Factors that influence the prices of drone services in France

Inspire 2 Duo - Lavander fields

Type of drone service

The study carried out by L'Express in 2019 reveals a notable variability in the prices of drone services in France. This fluctuation is mainly explained by the type of service performed, some requiring more expertise and therefore generating a higher cost.
Among the various possible services, photography and video occupy a preponderant place. Their pricing depends on the equipment used, the number of hours spent in the field, administrative procedures and travel costs.
Industrial or agricultural inspection is another common service provided with professional drones. The technical complexity and expensive equipment associated with these missions explains their relatively high cost.
Site monitoring also constitutes an important part of the services carried out with drones, without forgetting the survey topographical and Photogrammetry which require precision and specific know-how to guarantee a faithful restitution of the site.
In the real estate sector, the services provided by drones are highly sought after to take spectacular aerial shots intended to enhance the value of a property put up for sale or rental. In short, each application for drone services presents its own technical and regulatory requirements likely to considerably affect the prices charged.

Pilot expertise

The expertise of the drone operator is an essential factor in the pricing of drone services. The skill, qualification, experience and creativity of the drone pilot directly influence the cost of the services provided. A qualified and experienced operator not only has better technical control of their aircraft, but is also better able to assess potential risks in the field and propose alternatives and ideas to the director. Reliability and professionalism are two other major criteria that come into play in determining prices. A professional pilot is distinguished by his ability to scrupulously respect the regulations in force as well as the constraints imposed by each specific mission. It should be emphasized that the requirement for a high level of expertise to pilot a drone is not only reserved for providers offering their services to individuals or commercial companies. The film and television industry , for example, requires great precision in piloting to obtain fluid and stable aerial shots which greatly contribute to the final visual success of an audiovisual production.

Equipment and crew needed

The equipment used is one of the determining factors in the pricing of drone services in France. The type and quality of rone have a direct impact on the final cost, as does the number of operators required. A drone with dual operators, equipped with a high-performance camera with a full-frame sensor for better image quality - such as the Inspire 2 or 3 - will be more expensive than a small drone like the Mavic 3 Pro operated by a single operator. operator. The dual-operator drone always requires the presence of a remote pilot and a drone cameraman, and sometimes, depending on the type of filming, one or more assistants.

•The video codec - ProResHQ or Raw Dng - will require additional resources and therefore impact the quote
•Producing a live broadcast on the internet (streaming) from one or more drones will require additional equipment and skills
•The thermal camera and the infrared camera are two additional options that can significantly increase the price.
•Advanced features such as anti-collision systems, parachutes, or specific software for certain shots can be added to the final bill.

It should be mentioned that certain professional networks such as HOsiHO Drone Network work with a very wide range ranging from small affordable models to high-end equipment reserved for demanding productions. This diversity thus allows customers to have access to a wide range according to their specific needs while always dealing with certified pilots who scrupulously respect French aviation regulations.

Geographical area

One of the major variables which influences the prices of drone services in France is undoubtedly geographical zoning. Depending on whether the operation takes place in a specific region, department, municipality or neighborhood, costs can vary significantly.
Current drone regulations impose certain constraints and obligations on operators. The complexity and time required to obtain the necessary authorizations has a direct impact on final billing. A study conducted by Les Echos in 2018 clearly highlighted this link between regulations and the prices charged.
In a dense urban context like that of Paris, Lyon, or Marseille, these constraints are even more marked. The overview of a residential area may require special authorization while some rural municipalities have not implemented such strict rules.
It should be noted that each region may have its own interpretation of national drone regulations. This means that the same service can cost more from one department to another simply because of existing disparities between different local administrations. For example, a file filed at the Police Prefecture in Paris is much more substantial and complex.
a file submitted to the Bouches-du-Rhône Prefecture. This is why it is essential for any potential customer to fully understand these nuances and clarify them with the drone service provider in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises when invoicing. Also note that these procedures are also time-consuming and must go through instruction times varying from 8 to 30 days in most cases. Improvisation is therefore not appropriate in certain highly regulated areas such as metropolises, military zones or airports, to name just a few.

Duration and complexity of the project

The duration and complexity of the drone project are obviously determining factors in the calculation of drone service prices. A simple mission, completed in a few hours, will not cost the same as a project spanning several days with a high level of technical requirements.
The project objective also plays a key role. Filming for a television commercial will probably require more hours of work and therefore a larger budget than for a real estate inspection, for example. This involves setting up a specialized team capable of responding to the specific challenges posed by each mission.
It should be noted that the complexity of the scenario influences the duration of the drone mission. A sequence involving complex movements or the simultaneous use of several drones will significantly increase the costs associated with the equipment and personnel required to perform these maneuvers.
It is therefore essential for any potential client to have a clear and precise idea of the type of intervention desired so that the service provider can provide a correct estimate from the start. However, there are often alternatives to reduce costs depending on the budgetary requirements of audiovisual production, and an experienced and reliable drone operator will always be able to advise his client in this regard. For this reason, you should never hesitate to communicate your financial limit in order to guide the drone service provider in choosing the solutions to implement, and therefore to quote.

Standard AV Pricing

The pricing of drone services in France is based on several factors. First of all, the type of service provided is a determining factor in the price. As we saw in this article, a simple drone service like aerial photography for an individual or for real estate will generally be less expensive than a feature film production, requiring the use of specialized equipment and the intervention of experienced professionals.
A second factor influences the price of drone services: it is linked to competition. In areas where there is a high concentration of drone operators, prices tend to be more competitive due to the large number of options available for the customers.
Some operators offer packages based on the duration or type of service provided. These packages may offer better value to customers who need a certain number of flight hours or require specific services such as video editing or 3D modeling.
Let's remember that each project is unique and pricing may vary depending on the specific needs of the client and the level of complexity of the work required. Potential customers should therefore carefully study the detailed content of the quotes and the profile of the drone operator before making their final decision.