The best spots to film Rouen by drone

Vue aérienne par drone de Rouen depuis la Seine, Seine-Maritime, Normandie, France- 2079520-8-ILARA
Aerial drone view of Rouen from the Seine, Seine-Maritime, Normandy, France- 2079520 © ILARA/HOsiHO

Start with the Saint-Ouen abbey church Rouen

Rouen, a city with a rich history and geography, is revealed from a new angle thanks to the use of drones. The built heritage of this thousandyear-old metropolis offers an exceptional aerial view for fans of breathtaking aerial images.

The first building to explore with your flying machine: the Saint-Ouen abbey church. This flamboyant Gothic masterpiece stretches over 130 meters, offering an impressive perspective from the sky. Its graceful flying buttresses and majestic circular stained glass window take on their full splendor when filmed by drone. The images obtained reveal the architectural complexity of the monument in its smallest nooks and crannies.

The green setting that surrounds this heritage gem is ideal for innovative shots. The juxtaposition of the gray-blue slate roofs with the soft green of the lawns brings an artistic dimension to the filmed sequences.

However, it is essential to respect the regulations in force concerning drones so that this creative approach does not disrupt the serenity of the place or its conservation.

Thus, filming Rouen by drone not only allows us to appreciate its historical character but also its geographical particularities by offering a renewed look at its imposing architecture.

Important: Important: We strongly recommend that drone pilots and budding filmmakers include these drone spots in their audiovisual project, but it will not always be easy to obtain flight authorizations from the authorities concerned. Please know that the members of our network are at your disposal and at your service. Our pilots can, at your request, take care of a drone service in Rouen and in the department of Seine-Maritime, in Normandy. As an alternative to a tailor-made drone shoot, you can acquire the rights to aerial videos already taken in Rouen and its surrounding areas, by talented professional authors, available via our HOsiHO aerial image bank.

Fly over the Gros-Horloge

After letting your drone explore the Saint-Ouen abbey church, head towards the heart of Rouen to immortalize the Gros-Horloge. A flagship symbol of the medieval city, this astronomical clock offers an exceptional panorama of the city's rooftops.

The aerial view of the Gros-Horloge provides a unique perspective on this architectural gem dating from the 14th century. The finely crafted, goldcoated hands move silently across a dial adorned with the twelve signs of the zodiac, enhancing its historical appeal. The complex system that has punctuated the passage of time for centuries is a captivating spectacle to be captured by drone.

The photos taken above the Gros-Horloge allow us to admire the harmonious balance between the Gothic and Renaissance elements which characterize its architecture. The octagonal white stone tower stands out with presence against the blue or gray sky depending on the whims of Norman weather.

Thanks to its central position in the old quarter, filming the Gros-Horloge will offer you the opportunity to introduce entire sections of the surrounding Rouen heritage into your shots: cobbled streets undulating between half-timbered houses and Gothic churches with spires tapering upwards towards the heavens.

There is no doubt that these images will enrich your film and arouse in your viewers an irresistible curiosity to discover Rouen in a new light.

Le Gros-Horloge et son beffroi, vu par drone, Rouen, France - 2079521-8-ILARAThe Gros-Horloge and its belfry, seen by drone, Rouen, France - 2079521-© ILARA/HOsiHO

Discover the Old Market

The Old Market of Rouen, a mecca of history and delicacies, offers a fascinating spectacle to be seen from the skies. When you maneuver your drone above this square, you capture the characteristic dynamism of Normandy markets. Multi-colored stands with fresh local foods displayed under the watchful eye of half-timbered houses, each image is a praise to the local cuisine.

It should nevertheless be noted that the Drone Regulations dictate certain limitations to ensure everyone's safety. It therefore becomes crucial to observe minimum gaps with individuals and buildings to prevent any incident.

Under your aerial camera, a harmonious ballet unfolds: sellers busy setting up their stalls, customers looking for the best local products... The bright hues of the freshly picked fruits and vegetables contrast with the rocky gray of the historic monument overlooking the center: the Sainte-Jeanne-d'Arc church with its remarkable roof reminiscent of an overturned boat hull.

Don't forget to immortalize in your digital memories the refined interaction between shadows and lights when the sun slips between these old buildings steeped in history. The Old Market then becomes a living tableau where past and present intertwine in a timeless dance captured by your drone.

Place du Vieux Marche et Eglise Jeanne d'Arc, vus par drone, Rouen, France - 2079522 © ILARAPlace du Vieux Marche and Jeanne d'Arc Church, seen by drone, Rouen, France - 2079522 © ILARA/HOsiHO

Cross the Seine

Crossing the Seine, in the heart of Rouen, offers a unique experience for drone photography enthusiasts. The flight over the sparkling waters of the river captures the very essence of this historic city.

•The Gustave-Flaubert bridge, imposing and high, is an unmissable place. The images obtained here are often impressive.
•The Grammont footbridge offers a panoramic view of the city center and its surroundings.
•Saint-Ouen Abbey perfectly presents the alliance between history and modernity embodied by Rouen.
•The boats gliding gently on the Seine offer dynamic sequences which show the constant activity of the river.
•To finish, the passage towards the other bank reveals unexpected and splendid views of a less frequented district of the city.

The shots at these locations can rival those taken from the best sites for filming Paris by drone. This highlights not only the undeniable charm of Rouen but also its immense potential in terms of drone imaging. Of course, any exploration must be done in strict compliance with French regulations concerning the use of drones.

Certain sites may be protected or prohibited for theft without prior authorization: it is therefore a question of remaining cautious and finding out carefully before any elevation

Filming the historic monuments of Rouen

Have you ever considered the splendor of Rouen, captured through the lens of a drone, with a focus on its historical wonders? An experience that could reveal unexpected and spectacular panoramas.

Take for example Notre-Dame Cathedral. Majestic and imposing, it reveals itself in a new light when filmed from the skies. Every detail of its complex Gothic architecture comes to life under the aerial gaze of the drone. Gargoyles seem to come to life as sharp spiers pierce the blue sky.

Further in the city is the Saint-Maclou church with its singular bell tower in the shape of a flame. The drone flight around this religious building offers a fascinating view of this architectural treasure dating from the 15th century.

Let's not neglect the Château de Rouen either for a memorable aerial shoot. Its medieval fortifications constitute a impressive visual spectacle when captured by the drone, just like the royal-looking archbishop's palace .

Each monument has its own story and distinct charm that only an expert drone operator can accurately capture while respecting these sites steeped in history.

In this way, filming Rouen by drone becomes a true artistic exploration where contemporary technology meets ancestral historical heritage in an exquisite aerial dance.

Find your drone pilot in Rouen and Normandy

The search for a drone pilot in Rouen and Normandy, with its varied and inspiring landscape, requires rigor. The main goal is to find an expert combining technical skills and artistic sense.

A seasoned operator maneuvers his camera with precision while capturing the ideal angles for fluid and atypical shots. The quality of the images obtained will attest to his skills: sharpness, stability of the shot or even optimal selection of times for filming.

Each pilot sets his rates for drone services depending on the project and the time required for its completion. It is therefore important to clearly define your expectations from the start to avoid any surprises.

In addition to these technical and financial criteria, the creative aspect that a professional can bring to drone shots in Rouen or Normandy should not be neglected. His trained eye will allow him to identify the ideal spots which will give an additional dimension to the final result.

It is recommended to compare the different services offered by each operator in order to choose the one that best meets your specific needs.

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