Teaser 2022 from HOsiHO Drone Pilots Network in France

Teaser 2022 from HOsiHO Drone Pilots Network in France

In this teaser we present in aerial images, all the drone pilots members of the HOsiHO Drone Network for 2022 !

Do not hesitate to contact them directly by phone or via our contact form if you have a need in terms of drone services for aerial and ground photography or filming

No commission is charged by HOsiHO.

Drone Pilots available in France Teaser 2022

Most of the drone operators of the network are also experienced in shooting with ground cameras, and even in 360 photos & video aerial and ground!

Some of them have many other fields of expertise - like FPV drone piloting - that you can discover on their profile page, or by selecting the skill you are looking for.

Trombi Network 2022

Finally, let's mention that the drone pilots who make up our drone network are above all creative and talented image makers, represented by the aerial image bank HOsiHO.

For you, it is the warranty of a work at the height of your high-end productions.