LET'S FLY PRODUCTION (drone Lille, Calais)

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LET'S FLY PRODUCTION (drone Lille, Calais)

Take your creativity higher with our drones!


In the heart of the Lille Metropole, LET'S FLY PRODUCTION is your privileged partner to make your aerial images by drone on demand or fully support your air and ground production projects.

We have demonstrated our abilities to realize exceptional shots indoor (prestigious monuments, UNESCO sites, opera, cathedrals, mines, industrial sites ...) and our capacity to get the best of our machines outdoors from close up shots or long distance ones!

Versatile, innovative and at your service, we aim to always guide you and advise you in order to offer you the most suitable solution for your project and budget.

Our key skills:

  • Aerial photo and video, solo or dual operators
  • Ground filming with light camera (GH4, GH5, ...) or cinema setup (RED, ARRI, FS7, ...)
  • 360 ° shooting in 4K or 8K
  • Live broadcast to social networks or TV

We can also use our drones to perform technical job:

  • Orthophotography processing at very high definition
  • Job Inspection
  • Site supervision
  • etc ...

We remind you that for any request of shooting in urban agglomeration or nearby, a minimum of 5 working days is imposed for us to make the declarations of flights. We therefore advise you to anticipate your requests as much as possible.


For the drone network we are in charge of the following French cities and departments all around Northern France.

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Customers and experiences

Since our very first day in the air, our passion for the image and our obsession to achieve high quality HD images by relying on the most advanced air platforms of the market has allowed us to quickly make our place on the market and gain the trust of production agencies, producers or institutions with whom we have worked directly.

Among our loyal customers / partner production agencies:

  • French TV, BBC UK, Belgian RTBF and others channels trusted us to provide them with high quality day and night footage all around France. We also provided direct aerial broadcast for some major event.
  • Club Med, Decathlon, Gaz company, OVH, National Monument Center : in France or abroad, we provided them with outstanding aerial footage
  • Opera de Lille has trusted us to make an aerial visit, from outside but especially from inside! Our Inspire 2 has traveled every corner of this incredible institution to unveil all the secrets of the hall of honor in the heart of its splendid theater!

Trusted by

Customers comments

A parfaitement répondu à nos attentes, avec une qualité d'image parfaite


Professional service, very diligent and great to work with!


Drone crew Lille - Drone pilot Dunkirk - Aerial Video Roubaix - Drone photography Pas-de-Calais - Audiovisual Production Amiens

Headquaters : Tourcoing (59200)


Operator N° UAS / DGAC : FRAyrq32309vdk0s / ED3324


Working locations

80 - Somme
62 - Pas-de-Calais
60 - Oise
59 - Nord
08 - Ardennes
02 - Aisne

Fields of expertise and services

Our "aerial" equipment

  • 2 DJI Inspire 2 & X5S camera

The Inspire 2 is today the reference flagship of the DJI brand. It offers extraordinary video quality and can be used all scenarii in France S1, S2 or S3. Its X5S camera capturing in RAW or ProRes up to 5.2K and our Optical Park Olympus Prime 12-15-25-45mm (eq x2 full-frame) allows ultra cinematic shooting still impossible a year ago without the use of helicopter!

Its optional X7 camera push the limits of this machine even further by allowing to film in Super35mm 6K sensor  Raw CinemaDNG!

This machine allows us to make HD broadcasts (live broadcast) to social networks or TV (via hdmi or SDI).

  • DJI  Mavic 2 Pro

Perfect for quick preview before filming, or before sending the Inspire 2, the Mavic Pro is also the perfect tool for indoor flying in a cramped environment! It's also a perfect drone for project with limited budgets.

  • 360 ° video drone shooting with Insta 360 One X2 & Insta Pro 2

With our cameras Insta 360 One X2 and Pro 2 we can realize very high resolution VR captures and deliver an amazing 360 ° VR video experience from 5K, 8K up to 11K!


Our equipment "on the ground"

  • Sony A7R3, A7R4 and the low light king A7S3 !
  • Insta 360 One X2 and Pro 2
  • Nikon D750
  • Ronin S & Ronin MX Stabilizer
  • We are also regularly working with cameras type RED (Komodo, Helium, ...), ARRI (Alexa Mini, ...), FS7 that we rent according to your needs