The best spots to film Nantes by drone

Nantes an exceptional city

Nantes, an exceptional city with a rich heritage, is an ideal setting for drone enthusiasts. Its unique geographical location, between the Loire and the Atlantic ocean, presents panoramas as multiple as they are diverse. Its thousand-year-old history is engraved in its walls and its architecture bears witness to a glorious era.

Photo aerienne de la place du commerce vide dans la ville de Nantes © FLYUP:HOsiHO
Aerial photo of the place of commerce in the city of Nantes © FLYUP/HOsiHO

Situated on a hill overlooking the Loire is the castle of the Dukes of Brittany. This symbolic historical monument with its robust medieval structure contrasts harmoniously with the contemporary buildings that surround it.

The Bouffay district, the true historic heart of Nantes
Feydeau Island and its 18th century private residences
The Machines of the Island where the marvelous meets the industrial
•Le The LU Tower: Nantes cookie factory and its 35-metre high LU tower
•The Erdre “most beautiful river” according to François 1st.

These emblematic places generate a surprising visual dynamic when they are immortalized at altitude by a drone. The architectural contrasts between the different sectors offer an innovative visual spectacle.

Filming Nantes by drone not only offers the possibility of admiring the singular beauty of this city but also the possibility of capturing its full historical and cultural scope through its admirably preserved architectural heritage.

Explore the Château des Ducs de Bretagne

Have you ever seen the splendor of the Château des Ducs de Bretagne from an aerial perspective? This historic monument, nestled in the heart of Nantes, presents an undeniable majesty from the air. A drone navigating the blue sky can accurately capture every impressive detail of this building.

The towers and dungeons stand proudly towards the sky, like mute sentinels of a bygone time. The thick white stone walls provide a strong contrast with the dense green of the surrounding gardens. The inner courtyard, a treasure hidden behind these robust walls, is worth capturing with a flying camera.

Aerial filming in Nantes allows a new perspective on the city. The castle is surrounded by the Loire which wraps gracefully around the city center and offers a unique chromatic range during sunsets.

However, it is imperative to emphasize the importance of strict compliance with regulations regarding the use of drones in urban areas to ensure safety and preserve the privacy and tranquility offered by this historic place.

Exploring the Château des Ducs de Bretagne via drone is not only a visual enrichment; it also offers an exceptional appreciation of its history and its architectural beauty inherent in this essential Nantes emblem.

Photo aerienne de la cathedrale Saint-Pierre Saint-Paul et le cours Saint-Pierre a Nantes, © FLYUP:HOsiHO
Aerial photo of Saint-Pierre Saint-Paul cathedral and Cours Saint-Pierre in Nantes, © FLYUP/HOsiHO

Discover the Cathedral of Saint-Pierre-et-SaintPaul

Rising majestically into the sky of Nantes, the Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul Cathedral offers a spectacular panorama for drone enthusiasts. The bird's eye view of the Gothic style bell tower, with its finely crafted architectural ornaments, provides a rich source for capturing stunning images.

The drone offers the opportunity to explore the interior grandeur of this imposing structure. Flying over the sacred space, one can admire the graceful vaults that extend towards the sky and the dazzling light show of the colorful stained glass windows playing with the light of day.

Another point of interest is undoubtedly the impressive organ which dominates the interior. The smooth flight of the drone around this historic instrument adds an extra dimension to the video, revealing all of its complexity and charm.

We must not forget the imposing statue located in the center of this holy place. Capturing its image from different angles gives a unique perspective on this impressive artistic work.

Among all these visual treasures that the Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul Cathedral contains is a challenge: respecting the strict rules governing the flight of drones in this type of sensitive environment. However, with a little preparation and a lot of respect for this exceptionally beautiful historical monument - an unforgettable experience awaits the daring pilot ready to take on this challenge.

Photo aerienne du grand elephant confine, le majestueux animal des Machines de l'ile a Nantes, France-© FLYUP:HOsiHO
Aerial photo of the grand elephant, the majestic animal of the Machines de l'ile in Nantes, France © FLYUP/HOsiHO

Flying over the Island Machines

In the aerial ballet of drones, one of the most fascinating shows is undoubtedly that offered by the Machines de l'Île.

Deeply rooted in the decor of Nantes, these life-size mechanical creations are a joint homage to modern technology and the world of wonder. Their existence in this formerly industrial space attests to the urban renewal carried out with audacity and inventiveness.

The aerial view of this exceptional site offers a new vision of a fantastic world where a giant moving elephant or a marine carousel inhabited by marine beings from a boundless imagination meet. The hollowed-out metal structures allow integrated cameras to record the light as it swirls with the rhythm of the sun, providing a stunning visual experience.

By crossing the bridge which connects the island to the rest of the city, your drone will give you an unparalleled view of this Nantes treasure housed between the Loire and the celestial azure. The oppositions between the lush surrounding nature and the steel framework of the machines generate an extraordinary visual harmony for anyone wishing to immortalize Nantes from a resolutely avant-garde angle.

Filming the Island of Versailles

The Island of Versailles, a green setting in the heart of the city, is a privileged place for drone enthusiasts. Its Japanese garden, its sparkling pools and its Asian architecture offer breathtaking panoramas to immortalize. The drone travels around the island capturing spectacular images.

•The Blue House looms in the background.
•The body of water which borders the Oriental Park.
•Turtles enjoying the sun on the rocks.
•The golden reflections of the setting sun on the water.

Whatever your destination - Versailles Island or Passage Pommeraye - each flight guarantees you an immersive experience in these symbolic places.

Photo aerienne de la place vide de la Republique dans la ville de Nantes © FLYUP:HOsiHO
Aerial photo of the empty Place de la Republique in Nantes © FLYUP/HOsiHO

Find your drone videographer in Nantes

In the heart of Nantes, finding a professional drone videographer to capture a splendid aerial view requires a particular level of skill and expertise. It is essential to find the drone operator capable of making people feel the emotion of the constantly evolving urban landscape. The optimal choice would undoubtedly be an experienced, gifted and inventive specialist, able not only to pilot his machine with precision but also to create images that really tell a story. The videographer's portfolio is often a precise mirror of the artistic and technical abilities he possesses in drone photography. It should be remembered that this type of service is priced according to the specific requirements of the project. Some operators offer more sophisticated services such as full production of a film or post-production including editing and visual effects. The HOsiHO Drone Network has established itself as a key reference in this sector. Made up only of remote pilots approved by the DGAC, it provides customers with the assurance of work carried out according to professional standards while strictly respecting current regulations. Exploring Nantes from the air thanks to an experienced drone pilot remains a unique experience which allows you to see this dynamic metropolis with a rich historical heritage from a new angle.

To go further in your search for a drone videographer in Nantes and obtain additional information, you can consult this dedicated page: Find your drone pilot and videographer in Nantes for your shots in Brittany.

We strongly recommend that budding drone pilots and filmmakers include these drone spots in their audiovisual projects, but it won't always be easy to obtain flight permits from the relevant authorities. The members of our network are at your service. At your request, our pilots can handle the drone filming in Loire Atlantique and Brittany. Alternatively, you can acquire the rights to aerial videos of Nantes and the surrounding area, available via our HOsiHO aerial image bank (see the gallery in the article).


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