The best spots for filming Toulouse with a drone

Ô Toulouse, the pink city of southwest of France!

Toulouse, bathed by the Garonne river and nestled in a privileged geographical location between sea and mountains. Its appeal lies in its terracotta bricks which give it this unique pinkish shade at dusk, hence its affectionate nickname "pink city".

The history of Toulouse is rich and complex. Built by the Romans in the 2nd century BC, it has maintained constant prosperity over the centuries thanks to its strategic position as a central point of commercial exchanges.

•The Capitol: It represents the undeniable emblem of the city with its imposing facade.
•The Saint-Sernin Basilica: It is an architectural masterpiece dating from the 11th century.
•The Pont-Neuf: It is the oldest Toulouse bridge still standing on the Garonne.
•The EDF Bazacle space: It offers an exceptional panorama of the river and the city
•The banks of the Garonne river: They are the ideal place to capture the changing reflections of the river on Toulouse architecture.

With a population of approximately 475,000 inhabitants, Toulouse is today recognized as a major center for aerospace and higher education in France. This dynamic creates a fascinating contrast between deeply rooted historical tradition and bubbling technological innovation. It is this unique blend that makes Toulouse an ideal place to take breathtaking aerial shots using a drone.

Photo aerienne par drone de la Basilique Saint-Sernin, Toulouse © SPIRITPROD33-HOsiHO #2078601
Aerial drone photo of the Saint-Sernin Basilica, Toulouse © SPIRITPROD33-HOsiHO

Filming the Quays and the Esplanade

The panorama of the quays of Toulouse lends itself wonderfully to the aerial angle that drones allow. The banks, lined with trees and crossed by the Garonne, provide an impressive natural setting for your video sequences. The François Mitterrand esplanade is another jewel in the Toulouse setting. This vast pedestrian avenue presents a striking contrast between the contemporary architecture of the surrounding buildings and the carefully preserved historic elements. One of these elements is the Dôme de La Grave, a flagship symbol which reigns majestically on the left bank of the pink city. Its tall octagonal tower serves as an excellent focal point for your aerial images, while its shimmering reflection in the river adds an undeniable artistic nuance to each shot. However, it should be emphasized that image capture in these locations requires a deep understanding of current regulations regarding the use of drones in urban environments. Compared to Bordeaux where certain places like the Miroir d'eau are very appreciated by drone pilots, Toulouse offers its own visual treasures just as inspiring and captivating to explore from a new perspective thanks to the drone.

Discover the Basilica

Perched at the top of the Toulouse hills, the bell tower of the Basilica of Saint-Sernin stands majestically in the azure sky, offering an ideal scene for drone pilots. This ancient construction is a central jewel of the city's religious heritage and its aerial exploration is an essential experience for any director. The flight over this exceptional building offers views breathtaking on its Romanesque structure. The imposing octagonal bell tower stands with dignity, forming a sublime contrast with the bright sky or the clouds which often envelop it.

The basilica itself is a visual marvel. Its centuries-old stones bear the marks of time and tell their own story through their pink and ocher hues. The graceful flying buttresses that support its imposing walls are so many resonances with the gentle curves that your drone draws in the airspace.

These magnificent panoramas are not only pleasant to observe; they also constitute a favorable terrain for technical mastery of piloting in cramped or complex spaces - imagine the challenges posed by these sharp Gothic spiers!

Photo aerienne par drone de la Garonne et Toulouse de nuit © FilmRaw-HOsiHO #2078600
Aerial photo by drone of the Garonne and Toulouse at nightt © FilmRaw-HOsiHO #2078600

Fly over the surroundings of the Capitol

Flying over the surroundings of the Capitol offers a unique experience for filming Toulouse with a drone. The elegant roofs, the intertwining streets and the majesty of the buildings are revealed from a new perspective. Place du Capitole, the vibrant heart of the pink city, reveals its grandeur. The necessary authorizations for this flight are essential. Each site has its own altitude and distance rules to respect, in accordance with French law. A specialist in drone regulations helps you with these administrative procedures, guaranteeing access to the best viewpoints without urban disruption or compromise of security. Inspired by this Toulouse artistic exploration, some videographers explored further east. Lyon proved to be fertile ground for their creativity : between Rhône and Saône, drones captured the singular brilliance of Haussmannian facades bathed in the setting sun. Each city hides its treasures that an aerial view can reveal. The flight over the Capitol perfectly demonstrates how the drone not only allows us to discover our cities but also offers an inspiring rediscovery.

Our favorite drone spot: the Pont-Neuf on the Garonne

Photographing the Pont-Neuf in Toulouse with a drone offers a unique perspective on one of the city's emblematic monuments. The bridge, designed by Pierre Rivalz in the 16th century, is a breathtaking spectacle from the air. Its robust structure in typical red brick and its majestic passage over the Garonne form an ideal canvas for any aerial cinema enthusiast.

•The panoramic view of Saint-Cyprien
•The night lighting illuminating the arches of the bridge: not to be missed!
•The contrast between the green-blue water and the red brick
•The daily activity of pedestrians and vehicles crossing
•The changing reflections on the water depending on the weather.

Every drone pilot must consider several factors when filming this historic landmark. Weather conditions, in particular strong winds which can considerably disrupt the stability of the flight. It is important to be aware that some

Areas are prohibited for drones for security reasons, but flying over the Garonne, as with any body of water, gives the drone greater freedom of movement. Take the opportunity to film, from the river, images of Toulouse in the city center and don't hesitate to use a zoom or different focal lengths to frame a neighborhood or a monument as close as possible, while flying above the water! The expertise acquired by pilots is valuable in making exceptional films; it contributes to the rapid development of the film and television sector thanks to their ability to provide spectacular images otherwise inaccessible.

Find a Pro Drone Pilot in Toulouse and Haute-Garonne

Have you ever thought about the importance of an expert pilot to achieve your exceptional aerial shots in Toulouse and Haute-Garonne?
A professional is not satisfied with simply mastering the flight, he has in-depth knowledge of the regulations in force. Additionally, a skilled and creative drone remote pilot is essential to capture the subtle nuances of the Toulouse landscape. It navigates with precision between historic monuments and protected areas, while respecting the strict requirements of the aviation authority. Professional prices vary; it is therefore advisable to carry out some preliminary research and request quotes. The cost generally reflects their level of expertise and ability to work in demanding or complex conditions. Some pilots develop specific skills such as using drones to inspect infrastructure and structures. This practice requires not only piloting skills but also in-depth technical knowledge. So opt for a highly qualified professional so that your aerial exploration of Toulouse is as fascinating as it is informative.

If you would like more information on drone pilots in Toulouse and Haute-Garonne for your aerial shots, you can consult this page: Drone pilot in Toulouse for drone shooting in Haute-Garonne.

Important: We strongly recommend that drone pilots and budding filmmakers include these drone spots in their audiovisual project, but it will not always be easy to obtain flight authorizations from the authorities concerned. Please know that the members of our network are at your disposal and at your service. Our pilots can, at your request, take care of a drone service in Toulouse and in the Haute-Garonne department. As an alternative to a tailor-made drone shoot, you can acquire the rights to aerial videos already taken in Toulouse and its surroundings by talented professional authors, available via our HOsiHO aerial image bank (see the gallery in the article) .

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