The best spots to film Paris by drone

Vue Aérienne De La Tour Eiffel Vue Du Champ-De-Mars En été., Paris, France- © 2078893-80-AIRBUZZ
Aerial View Of The Eiffel Tower Seen From Champ-De-Mars In Summer., Paris, France © 2078893-80-AIRBUZZ

Preamble: Who can fly a drone in Paris?

If you want to release your drone into the Parisian sky, it is essential to know that this activity is not accessible to everyone. Only a professional operator can hope to obtain a permit to fly a drone over the French capital.

Paris is in fact subject to strong restrictions, starting with the P23 aeronautical zone which prohibits all aircraft from flying over it. All requests for authorization must be sent to the Paris police headquarters (the PPP) which will carefully examine each case before granting or not permission to capture aerial images of Paris. Atmospheric conditions, distance from public buildings or compliance with safety standards are some of the criteria evaluated when processing the file. However, despite these limitations, certain places offer a spectacular view of the city if you obtain this precious sesame. Just as there are also remarkable sites for filming the entire French expanse by drone. The unique panorama that our country reveals offers professionals equipped with a drone a favorable space to immortalize its architectural and natural splendors from a new angle - that seen from the skies.

Carte Aéronautique de Paris P23
Aeronautical Map of Paris P23 Zone

Paris, presentation and history of the City Light

Paris, the City of Lights, fascinates the whole world. In the heart of France, it has been a source of inspiration for artists and photographers for centuries. Its history spans more than two thousand years, growing from a modest Gallic colony to a vibrant contemporary metropolis populated by more than two million inhabitants.

Its rich past is manifested in its emblematic monuments: the Eiffel Tower which has challenged the Parisian sky since 1889; Notre-Dame cathedral whose gothic brilliance survived the flames; The Louvre with its bold architecture and priceless collection of works of art.

Parisian neighborhoods offer a unique visual spectacle for those wishing to capture the authentic soul of Paris: Montmartre with its cobbled streets and bohemian artists; The Marais where historical heritage coexists harmoniously with urban modernity; Saint-Germain-des-Prés synonymous with French literature.

Paris is not only its historic center but also its densely populated crown where cultural diversity merges with economic dynamism. This metropolis never really stops changing while jealously preserving its precious heritage.

Filming Paris by drone is much more than a simple technical exercise; it is to capture this unique essence between age-old tradition and contemporary excitement specific to the City of Lights.

The must-sees of Paris

Capturing the beauty of Paris by drone offers new and majestic perspectives. The jewels of this metropolis are legion, certain sites stand out for their unique aesthetic seen from the sky.

The Eiffel Tower, an iconic icon of Parisian architecture, provides a spectacular panorama for aerial shots. The light show that sparkles on its steel structure at dusk magnifies each image.

The Louvre, with its bold glass pyramid surrounded by a solemn historic architectural ensemble, creates an impressive contrast that is sure to amaze your spectators. An aerial view of the Champs-Élysées will provide a global vision of the most famous Avenue in the world up to the imposing Arc de Triomphe.

Montmartre invites you to dive into the heart of the bohemian artistic district.
Notre-Dame-de-Paris embodies timeless Gothic charm.
•Les Invalides presents a grandiose spectacle with its golden dome shining in the sun.
•The Opéra Garnier is a baroque architectural jewel whose minute details are fully revealed by drone

Don't miss the Trocadéro for its charming gardens and lively fountains or the Place de la Concorde for its slender obelisk and breathtaking panoramas of the Avenue des Champs-Élysées and beyond. These places offer a diversity of colors, textures and architecture to embellish an aerial cinematic tableau.

In our gallery of aerial images available on HOsiHO, you will find most of these essentials, as well as many others!

The Quays of the Seine by drone

An aerial exploration of the banks of the Seine offers a unique and breathtaking perspective on the soul of the City of Lights. As it rises above the banks, your drone captures the shimmering reflections of the river as it undulates through the historic heart of Paris, revealing a living picture of unparalleled beauty.

The walk begins near the old docks, where traditional barges now coexist with trendy restaurants and cafes.

The drone then heads east following the tortuous course of the river. The iconic bridges appear successively: Pont Neuf, Pont Alexandre III... Each presenting its own architectural appeal to enrich your film.

Continuing this sumptuous aerial route, the panoramic view takes in the historic buildings lined up along the banks such as Notre-Dame or the Conciergerie. The incessant coming and going between shadow and light magnifies this visual spectacle captured by your drone: plunging views of the quays animated by second-hand booksellers or nighttime illuminations highlighting each carefully cut stone... Shooting by drone on these fascinating quays is undoubtedly a memorable artistic journey into the very essence of Paris.

 Vue de drone du pont Alexandre 3 a Paris avec la Seine et le Grand Palais, France © 2078894-80-AIRBUZZ

Drone view of the Alexandre 3 bridge in Paris with the Seine and the Grand Palais, France © 2078894-80-AIRBUZZ

The Luxembourg Gardens

In the heart of the French capital proudly stands the Jardin du Luxembourg, a true urban haven of peace. This sanctuary offers a soothing and tranquil atmosphere, far from the hustle and bustle of Paris. For drone enthusiasts, this garden is ideal for capturing breathtaking panoramic images. Spanning more than 23 hectares, the Jardin du Luxembourg is full of charming places to film by drone. Paths lined with towering trees lend a lyrical touch to aerial videos while stunning statues and fountains add a unique historical dimension to your captures. Filming above vast green meadows in summer or multi-colored leaves in autumn can generate visually impressive footage. The Luxembourg Palace itself with its majestic architecture is also a notable point of interest for a drone pilot. However, care must always be taken to comply with regulations regarding the use of drones in public spaces in order to ensure safety and preserve the tranquility of the place.

Aerial Video Of Roofs Of Paris - Latin Quarter - The Church Of Saint-Jacques Du Haut-Pas - The Tower Of The Institut Oceanographique De Paris - The Dome Of The Pantheon, France © Dcomdrone

Montmartre by drone

Montmartre, a district of Paris with picturesque charm, is a place that reveals all its soul under the lens of a drone. In this charming corner, the labyrinthine steps link with the narrow, cobbled paths to compose a lively scene where each small space hides a story to tell.

Drones can capture breathtaking images: from aerial shots of the Sacré-Cœur church perched on the hill to lively café terraces and artists painting outdoors.

The bold contrast between the luminous white of the Sacré-Cœur and the blue sky offers a panoramic spectacle worth capturing from the heavens. Flying over the roofs also allows you to admire the varied range of Haussmann facades characteristic of the district.

However, it is crucial to strictly respect the drone regulations in place to avoid any disruption in this very neighborhood, popular with tourists and local residents. Thorough preparation is therefore necessary before each shot so that your drone can fly above Montmartre without obstacle or incident.

With its unique architectural and cultural wealth, Montmartre offers fertile ground for a director wishing to film Paris from a different angle using a drone.

Notre-Dame from the sky

Notre-Dame, this majestic stone cathedral, stands proudly in the heart of Paris. Its roof and bell tower provide unparalleled views. The gargoyles that adorn its facades are all details that can be observed from the heights.

Gargoyles: these fantastic creatures sculpted in rock seem to come to life when filmed by drone.
•The fire: despite the fire disaster that occurred in 2019, Notre-Dame remains an undeniable icon of Paris.
Renovation: the work in progress adds a new dimension to aerial shots.
Bell tower and roof: culminating more than 90 meters above the ground, they offer a panoramic view of the Seine and the Ile-de-la-Cité.

Capturing Notre-Dame by drone is undoubtedly a memorable moment for any videographer. It is above all a privilege reserved for very few pictures people. This is an opportunity to reflect on our architectural heritage and its preservation. If filming Paris by drone offers impressive panoramas, we should not neglect other French cities such as Lyon. This city itself is full of exceptional spots where a drone can capture spectacular images, such as Fourvière or Vieux-Lyon.

Find your professional pilot for a flight by drone from Paris

Have you ever thought about the importance of choosing the right pilot for your drone filming for aerial shots of Paris? The perspective he can provide you is crucial, as well as his experience and professionalism. Let's take a moment to consider the benefits of using the HOsiHO Drone Network. Its members are recognized for their proven competence and their talent in terms of creativity. They are experienced, and for the representatives in Paris, they have in-depth knowledge of the rules which regulate drone flights in the French metropolis, and have the necessary expertise to obtain the best spots, angles and therefore images. It is vital that you entrust your projects to these specialists in the field in order to avoid any inconvenience linked to legal or technical requirements. A professional remote pilot will know how to take advantage of natural light, capture the unique architecture of Parisian monuments from various perspectives, while respecting the limits imposed by law. Selecting the right pilot can make the difference between a successful flight or not. If you would like to know more about drone pilots in Paris for professional shots, you can consult our information page: Drone pilot in Paris for drone shots.

Place Vendome et la colonne Vendome à Paris vu par drone © 2067593-80-AIRBUZZ

PPlace Vendome and the Vendome column in Paris seen by drone © 2067593-80-AIRBUZZ

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