

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