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Your Drone Operator in Bouches-du-Rhone

The Bouches-du-Rhône department (13) wedged between Provence and the Mediterranean sea, is full of villages, monuments and natural sites of exceptional beauty.

Bathed in sunlight for more than 300 days a year, it is an ideal terrain for practicing a professional activity based on the drone!

The South region - also known as the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region - has a number of cities, such as Aix-en-Provence, Arles, Salon-de-Provence, Fos-sur-Mer, Istres, Saint-Rémy -de-Provence and of course Marseille, which is its prefecture and its capital. The department is bordering on Gard, Var and Vaucluse and has 2,007,684 inhabitants and no less than 119 municipalities, which our operator of aerial photography by drone knows perfectly well.

First Opus that Drone-Pictures dedicated in 2016 to its adopted city, with this Sublime Marseille clip!

Drone-Pictures, by its long-standing local roots, is able to guide and advise you on the best spots in the Provence or Marseille area.


Aerial photographers & videographers in Bouches-du-Rhône

Drone-Pictures, member of the HOsiHO network and holder of department 13, brings together three duly trained and seasoned tele-pilots, who have been using the wide range of drones for 8 years. The skies of the region have no secrets for these professionals.

Whether for technical or audiovisual services, the enthusiastic and responsive team of the operator, will always be able to find the budget response and the technical and creative solution for a drone filming in Marseille, or Allauch, Aubagne, Berre-l'Étang , Châteaurenard, La Ciotat, or in the open countryside on the side of the vineyards of the Sainte-Victoire mountain, towards Puyloubier.

Drone company declared to the DGAC (Directorate General of Civil Aviation) under the number ED85, it has, as is compulsory, a civil liability insurance (coverage € 1.6M) and declares its annual balance sheet activities at the aeronautical regulatory authority (Dgac).

With its fleet of complementary and perfectly maintained drones, cameramen, photographers, filmmakers, remote pilots and experts are always ready to intervene throughout Provence, in order to provide the air services you need: whether it be taken 20 mega-pixel photographs, giga-panoramas or 4K videos, without forgetting the production and complete production of a film on your activities, sites, or corporate events.

For more technical services, Drone-Pictures puts at your disposal specialists in thermography by drone, 3D modeling of buildings, or photogrammetry, as well as its expertise in air quality sensors, or others.

Versatility is not an empty word for this team as keen on creativity as it is leaving for very technical challenges as evidenced by this drone mission, carried out for European scientists, in the service of the environment.

The choice of Drone-Pictures to represent the HOsiHO Drone Network in Provence!

If we chose this great team of professional videographers and photographers, it is of course, and above all other consideration, for the quality and originality of their aerial images, both in photos and in videos by drone and on the ground.

We know that this company, recognized in its region as evidenced by the numerous press articles (in french) and customer testimonials - national or international - (to read on its profile page) will always offer you a high quality work in aerial video shooting. To be convinced, just browse through its impressive portfolio of drone footage and aerial stills for sale through our aerial image bank, HOsiHO, the World seen from above!

To be put in touch with these professionals, close to you, for a tailor-made study of services adapted to your needs and able to intervene quickly throughout the department 13 - from Saintes-maries-de-la-mer, to the Camargue, without forgetting Gardanne, Marignane, Martigues, Pélissanne, Trets and Vitrolles - just click on the request for quotation button below.

And as we do not take any commission, you can directly call them by phone at: +33 646194926, and discuss your project, with ease and transparency!

Request a quote to Drone-Pictures in Provence

New clip focused on the sensation of speed, with a series of new aerial images captured by drone on circuits, roads, seas or ponds in the South region, in Provence-Alpes Côte d'Azur!

Those images imperatively requiring the use of a drone in double operator, often Inspire 2 with different focal lengths, and always in pairs Camera / Pilot, the most experienced possible!   This configuration is particularly suitable for tracking vehicles or subjects such as galloping horses.

Drone-Pictures, with its long experience, is more than ever at the service of the automotive sector and audiovisual creation, in search of ever more spectacular and stunning images.

Some technical features, and a focus on drone rules in Bouches-du-Rhône, France

Each drone can be equipped, according to its characteristics, with different loads to take away. First of all, these are generally video cameras (for Drone-Pictures it will be the X5s, X7 or GH5) or thermal FLIR type cameras, cameras like the D800, GH4, or Canon Eos, but also probes, mini lidars and other sniffers capable of making various very precise measurements, and useful to local authorities, municipalities or public institutions, to professionals in all sectors, starting with construction and public works (BTP), real estate, agriculture , insurance and design offices.

The implementation of aircraft flying in the aeronautical space of Bouches-du-Rhône, as everywhere in France is nevertheless very supervised, and each site must be meticulously studied by the drone operator in order on the one hand to confirm the regulatory feasibility, and on the other hand to file flight authorization requests with the managers and authorities concerned. Which can be quite complex and time consuming. For Drone-Pictures, two recent missions have proven to be particularly complex as regards obtaining everyone's agreement: the city of Istres located in an area prohibited to all overflights, the P13, and the CEA of Cadarache, also located in P41 . To reach agreements, it takes time, the right people, and don't be afraid to fill out the forms!

The operator still wishes to point out that requests for drone overflights are systematically rejected in the creeks, between Cassis and Marseille, all located within the grounds of the Calanques National Park. But rest assured, there is an alternative to this majestic setting: the coves of the Blue Coast, on the side of Niolon, Méjean, La Vesse or Ensuès la Redonne!

Giga-Pano aérien Montagne Sainte-Victoire 45mm © Drone-Pictures 24-images-1280pix

Panoramic aerial photo by drone of Mountain Sainte-Victoire nearby the city of Aix-En-Provence.

This is the result of a 24 photos of 20mpix stiched together as UHD giga-panorama, a specialty of UAV pilots photographers from Drone-Pictures

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