The best spots to film France by drone

Drone Inspire 2 flying over a road in Provence, France

1/ Enhance the diversity of French cities and landscapes by drone

The urban jewels of France seen from the sky

France, a country rich in diverse heritage, offers a range of captivating cities to film by drone. Each city is a living painting that can be discovered from a new angle from above. Paris, with its majestic Eiffel Tower and its imposing Notre-Dame Cathedral, reveals unparalleled architectural splendor. Lyon, for its part, is distinguished by its historic districts listed as UNESCO world heritage sites. Further south, Nice and its famous Promenade des Anglais offer a coastal panorama of striking beauty.

French natural wonders filmed by drone

In addition to its unique urban heritage, France benefits from an exceptionally varied natural landscape that is further enhanced by drone flights. The steep mountains of the Alps or the Pyrenees are playgrounds for aerial videographers. Mystical forests like that of Brocéliande in Brittany or the Cévennes reveal their hidden secrets when filmed from above. Lakes such as Annecy or Bourget add a calming touch to aerial images captured by drones.

Photo aerienne de la place de la Republique a Paris - Tour Eiffel - Toits de Paris © DComDrone
Aerial photography of place de la République à Paris - Tour Eiffel - Paris © DComDrone

2/ Capture the beauty of Paris by drone

Have you ever imagined the splendor of Paris seen from the sky? ? Imagine a drone flying over the Eiffel Tower, capturing its majestic architecture and imposing presence in the cityscape. The flight continues towards the Sacré-Cœur, perched on the hill of Montmartre, offering a unique perspective on this iconic basilica.

A detour to the Louvre is essential. The vast expanses of this historic palace are full of stories and art just waiting to be explored from a new perspective. The camera then glides gently over the Gothic arches of Notre-Dame-de-Paris before landing in front of the massive doors of the Musée D'Orsay.

The Seine winds through the city like a pulsing vein, lined with a rich architectural tapestry that chronicles the stylistic evolution of Paris through the centuries. The Opéra Garnier shines like a jewel in this urban setting; its glittering gilding is captivated by the drone lens to create inspiring images.

The Moulin Rouge brings a cabaret touch to the Parisian picture with its passion red facade and its windmill turning slowly under the night spotlights. A passage above the Palais Royal and under the Arc De Triomphe offers a grandiose conclusion to this celestial adventure.

Place de l'Etoire par drone © AirBuzz
Drone view of Place de l'Etoile & Arc de Triomphe shot drone, Paris © AirBuzz

3/ Fly over the Loire Castles

The Aerial Ballet above the Château de Chambord

Emerging from a dense forest, the Château de Chambord reveals itself in all its splendor. A majestic testimony to the French Renaissance, this architectural masterpiece offers incredible perspectives for a drone. From dry moats to slate roofs dotted with sculpted towers and chimneys, each flight around the castle is a visual dive into history.

The aerial ballet reveals the well-kept secrets of the largest building of the Loire castles, offering a unique panorama of its forest park which extends as far as the eye can see.

The Heavenly Gaze on the Château d'Amboise

Perched on its rocky promontory which majestically overlooks the Loire, the royal castle of Amboise is another unmissable wonder for any professional videographer equipped with a drone. Due to its strategic position and its numerous perfectly preserved medieval fortifications, it offers a fascinating perspective from the skies. The silent beauty of the river below contrasts with the imposing fortress that was once a royal residence during the Renaissance. A drone flight allows not only a unique discovery but also a real journey to the distant past.

Aerial walk along the Loire

Finally, what would this exploration be without a contemplative flight over the royal river itself, the Loire. From its majestic bed rise grandiose panoramas of the castles and green landscapes that border it. A drone ride along the longest river in France offers a breathtaking view of the natural setting in which these historic monuments are nestled. It is a true spectacle where history mixes with nature, offering amazed eyes a visual symphony of rare beauty.

Grenoble et des montagnes de Belledonnee vue par drone, Isere, France © GDV
Grenoble city and Belledonne mountains seen by drone, Isere, France © Grenoble Drone Vision

4/ Explore the Alps with a drone

The Alps are a stunning cinematic backdrop for any professional videographer looking for a grandiose panorama. The summit of Mont Blanc offers a breathtaking spectacle, where sharp peaks and eternal glaciers intertwine in an age-old dance. Bright blue skies contrast with the pristine white of the eternal snows, providing a natural color palette that can transform any film into a visual masterpiece.

A jump to the Vallée Blanche allows you to appreciate the majesty of the Alpine glaciers in all their splendor. There, the drone flies over an almost alien landscape of ice and rock sculpted by centuries of glacial erosion.

Passing around the edge of the Écrins National Park reveals another hidden gem: its tumultuous waterfalls plunging into deep gorges form a hypnotizing sound and visual spectacle. The contrast between the bubbling water and the steep rock walls is striking.

We must not forget cities like Grenoble and Chambéry, which spread out at the foot of these young mountains.

The undeniable beauty of the Alps is truly revealed when you gain height; each valley revealing its own natural wonders just waiting for your drone to come and capture their raw splendor.

Les Alpes sont une toile de fond cinématographique époustouflante pour tout vidéaste professionnel en quête d'un vèle un autre joyau caché : ses cascades tumultueuses plongeant dans des gorges profondes forment un spectacle sonore et visuel hypnotisant. Le contraste entre l'eau bouillonnante et les parois rocheuses abruptes est saisissant.

5/ Fly over Provence by drone

Mont Ventoux and its surrounding vineyards

A must-see mountain in Provence, Mont Ventoux offers a panoramic view of the surrounding plains. Its clear summit, seemingly touching the infinite blue sky, is a breathtaking spectacle for any drone camera. The slopes of the “Géant de Provence” are adorned with lush vineyards that stretch to the horizon. The contrast between the red soil of the vines and the white tops creates a palette of shimmering colors.

•Côtes du Rhône appellation wines
•The Grenache and Syrah grape varieties
•The olive grove at the foot of Mont Ventoux
•The authenticity of cities such as Avignon or Nîmes

Aerial wander around the hilltop villages

Provence is full of small hilltop villages whose beauty is magnified by a drone flight. These architectural gems offer a picturesque vision nestled between earth and sky. Saint-Tropez, with its lively port lined with colorful houses; The Verdon with its turquoise waters contrasting with the intense green of the surrounding forests; Arles where the ancient Roman amphitheater and medieval streets mingle... Each village has its unique charm.

The lavender fields of the Valensole plateau

The Valensole plateau, kingdom of lavender, offers a dazzling spectacle. Seen from the sky, the plain transforms into an undulating purple sea in the light midday wind. The intoxicating scent of flowers fills the air and adds a sensory note to this visual experience. A flight over the lavender fields when they are in full bloom is a real treat for the eyes and a must for any videographer looking to capture the very essence of Provence.

Moving further towards the south-east, the landscape changes radically with the salt marshes of the Camargue where white horses and pink flamingos graze peacefully. The water shimmering under the Mediterranean sun creates a living impressionist canvas that will fascinate anyone lucky enough to set their lens on it.

6/ Brittany and Normandy seen from above

Mont Saint Michel, a mystical archipelago

Let's imagine the secrets of Mont Saint Michel penetrated by the sharp gaze of a drone. Rising like a majestic arch above the salt marshes, the mountain offers the camera a panoramic view of this unique historical monument. The drone flies over the ancient walls and discovers hidden corners that even frequent visitors cannot see. The archipelago extends into the surrounding water, providing a captivating visual spectacle.

Mont-Saint-Michel © Ilara
Mont-Saint-Michel sunrise by drone © Ilara Productions

Rennes, the Breton capital under the eye of the drone

The city of Rennes is then revealed through a drone which captures its urban splendor and rustic charm. Narrow streets wind to the tip of Thabor Park where natural coves are home to diverse wildlife. The aerial view also reveals a stark contrast between the modern architecture of the city center and the traditional stone houses lining its outskirts.

Ville de Rennes vue par drone © MACAREUX PRODUCTIONS
City of Rennes viewed by drone © Macareux Productions

Nantes seen from the sky: between history and modernity

The trip ends with Nantes seen from the sky - a magnificent image captured by an electronic eye flying high in the Breton celestial blue. From ancient menhirs to contemporary maritime lighthouses on the wild coast; each building tells its unique story.
Nantes is also surrounded by a green peninsula which offers the viewer some of the most beautiful aerial views of the region. The drone captures the harmonious blend of old and new that characterizes this city, providing a unique perspective on the urban and natural landscape.

Tour Bretagne de Nantes © FlyUp

Tour Bretagne in Nantes © FlyUp

7/ La Rochelle, Bordeaux and the hidden beauty of the Bordeaux vineyards

Atlantic majesty seen from the sky

Talk about La Rochelle without mentioning its coastline would be an unforgivable omission. The drone, like a gull flying over the waves, offers breathtaking views of this city and its unique Atlantic coast. The wild beauty comes in shades of azure and emerald, providing a striking contrast to the architecturally distinguished city.

Photo aerienne par drone de La Rochelle © L'Atelier du Ciel
Drone of La Rochelle © L'Atelier du Ciel

Bordeaux: an urban aerial ballet

Bordeaux is not only a wine-producing city; it is also a City of Light which can easily be tamed by our drones. The harmonious facades of its mansions combine with the voluptuous curves of the Garonne to create a visual symphony of incredible richness. Let your drone glide above the renovated quays or slip between the columns of the Grand Théâtre: each captured moment then becomes a living tableau where Bordeaux's heritage shines. The golden beaches stretch to infinity under the benevolent gaze of the Cordouan lighthouse, immutable guardian of the waves.

The Médoc wine region: celestial poetry in the vineyards

When you think of Bordeaux and its region, it's impossible to miss the wine-producing Médoc and its endless hectares of ripe vines mouthfuls of promising grapes. Treat yourself to an aerial dance above the rows lined up like so many scores written by the land itself. The drone, by flying over these wine landscapes, pays homage to the art of wine and captures the magic of ancestral know-how. Each plot of vineyard is a visual poem that tells a unique story, that of a passion for viticulture and the good wine that is the soul of Bordeaux.

Lille vue par drones © LET'S FLY PRODUCTION
Lille view from a drone © LET'S FLY PRODUCTION

8/ Discover the North by drone

An aerial ballet above the cliffs of Étretat

In the grandiose setting of Seine-Maritime, drones fly over these limestone formations, capturing their jagged curves and ridges which jut boldly into the English Channel. The spectacle of these coastal landscapes is enhanced by the emerald of the surrounding meadows and the deep blue of the salt water which hits the rocks below. The adjacent beaches offer contrasting perspective with their sandy expanses lined with colorful cabins.

Lille as the crow flies

Lille, dynamic city of the North, offers a rich architectural panorama where ancient heritage rubs shoulders with urban modernity. Seen from above, the Grand-Place dazzles with its historical monuments such as the belfry or the opera. When the drones venture further, they reveal an urban patchwork: peaceful residential neighborhoods juxtaposed with bustling industrial zones where the Terrils proudly stand, silent witnesses to the region's mining past.

Arras from a new angle

The journey continues to Arras, whose discreet charm awaits to be discovered from the sky. Drones thus allow a unique visit to the famous baroque squares aligning their harmoniously colored Flemish facades around the imposing belfry listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. Far from the cobblestones, the drones escape into the surrounding nature, flying over tranquil lakes and lush green fields for a complete video experience.

Cathédrale de Strasbourg © Skypic
Cathédrale de Strasbourg
vue par drone, France © Skypic

9/ Film the city of Strasbourg and its main monuments

Strasbourg, a city of art and history, offers an ideal backdrop for drone videography enthusiasts. A flight above the red roofs of this Alsatian city reveals an exceptional panorama where medieval and modern architecture mingle.

Notre-Dame Cathedral stands out as the unmissable jewel of the Strasbourg landscape. By flying your drone above this historic monument, you capture the majestic brilliance of the stained glass windows that shine in the sunlight of a clear morning or the mysterious charm of the bell tower that stands out against the twilight sky.

A little further down in the old town, the half-timbered houses seem straight out of a fairy tale. Their colorful facades lining the canals create a captivating visual spectacle that only a drone can capture in all its glory.

Not far from there, the Saint-Thomas church is another architectural marvel not to be missed. Its imposing silhouette proudly overlooks the city and offers breathtaking views from the heights.

Don't forget the many bridges that cross Strasbourg : The Covered Bridges or the Vauban Dam are all opportunities to take impressive aerial shots with your drone.

10/ Other major sites to film by drone in France

The Arcachon Basin seen from a bird's eye view

Is it possible to capture all the majesty of the Arcachon Basin without gaining altitude? The answer is no. The drone offers unparalleled panoramic vision, allowing you to film the steep cliffs that stand proudly above the sparkling water.

The surrounding forests, dotted here and there with historic castles and abbeys, add an almost mystical.

•The tchanquée cabins: erected on stilts in the basin.
•Bird Island: a wild and preserved haven.
•Dune du Pilat: the highest dune in Europe.
•Cap Ferret: a jewel between ocean and basin.

Prise de vue par drone des Cabanes Tchanquées, Arcachon, Gironde, 33 © SpiritProd33
Drone photo of the Tchanquée Cabins, Arcachon, Gironde © SpiritProd33

Lyon and the Fourvière hill

Lyon is not just a bustling urban city ; it is also rich in varied landscapes which just beg to be filmed by drone. The Fourvière hill particularly stands out with its exceptional panorama over the roofs of Lyon, its hanging gardens but also the Notre-Dame basilica. The winding rivers flowing through the beating heart of the city, the lush valleys surrounding this metropolis... each aerial view reveals a captivating new picture.

The Pyrenean mountains

Nothing can match the spectacle offered by the Pyrenean mountains. The pure blue lakes, nestled in the hollows of the valleys, are surrounded by snow-capped peaks that seem to touch the sky. Rushing rivers weave their way through lush green forests, creating a visual symphony that is sure to amaze. The wild elegance of the Pyrenees is an ode to the natural beauty of France and offers aerial videographers endless opportunities to capture unforgettable images, whether departing from Perpignan, Mediterranean side, or Biarritz, Atlantic coast!

Perpignan, vue par drone © Aero7
Perpignan, seen by drone at sunset, Occitany, France © Aero7

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