Covid-19 Cities Lockdown: "France in Absence" video

Grand tour of lockdowned France, filmed by drone

Discover in this video, 21 French cities flown over by the members of the HOsiHO Drone Network

during the containment due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

 Video France in Absence, a HOsiHO Drone Network trailer on confined french cities in March/April 2020

All images are available to license from our Covid-19 Aerial Stock Collection.

Since 17 March 2020, France, and the world, have been living through painful and historic moments.

The World is lockdowned, appalled and almost powerless, faced with an unknown virus, the coronavirus, or Covid-19, highly contagious, affecting all humanity, in just a few weeks.

The planet has stopped, holding its breath, bending its back, to let the deadly threat of this pandemic spread everywhere.

While our caregivers, as well as a whole section of the population, such as postmen, delivery personnel, cashiers, drivers, police forces and others, are working in the front line to keep the 'France machine' running, we, the people of images, have taken the measure of what was in progress: a tragic moment for which we will have to give an account one day. For the record, to explain and understand. To avoid reliving this catastrophe.

At that time, images will be needed.

And that's exactly what the drone operators in our network have undertaken to do, each in his own region and in the cities around him.

Each artist, each HOsiHO drone pilot has taken, at his or her own expense, the time, the means and the talent to carry out, in accordance with the rules of the air and the sanitary constraints inherent to confinement, overflights of urban areas usually crowded, now emptied of human presence.

Film the absence.

Film the break that human's has imposed on itself to preserve itself.

To film the emptiness of our streets, squares and avenues, of our parks and gardens, of our shopping centres, of our cathedrals and churches, of our airports, stations, markets, schools, motorways, ...

To make us feel the heavy and forced silence of confined cities, through images.

The calm and anguish that go with it.

To show the relative collective respect of this constraint made to the citizens, deprived of spring, work, walks, holidays, schools, ...

There is no doubt that the task is immense as the subjects clash.

Thus, almost unanimously, the members of the HOsiHO network, all authors affiliated to the aerial image bank of the same name and which is at the initiative of this Special Covid-19 initiative, have answered present, organizing from the first week of the confinement, drone and ground shootings in most of the big cities and as far as Martinique. Everybody, day after day, filed their requests in Prefecture, Town Hall, Airport, CTR, or other, then patiently waited for their green light, and a good weather window before launching their drones into the desert skies.

Our 14 professional UAV pilots have always operated flights in populated or urban areas, in strict compliance with the french drone rules issued by the civil aviation authority, ie DGAC.

The images thus gathered in the Covid-19 gallery of, in the thematic showreels of our telepilots, and in the trailer above which summarizes them, are all legal. And this is indeed HOsiHO's big difference, which guarantees to the customers of the network or the image bank, a peaceful use of the aerial photos and videos captured by our authors and professional operators of unmanned aircraft (UAV).

The beauty and the historical particularity of these aerial sequences of confined cities will not make us forget the painful, sometimes dramatic moments experienced by a whole fringe of the population, direct or indirect victims of Covid-19. These images will in no way erase the personal and collective difficulties, be they emotional or economic. But they will be there to bear witness to what was this unique moment in the history of mankind, and will allow those who have had their heads in the handlebars throughout this unprecedented crisis, to realize what happened around them, with our images, among others.

Here is the list of the 21 cities filmed and which appear in part in the film presented here,  'France en Absence', accompanied by the names of the HOsiHO Drone Network labeled operators who directed them.

By clicking on the name of the company, you will access its profile. Do not hesitate to contact them directly for a service or any other request. The HOsiHO network does not take any commission.

It should be noted that thousands of other aerial and ground images, from other French cities or sites, but also international, are available on the HOsiHO agency platform, part of the collection of which is also distributed by the INA (Institut National de l'Audiovisuel). 

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List of cities confined in the world and in France present in the Covid-19 collection collected by HOsiHO:

London, Paris, Los Angeles, Miami, Warsaw, Bucharest, Stockholm, Athens, Lille, Marseille, Bordeaux, Montpellier, Toulouse, Metz, Tourcoing, Roubaix, Valenciennes, Visby (Sweden), Dunkirk, Vannes, Brest, Aix-en-Provence, Rennes, Pointe-à-Pitre, Fort-de-France, La Rochelle, Ile de Ré, Limoges, Belfort, Morlaix, Reims, Fort Lauderdale (Florida), Colmar, Blois, Lisieux, Deauville, Amiens, Douai, Lorient, Nantes, Strasbourg, Saint-Malo, Romorantin, Caen, Rouen, Bayonne, Avignon, Lyon, Coutances, Narbonne, Quimper, Landerneau, Perpignan, Arles, Beauvais. ..

La France en Absence - Covid-19, by les membres du réseau HOsiHO Drone Network