ILARA Drone (Rouen, Caen, Le Havre)

Drone filming Rouen - Drone Caen - Aerial Video Normandy - Drone pilot Calvados - Audiovisual Production Seine-Maritime

ILARA Drone (Rouen, Caen, Le Havre)

Always go beyond, and above all, higher!


ILARA Drone is a company specialized in the production of institutional and photographic videos, as well as drone aerial filming and photography.


Located in the heart of Normandy, the ILARA team works throughout France and abroad.


However, we put the emphasis on proximity, by privileging and putting forward My NORMANDY.


For the drone network we are in charge of the following french cities and departments all around Normandy, France.

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Customers and experiences

The company ILARA Productions exists since 2003, we have acquired a serious experience in the field of audiovisual advertising production.

Since 2013, the company has been equipped with the tool: DRONE, to bring a different vision for our achievements, giving birth to ILARA Drone, and thus benefiting from a return to the sources to our dear Normandy.


At present, the services offered by ILARA Drone are aimed at all professional sectors wishing to promote their activities or use the drone as a carrier.


Thus, we have, in particular, worked for technical inspections for historical monuments, the drone can go to photograph places "dangerously" accessible directly by humans, cathedral roofs, for example.



In addition, thanks to an external collaboration, we offer thermal inspections in drone, a FLIR camera placed under the Inspire allows to visualize the heat losses at the level of the facades and the roofs.



But the use of the drone for the enhancement of heritage, landscapes, or realization of staging remains our core business.

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Customers comments

A l'écoute, professionnel, Flexible et efficace. C'était parfait !


Excellent and speedy service.





Drone filming Rouen - Drone Caen - Aerial Video Normandy - Drone pilot Calvados - Audiovisual Production Seine-Maritime

Headquaters : Orbec (14290)


Operator N° UAS / DGAC : FRAd63vg4taoheih

Insurance contract : Aviation Générale 2016/50542

Working locations

76 - Seine-Maritime
61 - Orne
50 - Manche
27 - Eure
14 - Calvados

Fields of expertise and services

Our drones meet the constraints of French drone rules, and are certified by the DGAC (France Civil Aviation authority).

Our pilots are professionals who have the necessary diplomas, skills, insurance and authorizations to carry out their missions, including in urban areas (Scenario S3).


Conditions of implementation


We bring you our know-how in the implementation of drones. Our machines can evolve in all types of environments, in France, subject to compliance with the regulatory framework.

Their implementation is ensured by a light team of one or two people (pilot + cameraman). The drones evolve at sight of the pilot and can fly in winds up to 30km / h, however more moderate winds are to be favored to guarantee safety and stability of the machine. indoor flights are possible except to fly over the public.


We have the following machines:


-1 M600, with the ronin MX and a carrying capacity of 7 kg.

-1 S900 (S3: approved in urban area), with a carrying capacity of 2 kg.

-2 Inspire 2 with caméra X5S, lenses 24, 50 and 90mn.

-1 Mavic 3 Ciné, small drone and Prores.
-1 DJI AVATA, drone Fpv


For the shots on the ground, we have different cameras Canon 5D, Canon C100, INSTA360 Pro2... , slider, crane or lighting.


Since this year, we are working on VR 360 drone video, the innovation that we bring is a stabilized gimbal camera support, so the movements in the image are done without shaking.