UAV french pilot, how to find a drone pilot in France ?

HOsiHO Drone Pilots Network has been created in 2017.

It's a service that put clients in touch with reliable and talented drone providers, all of whom are signed with HOsiHO, aerial image bank, thus a guarantee of quality and creativity. Thanks to this dedicated platform, it is easy to quickly find the nearest UAV operator to the shooting sites. A simple click on the map of France leads the visitors to a selected pilot. All the HOsiHO labeled operators are long time recognized professionals.

How to quickly find a reliable professional drone pilot in France ?

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In about just few years, the drone industry has exploded, both in terms of demand and supply.

In France, once the threshold of 10,000 drone pilots, drone operators or even UAV telepilots was reached, it was necessary to face the facts: it had become more and more complex, random and time-consuming to find a qualified, motivated, talented, reliable, enthusiastic, experienced and respecting all the rules of the air drone company.

Based on this evidence, and also to meet the demand of its own customers, in 2017, HOsiHO agency, has created its own network of qualified professional UAV pilots, spread over all French cities, regions and even overseas departements like FWI (french west-indies).

Everything has been thought so that in a few clicks, you will be quickly put in touch with a professional remote pilot who best suits your needs for UAV or ground shots. 

HOsiHO having operated, for you and downstream, a drastic selection on the basis of artistic as well as professional criteria, this in view of their video and photo productions by drone, and/or on the ground.

No need, then, to go through Google and visit multiple websites of regional operators.

Our platform, and the service that results from it, makes your choice easier, guarantees you the reliability and talent of the aerial audiovisual production company or the UAV remote pilot that we present to you.

Everything is done so that you can serenely organize your aerial shooting, in the best conditions and at the best price. Because make no mistake about it: our members deliver a top-of-the-range service, but they are no less realistic when it comes to the rates to be applied, always in line with the market, and up to the level of the aerial service provided. This is why we have a reference rates grid whose prices are applied within a range of plus or minus 10% by all UAV pilots.

Each of our members offers, according to their speciality and skills, a whole range of technical or artistic aerial services.

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The main features of our network of professional UAV operators are :

  • no commission for the direct contact with the selected UAV pilots, close to your sites to fly over, or to your needs.
  • the choice by Department or by Competence
  • the practice of a homogeneous drone service prices by all members
  • adherence to the network's charter, which implies mutual solidarity of each member
  • each UAV pilot is the exclusive representative of the network in the departments bordering its headquarters. There is therefore no competition between our French UAV operators, and their relations are more constructive, friendly and always benevolent.
  • The HOsiHO Drone Network is therefore a grouping of skills, experiences and references, between talented professionals with multiple backgrounds and resources. All the richness of our network comes from difference and complementarity.
  • a perfect knowledge of the field of intervention, with reduced travel costs, because of the territorial proximity
  • a great reactivity and a strength of proposal for your locations
  • a rating system for remote pilots directly by the customers, for each UAV service or audiovisual production, which you can consult at the bottom of our UAV operator's file. The rating is accompanied by a comment signed by the sponsor. HOsiHO acting as moderator in case of bad customer feedback. A member badly rated more than twice by its customers, cannot be maintained within our pilots group.
  • Finally, we insist on the respect of the french DGAC drone rules during all UAV flights. This is your ticket for a peaceful filming and a serene use of images shot legally !


Reminder: what is a professional UAV pilot according to french drone rules ?

In France, as everywhere in Europe, the job of UAV pilot is strictly regulated by several decrees as we review here. 

A UAV pilot only becomes a professional pilot if he has followed a practical and theoretical training recognized by the authorities.

He must then file a M.A.P. (Manual of Specific Activities), take out a RC (Civil Liability) insurance policy with an aero specialized insurer, file a declaration of activity for aerial photography and cinematography every two years, and be up to date with his annual activity declaration to the DGAC (French Civil Aviation Authority). 

It is now very simple to check whether your drone service provider is in order, as the DGAC has assigned an ED (Drone Operator) number to each telepilot.

You will find this number on the presentation page of each member of our group of unmanned aircraft pilots.

Indeed, these steps are prerequisites to be able to commercially sell one talents as a UAV pilot and thus to carry out aerial shots or any other aerial services with a UAV. 

Keep also in mind that, in addition to being in good standing, each unmanned aircraft pilot has to comply with a certain number of administrative procedures inherent to each mission, depending on whether it is located in an urban or populated area (Scenario S3 case) or in the middle of the countryside away from any gathering of people (Scenario S1 case).

The specific aeronautical zone is fundamental to study before responding to the client, because, if it is prohibited or highly controlled, complex procedures are required, and the outcome is not always favourable.

All the more reason to carefully choose your drone services company!

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