Showreel 2023 from HOsiHO Drone Pilots Network in France

Showreel 2023 from HOsiHO Drone Pilots Network in France

Tradition obliges, for the 6th year of our existence, here is the Showreel 2023 where we present, in aerial images, all the 
drone telepilots members of the HOsiHO Drone Network !

As you could notice in this video clip, most of the drone operators of the network are also experienced in FPV drone shooting, often with 4K/6K cameras on the ground, or even VR360 cameras on board the drone (for unique aerial shots) or simply on the ground, close to the action!

Some of them have many other fields of expertise - like FPV drone piloting - that you can discover on their profile page, or by selecting the skill you are looking for.
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All our members can take care of the production of edited videos mixing drone and ground images, with or without interviews.

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Finally, let's mention that the drone pilots who make up our drone network are above all creative and talented image makers, represented by HOsiHO, aerial & drone stock footage collections.
For you, it is the warranty of a work at the height of your high-end productions.


The time has come for each member of the network to reveal what is behind some of the images in the 2023 video montage!


Airbuzz, for Renault:  Without any doubt our most intense shooting of the year: from the welding robots to the paint booths, via the cataphoresis bath or the jaws of the Renault stamping press in Maubeuge, our FPV drone didn't miss a thing of the Renault Mégane electric car assembly! (watch the full video)

2-Aero7Aero7On The Tracks Of Lance Armstrong And Jan Ullrich, Tour De France 2003, at Luz Ardiden in the Pyrenees mountains, to illustrate the life of Jan Ullrich, who will confide in a documentary series of four episodes, soon to be released on Amazon Prime Video. Jan Ullrich has often been in the news, alcohol, doping, weight gain, etc.. But today he wants to tell his life story and to deliver himself without taboos, probably also to restore some truths.

Image by drone of Fort Boyard, east side, during an aerial video shooting in Charente-Maritime, France

DCOMDRONE: Taking aerial shots by drone in Paris is a privilege that we savor at every opportunity. An early morning take-off from the quays of the Seine, before the opening of the river to commercial navigation, offers this drone video shot of Paris, France Capital city and the iconic Eiffel Tower.
Most of DCOMDRONE's offer in photo and video shooting by drone is directed to image professionals such as production companies, communication agencies, directors, chief operators and photographers.

Drone-Pictures, for ITER Organization: Producing two films and two 360 virtual tours for ITER, as well as hundreds of aerial photographs by drone and on the ground of this huge construction site in 2022, was certainly a great privilege and a unique experience! It allowed us to discover the backstage of what could be the production of life-saving energy for future generations! On this picture, you can see the Tokamak, the Holy Graal of ITER, a vast cylindrical space where, in a few years, the fusion of atoms will occur in order to reproduce the energy of the stars and the Sun! 
Our team flew by drone over this sensitive part of ITER, in April and October 2022. We were also the first to take 360° pictures from the Tokamak Pit! You can see these immersive photos in the virtual visit of ITER April 2022 that we have entirely produced: drone and ground 360° shooting as well as stiching, assembly and uploading the VV online.

FlyUp Drone, for Eden: FlyUp Drone shooting for the Eden production and France Televisions on the Bugatti circuit of Le Mans, realized a few days after the famous 24H race of Le Mans. The organization of this shooting was a bit complicated because it took about 2 months to get all the authorizations. We warmly thank the communication department and more particularly Laurine Olivier, the press relations officer of the ACO (Automobile Club de l'Ouest) for their efficiency.
The circuit being located at a few hundred meters from the runway of the airport of Le Mans, we had to manage the dates and schedules of shooting with the Prefecture and the heights of flight of the drone with the manager of the airport.
The access to the Bugatti circuit and to the track are rare because all year long there are trainings, events, competitions, tests, championships...
We were lucky enough to have a 1 hour time slot, granted by the track manager, for the drone flights. We were therefore able to access the track by car, which remained closed for us.
Finally, we had 3 take-off points and we stayed close to the Straight Line of the Stands, the Dunlop Chicane and the Esses de la Forêt.
This year, on June 10 & 11, 2023 we will celebrate the centenary of the greatest endurance race in the world, the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

7-Grenoble Drone Vision

Grenoble Drone Vision: This image is from a performance on the Castellet circuit during the drifting event of the FIA Motorsport Games competition. In addition to being a service of aerial image taking in traditional drone and FPV, here the drones are used for live broadcasting during a broadcast on social networks and also serve the various judges of the event. For the achievement of this assignement, a team of three UAV telepilots is present to ensure the aerial and technical part in connection with the broadcasting control room of the event.

ILARA: aerial view by drone of a soccer stadium at night, in Normandy

L'Atelier du Cielaerial view by drone of a village in Dordogne

Let's Fly Production Ideal weather for one of our customers, we take out the Mavic 3 Cine to shoot some images of several tourist sites in the northern part of France. But on this circuit intended for the general public, the shooting quickly seems a little too "wise" ... the perfect opportunity to take out one of our FPV drones and burn some batteries chasing Karts and motorcycles!

ProphéoAerial view of the Château De La Tour de Montferrand, in Doubs departement, near Besançon city, filmed by Drone Fpv.

SkypicWe were the first to make FPV drone shots inside the European Parliament in Strasbourg. We collaborated with a Belgian production company that was also making 360° videos for the upcoming virtual tour of the parliament in Strasbourg and Brussels.

Spiritprod33, for Château TrotteVieille: Château TrotteVieille, Premier Grand Cru Classé in Saint-Emilion, managed by the Castéja family, owner of the Borie-Manoux trading house, trusted us for the capture of aerial and ground images (photos and video) for their communication following the realization of their new cellar soberly integrated in a fabulous landscape classified by Unesco. This superb achievement, the result of seven years of reflection and work, is the culmination of a twenty-year effort to put TrotteVieille back on top. The future looks promising for this property which, with this new winery and a terroir that is among the most distinctive in the world, is progressively replacing itself among the elite of the great wines of Bordeaux. 
In 2023, from the Médoc to Saint-Emilion via Sauternes, many projects are underway for Spiritprod33 to illustrate the wine estates and vineyards of Bordeaux.

Showreel 2023 HOsiHO Drone Network

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