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Here is the drone operator representing our network of professional UAV telepilots in Le Havre, the sous-prefecture city of the Seine-Maritime french department, counting more than 170,000 inhabitants and located at the estuary of the rivers Manche and Seine.

Ilara Drone has always worked in the Normandy region, flying its drones and shooting its cameras, to film and photograph the city of Le Havre and the whole Normandy region.

Proof of this is their impressive portfolio of aerial images, photo, video and timelapses below, taken with their drones and cameras by a team of talented cameramen.


Drone footage and aerial photography for sale on the HOsiHO aerial stock images bank, The World from Above, with drone views of Le Havre and the Seine-Maritime department.

Some aerial footage, photos, time-lapses taken by drone over Le Havre,

available for licensing, for all your audiovisual and publishing projects

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Discover the industrial architecture of Le Havre
The sub-prefecture of the Seine-Maritime department, under its industrial city airs, is interesting in more than one way. Moreover, a part of the city center has been classified as a UNESCO heritage site. Located in the north-east of Normandy, facing the English Channel, the port of Le Havre is one of the main places of exchange of goods in the world.

A past disappeared under the bombs

The city of Le Havre appeared at the time of the creation of its port by François I in the 16th century. The great François 1er Tower guarded the port. In the 18th century, Colbert decided to further protect this port area, as its activity was starting to develop. During the industrial era, the urbanization of the city grows. Le Havre knows its golden age. During the days following the Normandy landings, the British decided to bomb the city to weaken the German occupiers within the framework of operation Astonia. Unfortunately, the city was completely razed.

Discover Perret's architecture

After his visit to Le Havre after the Normandy landings, Auguste Perret was asked to rebuild Le Havre. He was then one of the specialists in the construction of reinforced concrete buildings. Underneath their austere appearance, the buildings of downtown Le Havre are real architectural treasures, so much so that they are on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. This is the case, for example, of the city hall, the Jacques Tournant esplanade, the avenue Foch, the Saint-Roch square, the Saint-Joseph church or the central market. You can still visit one of the sample apartments. Some buildings were rebuilt in the same place as the previous building. Auguste Perret is not the only architect to have signed buildings in the city of Le Havre. Jean Nouvel is at the origin of the design of the swimming pool Les Bains des Docks. 

The seaport

The economy of the city of Le Havre has revolved around maritime flows since the 15th century. But it is in the 18th century that the activity of the port became much more intense. Today, the port of Le Havre has become the first French port of goods. It is also a marina and a port of call for cruise ships. Near the port, art lovers will stop by the MuMa museum.

Discover the surroundings

You should start with the beach of Le Havre whose small colorful huts are typical of Normandy. They can be found on other beaches in the region, such as Deauville. Take advantage of this opportunity to discover the landscapes of the coastline, the Normandy landing beaches as well as other cities such as Caen, Rouen or Bayeux.

List of ground and aerial audiovisual equipment

available to the team of our drone pilots, cameramen and photographers

Ilara Drone in Le Havre

                              • Drone  DJI M600, with the ronin MX and a carrying capacity of 7 kg
                              • DJI S900 (S3: approved for urban areas), with a carrying capacity of 2 kg.
                              • DJI Inspire 2 with X5S camera.
                              • DJI Inspire 1 with X5 camera, and 2 lenses equivalent to 24, 50 and 90mn.
                              • MavicPro, a small drone with easy access in difficult areas.
                              • cameras Canon 5D, Canon C100, INSTA360 Pro2
                              • slider, crane or lighting

Drone shooting rates in Rouen

Our members undertake to apply the reference rates of the network, for a service of aerial shooting by drone,

either for Photo or Video, without retouching or video-edit (excluding options; travel expenses; administrative costs)


Request a quote from Ilara Drone in Le Havre and Normandy

In addition to its aerial audio-visual expertise over Le Havre and Normandy, both in drone photography and drone video,

Ilara Drone is highly specialised in the following services, thanks to the experience and skills it has acquired over the years:

  • Video Production with drone and ground footage
  • 360° VR aerial video by drone
  • Panoramic aerial photography by drone and on ground 
  • Live streaming service on the internet of aerial and ground images
  • 'Immersive Drone Tour’ Animation

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