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Here is our drone operator representing the network of professional UAV pilots in Brest, sous-Prefecture city of the Finistère french department, in the Western France, and home to some 139,000 inhabitants

FlyUp Drone has been using its drones and cameras for several years now, to film and photograph the towns of Brittany and Finistère and their stunning landscapes and shores, whether in the countryside or along the Atlantic Ocean coast.

Proof of this is their impressive portfolio of aerial images, photo, video and timelapses below, taken with their drones and cameras by a team of talented cameramen.

FlyUp Drone

Drone footage and aerial photography for sale on the HOsiHO aerial stock images bank, The World from Above, with drone views of Brest and its surroundings, in Brittany.

Some aerial footage, photos, time-lapses taken by drone over Brest,

available for licensing, for all your audiovisual and publishing projects

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Discover Brest, the city of the Ponant

The city of Brest is the second largest military port in France after Toulon and is steeped in history. The city has been the scene of many military battles, which explains the presence of numerous fortresses around the city. Developed on the Pernfeld in the north of Finistère in Brittany, it is the sub-prefecture of the department. Not far from Quimper, Brest concentrates a large part of the European research in maritime matters.

The heritage 

Rue Saint-Malo is one of the few streets that were spared from bombing during the war. It gives a glimpse of the old quarters of the city before the war. Fortunately, part of the castle and the Tanguy tower were spared, as well as the many forts that stand in and around Brest, such as those of Montbarey, Mengeant, Bertheaume, or Questel. Many are the work of the famous military architect of Louis 14, Vauban.

An ideal destination for marine enthusiasts

The port of Brest is one of the most famous in the world for its history, which is regularly celebrated by the arrival of a flotilla of more than 1,000 old sailing ships during the international maritime festivals. Enthusiasts will discover the port of Brest to see the famous tug, the Abeille Bourbon, capable of braving rough seas to help ships in difficulty. There is also a very pleasant naval museum to visit for history lovers. 

Discovering the coastline

Brittany has one of the most beautiful natural heritages in France on its coastline. You will discover magnificent and wild landscapes. Further south in Finistère is the Pointe du Raz, the furthest French coastline between the Iroise Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. The coastline is littered with lighthouses, some of which have been classified as historical monuments. This is the case of the small Minou, lighthouse built in the 18th century and which guards the roadstead of Brest. There are also the fortresses mentioned above, some of which date from before the revolution.

A discovery to make with the family

Going to see the sea and the boats always delights the little ones. But in Brest, there is one thing you absolutely must visit: Océanopolis. It is a giant aquarium in which more than 1,000 species of marine plants and animals live. More than just a park, it is a scientific centre with numerous research laboratories, notably on marine mammals and corals.

List of ground and aerial audiovisual equipment

available to the team of our drone pilots, cameramen and photographers

FlyUp Drone in Brest

                                      • Drone DJI Phantom 4 ProV2
                                      • Drone DJI Phantom 3 Pro
                                      • Panasonic GH5
                                      • Stabilizer type Ronin
                                      • 4K camera

Drone shooting rates in Brest

Our members undertake to apply the reference rates of the network, for a service of aerial shooting by drone,

either for Photo or Video, without retouching or video-edit (excluding options; travel expenses; administrative costs)


Request a quote from FlyUp Drone on Brest and Finistère

In addition to its aerial audio-visual expertise over Brest and Finistèree, both in drone photography and drone video,

FlyUp Drone is highly specialised in the following services, thanks to the experience and skills it has acquired over the years:

                    • Video Production with drone and ground footage 
                    • Timelapse & hyperlapse by drone or from ground
                    • Panoramic aerial photography by drone and on ground
                    • Virtual tours 360° (conception and editing)
                    • Real estate and construction site supervision by drone (photo/video)
                    • Live streaming service on the internet of aerial and ground image
                    • 'Immersive Drone Tour’ Animation

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