What are the markets for drone services?


1/ State of the Drone market in France

State of the drone market in France

The drone market in France is a competitive and dynamic sector. Constantly growing, he saw the number of companies specialized services have increased significantly in recent years. The current state of the market shows an ever-increasing demand for drone piloting services, both in the professional and recreational fields. A striking figure illustrates this phenomenon: France today has more than 10,000 professional drone remote pilots listed by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGAC). This trend can be explained in particular by changing needs in various fields such as audiovisual, construction and agriculture.

Number and use of drones in service

In terms of devices, the total number of civilian drones used on French territory is estimated at around 30,000. These figures demonstrate not only the dynamism of companies operating in this segment but also the high level of use that characterizes this technology.

However, it is important to keep in mind the European regulations scheduled to come into force in 2024. This aims to further regulate this use in order to guarantee its safety while allowing its harmonious development within the European continent.

2/ Real estate and inspection

Drones for virtual tours

A growing trend in the real estate industry is the use of drones to conduct virtual tours. This technology provides a new perspective on properties, allowing potential buyers to explore locations remotely and with unparalleled precision. From the roof to the foundation, every detail of the building can be inspected from all angles using the drone. A 2019 study by Forbes found that this practice not only speeds up the home inspection process but also reduces associated costs.

Monitoring of real estate structures

In the field of monitoring real estate structures, the use of drones has proven to be particularly useful. These flying devices are able to easily access all areas of the building - roofs and facades can be inspected without effort or human risk. This is particularly valuable when it comes to monitoring the condition of old or tall buildings where access can be difficult or even dangerous for a human.

3D integration of a real estate project

Another potential market for drone services in real estate concerns its role in construction site monitoring and more specifically in the 3D integration of real estate projects. Images captured by a drone can be used to create an accurate three-dimensional digital model (BIM) of the site. These 3D models are extremely useful for architects and engineers, providing them with a detailed overview of the project, making it easier to plan and monitor work progress. Thus, the use of drones in this context allows not only a considerable saving of time but also a significant improvement in terms of safety on the construction site.

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3/Film and television industry

Filming action scenes by drone

Have you ever considered the importance of drones in delivering thrilling action scenes? The drone operator, a key player in the filming, manipulates this technological tool to capture breathtaking shots. The use of drones allows directors to explore a new artistic dimension by offering unprecedented freedom of movement.

•Drones can fly at high speeds while following actors.
•They are able to access areas that are difficult or dangerous for traditional cameras.
•They provide optimal stabilization, thus guaranteeing the fluidity of filming.
•Their reduced costs facilitate their integration into the tight budget of independent cinema.
•These devices can be programmed to precisely execute complex and repetitive movements required in certain action sequences.

Commercials and documentaries

In the broader audiovisual sector, the use of drones has also become more widespread. Whether to highlight a product during an advertisement or immortalize a landscape in a documentary, these machines bring a unique touch which considerably enriches the scenario. It is also important here to emphasize that behind every successful catch there is a competent pilot who knew how to master his camera in order to respect the artistic vision of the director. Drone pilots, often invisible to the general public, play a determining role in the success of film and television productions, hence the importance of making the right choice prior to any production.

4/ Industrial inspection sector

Infrastructure surveillance by drone

One of the main markets for drone delivery is in the industrial inspection sector. The use of drones allows efficient and secure monitoring and control of infrastructure, particularly in risky or difficult to access areas. Thanks to their precise flight capability, they can provide detailed expertise on the structural condition of an infrastructure. According to a study published by ScienceDirect in 2018, the integration of drones in this sector has made it possible to significantly improve worker safety by reducing their exposure to risks.

Thermal diagnosis by drone

Thermal diagnostics is another relevant application of the drone that is rapidly gaining ground in the industrial market. This type of service is particularly useful for detecting thermal anomalies within an industrial infrastructure without requiring the physical presence of an inspector on site. This drone service goes beyond simple maintenance, thus offering an innovative solution to improve energy efficiency.

Photovoltaic audit with drones

Photovoltaic auditing represents a promising market for professional drone services. Solar panels are often installed in inaccessible locations or exposed to extreme weather conditions making it difficult to carry out the regular inspection necessary to ensure optimal performance. Drones equipped with infrared cameras allow precise detection of defects and malfunctions. The use of drones for photovoltaic audits therefore combines efficiency, security and expertise, three key aspects in the industrial inspection sector.

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5/ Drone aerial photography market

Sectors of application of aerial photography by drone

Aerial photography by drone is practiced in multiple sectors, such as real estate, events or even tourism, which are areas where the image is essential as an essential communication tool. Through perspective Uniquely, drones allow professionals in these sectors to capture striking images and videos, showcasing their products or services in an innovative and attractive way. Likewise, industrial mapping and inspection take advantage of the technological potential offered by drones to obtain precise and detailed shots otherwise inaccessible.

The advantages of a professional drone photographer

Using a photographer specializing in drone piloting has several advantages. This professional not only has the technical skills necessary to operate this type of device, but he also has the creativity that will allow him to produce exceptional images from different angles. It is this combination of technical mastery and artistic flair that will make each image one of a kind while meeting the client's specific requirements.

Whether to highlight a real estate product or bring out an atmosphere during a particular event, the use of The drone photo service offers a multitude of possibilities to companies seeking to optimize their visibility. The HOsiHO Drone Network is one of the major players offering this service.

6/ Drone Services for agriculture

Agriculture is a sector that greatly benefits from drone delivery. Drones have proven their value in providing essential services to improve crop management and optimize harvest yields.

The use of drones in this area offers precise and regular monitoring of agricultural plots. Thanks to this technology, it is possible to quickly identify areas requiring specific intervention, as highlighted in a study conducted by National Geographic in 2019.

Aerial images captured by drones make it possible to assess the general condition of the land and detect any early signs of plant stress or parasitic invasion. This proactive approach makes it easier to intervene quickly to resolve these issues before they escalate and impact overall productivity.

In addition, the use of drones in agriculture also promotes environmental respect thanks to increased precision in the deployment of resources such as water or phytosanitary products. This not only minimizes waste but also helps limit excessive exposure to chemicals harmful to our ecosystem.

With their ability to effectively cover large areas in record time while providing a detailed analysis of agricultural land, drone services are undoubtedly crucial to maximizing productivity as well as sustainability in the modern world of agriculture.

7/ Environmental market

The drone, an environmental observation tool

The use of drones is no longer limited to military or recreational applications. Their use for environmental monitoring has proven to be an effective method for examining the biodiversity of our planet. Drones can fly over forests, observe certain animal species in their natural habitat, and even detect subtle changes in the ecosystem that could indicate an impending problem.

Drone monitoring offers a unique aerial perspective that can provide valuable insights into the overall health of the ecosystem. They are able to access remote and difficult-to-reach areas, allowing for more complete and detailed monitoring than that offered by traditional methods.

Fauna and flora monitoring

Drones are particularly useful for monitoring local wildlife without disrupting their natural behavior. They can capture high-resolution images in real time, providing researchers with detailed insight into animal behavior in the wild. They also contribute to the accurate census of different plant species - essential for understanding the current state of biodiversity.

Proactive management of natural risks

These flying devices also play a crucial role in the area of natural risk. Thanks to their advanced technological capabilities, they allow not only rapid identification but also precise assessment of natural risks, such as forest fires or pollution. For example, a drone can quickly fly over an area after a fire to assess the extent damage and help plan reforestation.

Thus, the environmental market offers significant opportunities for drone services. These devices are now essential in monitoring our environment and contribute significantly to its preservation.

8/ Emergency management

Rescue at sea by drone

Urgency and efficiency are vital criteria in sea rescue operations. Drones, thanks to their speed and precision, are proving to be essential tools for these missions. Their ability to quickly fly over a large body of water allows rescue teams to intervene with rigor and precision. The security dimension is also reinforced, because drones can reach potentially dangerous areas without endangering the lives of emergency personnel.

According to a study carried out by TechCrunch in 2020:

•Drones provide crucial information in real time.
•They quickly access disaster areas.
•They facilitate the rapid identification of missing or injured people.
•Their use considerably improves the overall effectiveness of rescue operations.

Rapid response during natural disasters

In the tragic case of a natural disaster, every second counts to save as many lives as possible. Here again, the drones demonstrate their inestimable value thanks to their speed and efficiency. By flying above the chaos inherent in these situations extreme emergencies, they greatly help the intervention services on site.

The study mentioned earlier suggests that:

•Drones provide immediate insight into the extent of the damage.
•They help identify priority areas for intervention.
•Their use facilitates coordination between different rescue teams.
•Thanks to their speed, they enable a rapid and effective response in these extreme emergency situations.

Drones play an essential role in emergency management, providing speed, efficiency and rigor in complete safety. They are also essential for journalists from the written and television press because they allow them to visually document a disaster, such as for example the floods which affected the North of France in the Pas-de-Calais department in November 2023 and which the Lille operator Let’s Fly Production, member of the HOsiHO network, covered for Agence France Presse (AFP). Their images of the floods were broadcast every day on the French television news at 1 p.m. and 8 p.m., allowing journalists to provide a precise update on the situation.

Pilotage de l'inspire 2 - Stade Vélodrome, Marseille

9/ Training and professional prospects

Drone pilot training

To pursue a career in drone delivery, solid training is essential. As the market requires advanced skills, obtaining a recognized certification is a major asset. Many training institutes now offer specialized programs in drone piloting to meet this growing demand.

The training covers various aspects of drone piloting, ranging from equipment handling and maintenance to in-depth knowledge of aviation regulations. It aims to develop in future remote pilots advanced technical mastery as well as a detailed understanding of the issues linked to the commercial and professional use of these devices.

Potential income for a drone pilot

The financial prospects associated with being a professional pilot are attractive. Once certified, operators can aspire to a substantial income thanks to the multiple opportunities offered by this booming sector. Certain specializations even allow you to significantly increase your potential income.

However, it should be noted that income varies considerably depending on the exact nature of the work performed and the level of expertise required: industrial or agricultural inspection, for example, require certain specific skills which may justify higher remuneration. Thus, a drone remote pilot will be able to generate a monthly turnover of a few hundred to several thousand euros, depending on their geographic location, their specialties, their reputation and their experience. Long-term work awaits any new drone pilot!

How to launch your drone service activity

Launching your business obviously requires rigorous preparation: in addition to certification and possible specializations, it is crucial to build a solid professional network. You also need to consider things like the equipment needed, the cost of operating the drone, and insurance.

It is also necessary to carry out a market study in order to identify niches with potential: agriculture, industrial inspection, aerial photography, etc. The choice of area of intervention largely determines future success.

To succeed in drone delivery, it is important not only to acquire technical skills through adequate training but also to properly prepare for entry into the market. The key lies in the alliance between technical expertise and business acumen. Without forgetting the good management of your business in the medium and long term and which will be decisive for its sustainability.

10/ Where to find a professional remote pilot

Choosing the right remote pilot

Depending on the nature and scale of the project, the choice of a professional remote pilot can determine the success of the service. Various technical and often artistic skills are necessary for a successful drone performance. Mastery of imaging, in-depth knowledge of current regulations as well as skills in drone programming and maintenance are essential. For example, according to DroneLife (2019), drones can be used in the construction industry to monitor construction progress and detect construction defects. In the audiovisual sector, knowledge of photo and video techniques is essential. It is not enough to know how to fly a drone, you must know how to obtain the result desired by the customer. This always requires specific expertise that not all pilots necessarily possess.

Specialized networks and trade shows

To find a qualified remote pilot meeting these rigorous criteria, several resources can be mobilized. Searching on Google is a first approach but quite hazardous and very long.

Consulting a directory of drone pilots is a valuable tool which lists different profiles with their respective qualifications. This saves time but does not guarantee the reliability of the drone operator because often no selection is made by the directory publisher.

Remote Pilot Networks offer the best solution via a platform where professionals are selected and presented according to their area of expertise.

There are also specialized drone directories grouping different categories such as: aerial photography, industrial inspection or environmental monitoring. See for example the Dronestag Worldwide Drone Directory.

Trade shows also represent an excellent opportunity to meet these drone experts directly and discover preview their latest technological innovations.

To go further and obtain additional information on how to find a professional remote pilot in France, you can click on this link: How to find a professional remote pilot in France?

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