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List of french certified drone pilots members of HOsiHO Drone Network proposing 360° VR aerial video services by drone, in France

What is drone shooting in 360 ° VR aerial video?

Today, the shooting technique must be both aesthetic and precise. But what we are looking for above all is to offer an experience to the person who sees the video. The spectator must really dive into the film and have the feeling of being on the spot. To do this, professionals use the technique of UAV shooting in 360 ° VR aerial video. 

Making immersive videos

Since the arrival of professional UAVs on the market, the production of aerial plans has become more accessible to all sectors of activity. Long reserved for the film and audiovisual industries, which used to be able to invest in cranes or helicopter rentals, aerial photography is now used in the fields of industry, agriculture, tourism, construction, architecture and culture. The contribution of immersive video is considerable, as it provides a more detailed and realistic view of the environment filmed at 360 °. 

The realization of a 360 ° VR aerial video with a drone

This type of shooting requires drone piloting skills. However, at a professional level, it is necessary to have completed a 7-day training course at a specialized school and to have obtained a professional title from the DGAC (French civil aviation authority) after validation of a practical exam. The professional must use a UAV specially optimized for this type of shooting and master all the characteristics of its equipment. The pilot must also have obtained all the necessary overflight authorizations from the prefecture, the DGAC or the army, depending on the shooting locations.

The skills required for the realization of an immersive video

To make a good 360-degree virtual reality video, it is not enough to have the right equipment and the technical skills to handle it. You also need the skills to make and edit video. It is a meticulous work that also requires creativity and a sense of aesthetics, as well as a lot of experience to avoid the pitfalls of this kind of shooting. All of which our members possess!

Here is a technology that is being now more and more common: 360 VR videos are now easily viewable on Youtube or Facebook, which greatly enlarges the audience. Not to mention the sales boost of VR headsets and goggles offering you an immersive experience !
Some members of the network have been pioneers on this technique, early 2014, trying to bring on drone this new way of seeing the world: aerial video 360 VR by drone!
The companies we present here, have managed their bet and have become experts in the field, offering not only immersive shooting in 360 from a drone, but also from the ground, indoors and outdoors, with post-production of the different flows, ie stitching and editing. Thus, they are able to deliver a finished high-end product. Consult them, with confidence!

What is probably most striking about this new aerial industry is that it seems to be accessible to everyone. Indeed, anyone can nowadays become the owner of a drone equipped with a camera, fly it and take photographs and films easily. Anyone can call themselves a drone pilot / professional photographer.

What makes our UAV telepilots different?

Our drone pilots fly high-end, professional aircraft, equipped with the latest technology, extremely subtle handling and a cost that has nothing to do with the "low-cost" devices that are commonly found. Their handling requires real piloting skills and mastery of aeronautical weather, just like a microlight pilot.

Among the good pilots, there are the expert drone pilots. These are the ones we have selected. They can make their drone follow unheard-of trajectories. They anticipate situations. They manoeuvre like no one else. You might think that their drone is an extension of themselves. 

Taking pictures with a drone requires other skills

It is, in fact, absolutely necessary to be an expert in audiovisual and photography techniques. You have to know how to play with light, adjust the aperture and the speed, choose the resolution that suits the use you want to make of the images, work on the depth of field, and frame the images to produce the best effect. You have to be able to decide to do without autofocus and shoot in manual mode. Morning light is not the same as evening or afternoon light. The remote pilot must choose the best time of day, the one that will give the images the desired effect, always keeping an eye on the weather and the constraints of the DGAC drone regulations.

Anyone can press the button on a camera. But if you put two people with the same tool in the same place with a specific mission such as taking 10 shots and then compare them, it is absolutely certain that the results will be extremely different.

The same is true with drone photography. Put two experienced drone pilots, one of whom is one of us, on the same mission and compare them. You will be very surprised by the result. 

Our professional pilots have that little extra something that makes a huge difference: the eye of the artist!

Our drone service rates are available on this site. 

Do not hesitate to submit your needs or to request a quote online

All our drone operators are declared to the DGAC (Direction Générale de l'Aviation Civile) with a unique ED & UAS FRA identification numberand shown on their page. All are duly insured to provide aerial audiovisual shooting services with drone in France (drone photography, aerial video, cinema and series).

All of them have been selected by the aerial image bank

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for the high quality of their audiovisual services and their professionalism in terms of aerial imagery.

The connection with a drone pilot from the HOsiHO Drone Network is free of charge.

To learn more about French regulations concerning Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV or Drone), please read our Regulation page.

D COM DRONE (Paris, Saint-Denis, Seine-et-Marne)

D COM DRONE (Paris, Saint-Denis, Seine-et-Marne)

94 - Val-de-Marne 93 - Seine-Saint-Denis 89 - Yonne 77 - Seine-et-Marne 75-20 - Paris 20e 75-19 - Paris 19e 75-18 - Paris 18e 75-13 - Paris 13e 75-12 - Paris 12e 75-11 - Paris 11e 75-10 - Paris 10e 75-05 - Paris 5e 75-04 - Paris 4e 75-03 - Paris 3e 10 - Aube

Dragonfly-Production (drone Limoges, Limousin)

Dragonfly-Production (drone Limoges, Limousin)

87 - Haute-Vienne 86 - Vienne 36 - Indre 23 - Creuse 19 - Corrèze 18 - Cher 15 - Cantal 03 - Allier

Drone Pictures (Marseille, Avignon, Cannes)

Drone Pictures (Marseille, Avignon, Cannes)

84 - Vaucluse 83 - Var 34 - Hérault 2b - Haute-corse 2a - Corse-du-sud 26 - Drôme 13 - Bouches-du-Rhône 06 - Alpes-Maritimes 05 - Hautes-Alpes 04 - Alpes-de-Haute-Provence

ILARA Drone (Rouen, Caen, Le Havre)

ILARA Drone (Rouen, Caen, Le Havre)

76 - Seine-Maritime 61 - Orne 50 - Manche 27 - Eure 14 - Calvados

LET'S FLY PRODUCTION (drone Lille, Calais, Amiens)

LET'S FLY PRODUCTION (drone Lille, Calais, Amiens)

80 - Somme 62 - Pas-de-Calais 59 - Nord 51 - Marne 08 - Ardennes 02 - Aisne

SKYPIC (drone Strasbourg, Metz)

SKYPIC (drone Strasbourg, Metz)

90 - Territoire de Belfort 88 - Vosges 68 - Haut-Rhin 67 - Bas-Rhin 57 - Moselle 55 - Meuse 54 - Meurthe-et-Moselle 52 - Haute-Marne

SPIRITPROD33 (drone Bordeaux, Gironde, Aquitaine)

SPIRITPROD33 (drone Bordeaux, Gironde, Aquitaine)

64 - Pyrénées-Atlantiques 47 - Lot-et-Garonne 40 - Landes 33 - Gironde 32 - Gers 24 - Dordogne