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Hire your drone pilot and cameraman in Albi for your drone filming in Tarn, Occitania region of France

Here is the UAV operator representing our network of professional UAV pilots in Albi, the prefecture city of the department of Tarn, counting more than 48,000 inhabitants.

Aero7 has been working for many years in this city of the Occitan region.

Proof of this is its stunning portfolio of aerial images, photo, video and timelapses below, taken with their drones and cameras by the team's talented cameramen and pilots.


Drone footage and aerial photography for sale on the HOsiHO aerial stock images bank, The World from Above,
 with drone views of Albi cathedral and Tarn river and villages

Some aerial footage, photos, time-lapses taken by drone over Albi,

available for licensing, for all your audiovisual and publishing projects

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Discover Albi, a true jewel of Occitania

In the heart of the Tarn in Occitania stands the city of Albi, cradle of the Cathar knights. It is nicknamed the red city for the color of the bricks that were used to build the old city center. For a weekend or a vacation, discover the treasures of the city and its surroundings.   

A very rich history  

If the origins of Albi go back to antiquity, the city inherited its most beautiful heritage in the Middle Ages when it became the cradle of the Cathar knights. In the streets of the old town, you can admire the typical half-timbered houses and its cobbled streets. Its most beautiful treasure is certainly the Sainte-Cécile Cathedral, built in the 13th century on a rocky outcrop. It is currently classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Moreover, to learn more about the history of the Cathars, extend your trip to the city of Carcassonne near Toulouse. The Tarn is full of beautiful villages to visit, including the old bastides such as Puycelci or Castelnau-de-Montmiral or the magnificent Cordes-sur-Ciel which is often compared to Mont-Saint-Michel. From the village of Penne, you can extend your visit in the Tarn-et-Garonne to discover Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val.  

A city of art

Albi is also known throughout the world as the birthplace of the famous painter Toulouse Lautrec. Moreover, it is possible to visit the museum dedicated to him. His works are exhibited in the Episcopal Palace of the Berbie, another remarkable building in the city of Albi. Other works by great artists are also exhibited there, notably sculptures by Rodin or Maillol.  

Taste the gastronomy of the Southwest  

In Albi you will taste the dishes of the region and the typical local products of the South-West such as foie gras, truffles, cassoulet for example. The Occitanie region is famous for its generous gastronomy and also for its vineyards. The atmosphere is festive and it is very pleasant to enjoy the places to go out in the evening.  

Outdoor activities for the whole family  

One of the main attractions to do with the family in Albi is the Cap'découverte leisure center located on the site of an old quarry. But the region is a real outdoor leisure area. To begin with, you can cycle along the Tarn river on the equipped cycle track. In the Gorges du Tarn, you will also find many canoeing, climbing and caving clubs. The National Park of the High Languedoc is the ideal place for mountain bike, trail and hiking enthusiasts.

List of ground and aerial audiovisual equipment

available to the team of our drone pilots, cameramen and photographers

Aero7 in Albi

MAVIC 2 (S1-S3)
Sony ALPHA 7 III camera recording in 4K
6 lenses from 14mm to 600mm
Stabilizer DJI RONIN S
Sound kit : microphone + digital recorder Zoom H4n


Drone shooting rates in Albi

Our members undertake to apply the reference rates of the network, for a service of aerial shooting by drone,

either for Photo or Video, without retouching or video-edit (excluding options; travel expenses; administrative costs)


Request a quote from Aero7 in Albi and Tarn

In addition to its aerial audio-visual expertise over  Albi, and Occitania region, both in drone photography and drone video,

Aero7 is highly specialized in the following services, thanks to the experience and skills it has acquired over the years:

Video Production with drone and ground footage 
Timelapse & hyperlapse by drone or from ground  
Panoramic aerial photography by drone and on ground 
Real estate and construction site supervision by drone (photo/video) 
Live streaming service on the internet of aerial and ground images

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