Drone Pictures

Creativity assisted by drones, in Marseille and Southern France !

Drone Pictures

Drone-Pictures, creativity assisted by drones (in Provence and Marseille )

Even before being an UAV operator, we used to do aerial filming and photography of our beautiful city of Marseille and the surroundings of Provence, from helicopters and planes!

Based since 2011, on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, we radiate in Provence-Alpes-Côte-d'Azur region! So there are few places that have escaped our drones, video or still cameras!

With Drone-Pictures, you will first meet professionals pilots and cameramen dedicated to aerial cinamatography, but you will also work with a motivated team of creative passionate both by their profession and Provence. Because we love and live all the seasons of this territory, as beautiful as vast, as extraordinary as varied, as well known as coveted!

A knowledge of the places and a particular relation to this region which will help to be a major asset during the preparation of a ground or aerial assignement (sites choice, scouting, paperwork) or when it comes the time to decide about how to fly and film, choosing the best angles or the right focal lengths!  

Better than words, images!

Start watching our series Sublime Marseille, opus 1 and opus 2, or browse our hundreds of stock drone footage available through HOsiHO.com aerial collections.

Of course, a large part of those drone videos and photos are shot in Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur! (all images are immediately available for download for your audiovisual projects).

Customers and experiences

With 7 years old, our company have won and kept the trust of many companies, audiovisual producers, as well as many French and international television channels (Germany, USA, UK, Japan, Sweden).

We often work on TV and film dramas, documentaries, corporate films or technical recordings such as 3D modeling of buildings or quarries. 

Versatility isn't an empty word for Drone-Pictures, even if our heart clearly beats on the audiovisual side!

Tek supplier certainly, but also producer of short films as shown here with one of our latest productions for the CMA-CGM, a world leader in maritime fret, or this video shot for OXY at the Mucem, in Marseilles!

The sea, especially the Mediterranean, is omnipresent on our images, and for some very good reasons: whether it is NBC for the arrival at the port of a gigantic cruise ship, whether it is Colas for the follow-up of a building site at the GPMM, or Eolfi, for the offshore recovery a beacon, or Central Ocean for the unloading of a semi-submersible boat at Marseille's bay, or the follow-up of a sailboat with Brigitte Fossey for a TV movie France 3 , our drones like water, salty, brackish or freshwater,  as for the CNR or the German television ARD, during a shoot on the Rhone river, south of Lyon!

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Customers comments

Great shots and delivered everything I needed


Sami and Jerome were a pleasure to work with, they were very accomodating with the tough schedule and last minute booking of the shoot. The footage they shot was incredible, and both have a great creative eye. If we ever need a similar service, they will be the first people we call!


Creativity assisted by drones, in Marseille and Southern France !

Headquaters : Marseille (13001)


DGAC ID : 00085

Insurance contract : AXA N°457281

Working locations

84 - Vaucluse
83 - Var
13 - Bouches-du-Rhône
06 - Alpes-Maritimes
04 - Alpes-de-Haute-Provence

Fields of expertise and services

Drone-Pictures is specialized in aerial imagery in Marseille and Provence, both photography and film, but is also able to carry-out technical services by drones with the help of experts  in every below listed fields:


  • Photogrammetry/Quarry inventory/Topographical surveys
  • Structures inspection
  • 3D modeling of buildings / monuments by drone


This versatility allows the company to intervene upon request, as a specialized drone operator or as a producer of short films combining aerial and ground images, and even underwater shots!

To serve you even before an assignement, we even offer the scouting of your future shooting locations!

Our equipment, our teams and our experience allow us to offer you a wide range of services, both creative and technical. Always with enthusiasm, responsiveness and perfection!


Our fleet of complementary drones:

  • Inspire 2 with the X5s or X7 camera gimbal and the H264/ProRes/DNG unlocked licence (S1-S2-S3)
  • Phantom 4 pro (S1-S3)
  • Mavic 2 Pro (S1-S3)


Ground gears:

  • Two 4K cameras Panasonic GH4 & GH5 + a set of prime Zuiko lenses from 12 to 175mm
  • Handheld gimbal for Dslr Feiyu A2000
  • Nikon D800 36mpix Dslr + a set of lenses from 24 to 300mm
  • Syrp 3 axes system for timelapse and hyperlapse
  • Sliders, tripods and clamps
  • Handheld brushless 3 axes gimbal


More about our drones fleet and our deep experience when it comes to automobil sports like the shooting of a Formula E on a race circuit (follow the links).