The best spots to film Lyon by drone

Welcome to Lyon

Bathed by the waters of the Rhône and the Saône, Lyon is distinguished by its particular geography. This city, the second largest agglomeration in France, leans to the east against the mountains of Beaujolais and the Monts d'Or, while to the west stretch the immense fertile plains of the Dombes.

The millennial history of Lyon has sculpted an imposing architectural heritage:

•The Notre-Dame-de-Fourvière Basilica majestically dominating the city
•Old Lyon with its characteristic secret passages
•The Peninsula listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site
•The Maurice Ravel Auditorium symbolizing local modernism

This corresponds to a cosmopolitan population whose dynamism is equivalent to its cultural diversity. This large urban center brings together more than a million and a half residents from the four corners of the globe to enjoy or participate in its excitement.

So, capturing Lyon by drone offers a unique view of this harmonious alliance between lush nature and controlled urbanization; between historical heritage and palpable modernity; between sustained local entertainment and an international atmosphere.

Skyline de Lyon par drone - images aériennes © Grenoble Drone Vision
Skyline of Lyon by drone - aerial images © Grenoble Drone Vision

Fly over Croix-Rousse or Old Lyon

Have you ever dreamed of capturing the secrets of the roofs of Croix-Rousse or Vieux Lyon? The drone, a modern celestial emissary, allows a unique exploration and the immortalization of these Lyon heritage treasures.

Above the green hills of Croix-Rousse lies a spectacular panorama. The views of the Roman amphitheater and hanging gardens are impressive. Many new angles reveal the true appearance of the neighborhood Lyonnais.

Old Lyon is just as fascinating. This historic gem with its cobbled streets leads to its highest point: Saint-Jean Cathedral. Its Gothic architecture takes on a different dimension under the precise gaze of the drone.

But be careful! Responsible flight must respect certain rules to preserve this precious heritage. Drone regulations require a minimum distance from buildings and prohibit any violation of privacy.

The immortalization by drone of these places steeped in history is an artistic tribute to the past but also an inspiring way to fully appreciate the present moment in this luminous city that is Lyon.

Filming Fourvière with a drone

Nothing equals the pleasure of filming Fourvière by drone, a visual odyssey that reveals the architectural magnificence and the historical epic of Lyon.

Dominating from the top of a hill, the Notre-Dame de Fourvière basilica is distinguished by its flamboyant architecture characterized by Byzantine and Romanesque influences.

A world heritage treasure that can be immortalized using a drone, while respecting the rules relating to this activity.

The summit offers an unparalleled panoramic view of the city of a thousand lights.

The landscape stretches all the way to Mont Blanc on clear days, creating a stark contrast between the urban brilliance and the pristine white of the Alps.

As we descend gently towards the historic monument, we observe with admiration the sculptural details which adorn this sacred place: saints and angels seem to protect the city from their golden niches.

Let's not forget that Fourvière is not just about its majestic basilica. The hill also hosts one of the most beautiful belvederes in Lyon: Le Belvédère. A perfect place to immortalize with your drone the magical moments of sunrise or sunset over Lyon.

Filming Fourvière by drone provides a unique perspective to fully appreciate this emblematic site of Lyon while exploiting your piloting talents in an exceptionally rich and inspiring environment, all of which is done with all the necessary authorizations and flight declarations.

Fourvière par drone, Lyon  - images aériennes © Grenoble Drone VisionFourvière by drone, Lyon, France - aerial imagess © Grenoble Drone Vision

Discover Confluence from the air

For fans of drones and urban landscapes, the confluence offers a unique panorama. Located in the ultimate south of the Lyon peninsula where the Rhône and the Saône meet, this area is a jewel of contemporary architecture. The Musée des Confluences with its futuristic design, the regional headquarters of Euronews and the leisure and shopping center embellish this place. Capturing these structures in an aerial view is an experience for any drone pilot.

The harmony between fluvial nature - thanks to the two rivers which border each side of the district - and architectural modernity offers a rare visual diversity in the French urban universe. Flying your drone over the calm waters of the Rhône or Saône to film Confluence is highly recommended for those looking to capture Lyon from its most beautiful angles. This is one of the best spots in Lyon to film by drone. It should be noted that this spot is an integral part of the favorite places in France to take spectacular aerial images with your aircraft. So don't hesitate to explore every possible corner during your next flights to Confluence in order to further enrich your personal cinematographic portfolio.

Photographing the modern architecture of PartGod in drone

Exploring Lyon by drone would not be complete without a flight over the Part-Dieu district. Dominated by the city's symbolic skyscraper, this district is a true celebration of modern architecture.

The drone, by launching above the roofs, offers a unique perspective on this imposing structure made of steel and glass. The Part-Dieu tower looks like a gigantic pencil pointing towards the sky. This is where modernity and functionality combine elegantly.

•The municipal library with its unique arch
•The newly renovated shopping center which brings a contemporary touch to the landscape
•The impressive Maurice Ravel Auditorium whose curves are reminiscent of a musical instrument
•The astonishing Incity Tower which even surpasses the Part-Dieu tower in height
•And of course, the emblematic “pencil” or Tour du Crédit Lyonnais which reigns majestically over this urban panorama.

These architectural elements together create a captivating cityscape for anyone interested in human technical achievements.

Always remember that flying in this area requires special authorization due to the numerous air restrictions put in place to ensure the safety of air travelers and residents on the ground.

So prepare your drone and immortalize these marvels of daring architecture from all angles!

Find a professional videographer & drone operator in Lyon

A professional drone pilot in Lyon is above all a creative and talented videographer who masters the art of aerial photography. They are often passionate cameramen by the world of audiovisual drones. These virtuosos of drone regulations skillfully combine technicality and aesthetics to produce images of incomparable quality. The complex world of drone piloting requires in-depth expertise that only experienced professionals can provide. Equipped with a keen sense of visual composition, these drone operators are capable of immortalizing the most sumptuous panoramas of Lyon from all angles. Within the HOsiHO Drone Network - a platform bringing together the best remote pilots - these artists deploy their know-how in the service of ambitious and innovative projects. This network offers a unique space to discover the remarkable work produced by these videographers specializing in drone image capture. Finding a professional drone pilot in Lyon involves a dedicated approach towards artistic and technical excellence. A suitable choice for those wishing to explore Lyon from the air with a resolutely modern and creative approach.

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Note : We strongly recommend to drone remote pilots and filmmakers grass to include these drone spots in their Lyon audiovisual project but it will not be easy to obtain flight authorizations from the authorities concerned. Know that the members of our network are here to listen and serve you. Our pilots can, at your request, take care of this drone filming in the Rhône department.

Alternatively, you can acquire the rights to aerial dronestock videos of Lyon and its surroundings, available via our HOsiHO aerial image bank (see the gallery in the article).

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