The best spots for filming Montpellier with a drone

Montpellier vu du Stade De Rugby Yves Du Manoir, par Drone-Pictures #2079051 copie

Aerial photo by drone of Montpellier seen from the Stade De Rugby Yves Du Manoir, by Drone-Pictures #2079051

The emblematic sites of Montpellier

Montpellier, the jewel of the south of France, offers unparalleled architectural and historical wealth. The soul of the city beats to the rhythm of pulsations that emanate from the Place de la Comédie to the triumphal arch of Peyrou. This is where the palace of the kings of Majorca stands proudly, recalling reminiscences of a bygone era.

•The imposing Saint-Pierre Cathedral is a Gothic masterpiece whose towers seem to reach the clouds.
•The Notre-Dame-des-Tables basilica is an emblematic sacred place attracting a considerable crowd each year.
•The triumphal arch of Peyrou offers a breathtaking view of Montpellier and its outskirts.
•The Charles-de-Gaulle esplanade with its grandiose fountain invites you to take a contemplative moment.

These prestigious places constitute perfect settings for your drone where you can capture the vibrant and luminous soul of Montpellier. An aerial landscape between past and present is revealed before your eyes while your drone hovers above these places steeped in history. It would also be captivating to expand this exciting exploration beyond the limits of Montpellier towards Marseille or Aix-en-Provence, another city also full of picturesque sites for filming by drone.

Between millennial history and daring modernity, Montpellier asserts itself as a fertile ground for those seeking to immortalize the beauty of French metropolises by drone.

Important: We strongly recommend that drone pilots and budding filmmakers include these drone spots in their audiovisual project, but it will not always be easy to obtain flight authorizations from the authorities concerned. Please know that the members of our network are at your disposal and at your service. Our pilots can, at your request, take care of a drone service in Montpellier or in the Hérault department. Alternatively to a tailormade drone shoot, you can license aerial videos already made in Montpellier and its surroundings by professional authors fromtalents, available via our HOsiHO aerial image bank.

Discover the Place de la Comédie

Have you ever considered filming the Place de la Comédie, this central jewel of Montpellier, from a drone? For any enthusiast of remote-controlled flying machines, this is a point of view that should not be overlooked.

The skyline from the sky presents a breathtaking view of this vast public square, surrounded by elegant boutiques and cafes. The opulent theater that gives its name to the space is a symbolic monument perfectly suited to cinematographic shots. Its richly decorated neoclassical architecture shines under the southern sun.

In the middle sits majestically the Fountain of the Three Graces, a visual spectacle in itself thanks to its finely sculpted statues and the sparkling water that dances around them. Capturing this painting by drone on balmy summer evenings can reveal all its splendor in golden light.

It must be remembered that despite its undeniable visual appeal, it is a very busy place where compliance with the rules governing the use of drones is essential: fly more than 30 meters away from crowds or even do not not fly over certain sensitive areas such as the theater or other historical monuments without specific authorization.

The Place de la Comédie offers seasoned pilots a virgin space filled with creative opportunities to take breathtaking video shots in full compliance with the legal framework imposed by the DGAC.

Fly over the Parc du Peyrou

Among the remarkable sites of Montpellier, the Parc du Peyrou offers a unique visual experience for any drone pilot. It is a green haven in the city center, which combines nature and historic architecture. Its paths lined with centuries-old trees and its impeccable lawns reveal a panoramic view of the city and even as far as the Mediterranean Sea. Flying a drone above this historic monument is an exciting challenge for enthusiasts. The precision will be your best asset, each building, fountain or statue can be enhanced by the aerial point of view of the drone. The indisputable summit is the water tower where the water tower dating from the 18th century reigns majestically over the entire town. The images captured using the drone will offer a unique view of Montpellier that rarely has been had the opportunity to admire before. An ideal place to film not only this unique city but to show how our country is rich in exceptional places to discover from this captivating angle that is that of the air. The Parc du Peyrou perfectly illustrates how our French cities harmoniously combine history and modernity in their urban panorama: a living spectacle that only a drone shot can fully highlight.

Filming Port Marianne or the Ecusson

Port Marianne, the new urban district of Montpellier, provides a fascinating backdrop for any aerial shot. Its elegant combination of contemporary architecture and vast green areas lining the banks of the Lez make it a space ripe for the imagination of drone filmmakers.

Following the canal to Port Marianne, the camera captures picturesque scenes where modernity and nature combine. The futuristic buildings lined up on the quay offer a striking contrast to the serenity of the water flowing peacefully at their feet. An ideal setting to capture this harmonious fusion between modern urban planning and aquatic landscape.

However, it would be remiss not to mention the historic center of Montpellier, l'Écusson when discussing the best places to film Montpellier by drone. At the heart of the city is a fascinating network of narrow streets surrounded by ancient buildings with authentic charm. Seen from the sky, these winding passages offer a hypnotizing spectacle, each detail of which is an invitation to delve into the thousand-year-old history of the city.

Flying over the symbolic bridge connecting these two areas then makes it possible to include in the same image these distinct but complementary aspects of Montpellier: that of a dynamic metropolis turned towards tomorrow without renouncing its past full of stories.

Capture Saint-Pierre Cathedral

Dominating the urban landscape of Montpellier, Saint-Pierre Cathedral is an emblem of southern Gothic architecture.

The imposing facade, decorated with gargoyles and a magnificent rose window, provides the perfect canvas for spectacular aerial shots using a drone.

•The flight must begin in the surrounding streets, where the building is gradually revealed between the roofs.
•A gentle ascent then reveals the entire monument and its unique square bell tower.
•The frontal approach highlights the intricate sculpted facade.
•A passage above the transept displays its typical Latin cross.
•A descent behind the choir offers a surprising perspective on the interior gardens.

It is essential to respect current regulations when flying a drone near such a historic building.

Each aerial activity must be carried out with caution so as not to disturb or damage this thousand-year-old architectural gem. The pilot must therefore ensure that he maintains a safe distance from the monument. Captured from new angles by a well-piloted drone in accordance with established rules, the images of Saint-Pierre Cathedral are guaranteed to amaze the viewer.

Montpellier et son arc de triomphe, vue par drone, France #2079050 copieAerial Photo by drone of Montpellier and its Arc de triomphe, drone view, France - #1043189 © DHT

Find a professional drone pilot Montpellier

As we have seen in this article, to capture the beauty of Montpellier by drone, a professional and registered pilot is essential. With a wealth of experience and perfectly informed of current regulations, he ensures optimal shooting quality in compliance with the law. Professionalism is crucial in this sector. A well-controlled flight not only provides an impressive visual result but also guarantees the safety of third parties. The professional in Montpellier has the required authorization to operate his device in specific areas, avoiding any disruption to air traffic or unwanted intrusion. It is also vital that the pilot is insured against potential incidents related to the use of the drone, providing peace of mind to customers and passers-by near the filmed sites. Concerning the cost of a drone service, each project being unique, it is preferable to request a detailed quote from the selected service provider. If you also want to film Lyon by drone after Montpellier, know that there are experts on site from our HOsiHO pilot network capable of accomplishing this task with brilliance and artistic sense.

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