The best drone spots to film Bordeaux city

Presentation of the city of Bordeaux

Have you ever had the opportunity to contemplate Bordeaux from the skies? This city in the southwest of France, located in Aquitaine, offers much more than a simple geographical panorama. Thanks to its privileged location on the banks of the Garonne, it exudes a picturesque charm that only a privileged few have managed to immortalize in aerial photographs. Bordeaux is a true human and architectural patchwork. Its diverse and dynamic inhabitants thrive within a rich history and remarkable heritage. Haussmannian facades coexist harmoniously with modern buildings to create a unique city. The Pey-Berland Tower is among its architectural marvels offering an incomparable panoramic view of the entire Bordeaux city and its hilly environment. The Porte Cailhau is no less impressive with its medieval stature which dominates the entrance to old Bordeaux. For any passionate or professional drone videographer, what better scene could one hope for to capture magical moments? What if we extended this concept to the entire French territory? In anticipation of these future national aerial adventures, prepare your cameras because together we will discover the best places to film this pearl of the Southwest from the sky.

Vue Aerienne, Bordeaux, Quartier De La Mairie Et De La Cathedrale Saint-Andre - Photo Drone-2077968-85-© SPIRITPROD33:HOsiHO

Bordeaux city drone view of Quartier De La Mairie & the Cathedrale Saint-André - Photo © SPIRITPROD33/HOsiHO

Explore the Museum La Cité du Vin

Perched on the banks of the Garonne, the flamboyant Cité du Vin building stands out for its bold architecture. This unique place, dedicated to oenology and viticulture, is an invitation to travel into the world of Bordeaux wines and well beyond.

Thanks to your drone, you can immortalize the hypnotic ballet of the golden reflections of the sun on its undulated facade which evokes the curves of a wine carafe.

In the heart of the Bordeaux vineyards, this contemporary sanctuary dedicated to wine is a hymn to the senses. Its sinuous shape recalls the spiral movements of precious nectar as it flows into a glass. The stunning contrast between this innovative structure and the surrounding natural landscape creates a striking visual harmony for your aerial captures.

Inside, its immersive spaces offer a unique sensory experience combining culture and tasting around international wine heritage. The view from its belvedere offers a panoramic spectacle of Bordeaux as well as the productive lands where the grapes intended for the most prestigious wines ripen.

Filming the Cité du Vin with your drone will allow you to offer a new perspective on this striking Bordeaux emblem, each angle of which reveals a distinct facet of the intoxicating universe that it carefully preserves under its shimmering metallic celestial vault.

Vue aerienne de La Cite Du Vin pres de la Garonne. Bordeaux, France-2077966-85- © SPIRITPROD33:HOsiHO

Aerial photo by drone of La Cité Du Vin near Garonne river, Bordeaux, France © SPIRITPROD33/HOsiHO

Fly over the Quinconces esplanade

Bordered by avenues of lush trees, the Quinconces esplanade reveals itself in all its magnificence. This place is recognized as the green lung of Bordeaux, an open place where nature and culture ideally harmonize. A remarkable panorama for any drone videographer wanting to capture urban beauty surrounded by greenery.

At the heart of the site stands proudly the fountain of the Monument aux Girondins, an impressive sculpture paying tribute to the Girondin revolutionaries. Its elaborate and meticulous architecture offers a multitude of fascinating angles for your drone. The cascading water offers a hypnotic spectacle within this urban landscape.

Beyond the main monument, the esplanade covers 12 hectares of shaded paths and vast green expanses frequented by both busy passersby and contemplative walkers. Filming these places with a drone allows for total immersion in this lively daily scene in Bordeaux.

The passing of the seasons breathes life into this cinematic picture: the warm hues of autumn contrasting with the pastel shades of spring offer a true visual kaleidoscope sublimely captured from the sky by your flying machine.

Filming the Water Mirror

Backed by the Place de la Bourse, the Miroir d’Eau is a spectacle in itself. With an area of 3450 m², it ranks as the largest reflecting pool in the world, presenting a perfect canvas for any drone operator wanting to capture the essence of reflections and light shows.

Water deposited on its flat surface creates an impressive shimmering effect, accurately reflecting the surrounding historic buildings and changing skies. Depending on the weather and the ambient light, this living painting offers a multitude of different atmospheres:

•When the morning sun gently tints the surrounding facades,
•At the zenith when the intense radiance transforms space into a sparkling lake,
•While twilight colors paint the surface with a pastel palette,
•When the night lights come on creating a magical atmosphere,
•Or the dark clouds announcing a storm provide a dramatic contrast.

The Water Mirror is much more than a simple aquatic expanse: it is a true urban theater where each moment generates a new atmosphere. The blurred shadows of passers-by crossing this space contribute to the charming dynamism of the place.

At the command of your drone, you - an expert operator who complies with drone regulations - can not only film these natural wonders but also add a creative dimension by capturing the inverted reflections of buildings and the sky on the water. The aerial view reveals the perfect geometry of this installation, creating an urban picture that is both lively and graphic.

Vue Aerienne de Bordeaux, Place De La Bourse, Miroir D'eau bord de La Garonne, Photo Drone-2077965-85- © SPIRITPROD33:HOsiHO

Aerial view of Place De La Bourse, Miroir D'eau on Garonne river, Bordeaux, France - Photo Drone © SPIRITPROD33/HOsiHO

Capture the Place de Bourse

Dominating the urban panorama with timeless elegance, Place de la Bourse stands out as a perfect location for filming Bordeaux by drone. The constant activity of pedestrians and vehicles in this historic square presents a fascinating visual dynamic from the skies. The architectural symmetry of this place is highlighted by the aerial view from a drone, emphasizing the balance between the old buildings and the contemporary movement that comes alive there every day. The imposing facades of 18th-century palaces line the square, offering images saturated in texture and detail. Throughout the day, the evolution of light constantly redraws this living urban picture: from the golden morning to the long shadows of the evening, each moment offers a new perspective to be seized. The growing importance of drone pilots in the film and television universe is no longer to demonstrate - they are now essential for creating those breathtaking panoramic views that only a drone can achieve. The Place de la Bourse is therefore a fertile ground for any expert operator seeking to enrich their collection of new aerial images. Filming Bordeaux by drone not only allows you to record its exceptional architectural heritage, but it also gives you the opportunity to capture the vibrant energy that makes its soul beat every day.

Filming the Chaban-Delmas Bridge and the Bordeaux quays

The combination of these two elements - the Chaban-Delmas Bridge and the quays - captured together from an aerial perspective creates a visually stimulating contrast between technical modernity and historical charm. The aerial view also allows you to observe the harmonious dance between city and nature around the river.

Filming Bordeaux by drone therefore offers a unique opportunity to document not only its iconic urban landscapes but also their dynamic interaction with the surrounding natural environment. Strict compliance with the rules that govern the use of drones is essential to ensure that this activity remains safe for everyone.

The Chaban-Delmas Bridge, with its futuristic appearance and imposing steel structure, extends proudly over the Garonne, offering a unique architectural spectacle for the experienced drone remote pilot. This lift bridge is among the largest in the world in its kind and positions itself as a modern icon within traditional Bordeaux architecture.

The banks along this majestic river are another place of interest to capture in drone images in Bordeaux. They reveal incessant life: ships gliding peacefully on the Garonne, cyclists speeding along the green banks and walkers enjoying the peaceful atmosphere.

Pont Jacques Chaban Delmas, Bordeaux, - Photoaérienne par drone - 2077967-85- © SPIRITPROD33:HOsiHO

Jacques Chaban Delmas bridge on Garonne, Bordeaux, France - Photo by drone © SPIRITPROD33/HOsiHO

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Vue aerienne, Ville de Bordeaux, Place Des Quinconces, Monument Aux Girondins - Photo Drone-2077964-85- © SPIRITPROD33:HOsiHO

Aerial view of Bordeaux, Place Des Quinconces, Monument Aux Girondins - Photo by Drone © SPIRITPROD33/HOsiHO

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