The Unforgettable Experience of Shooting a Historic Car

The use of technology in the photography industry has opened a new horizon for photographers to capture stunning photos and videos, enabling them to push the boundaries of creativity. In today's world, the photography industry is no longer limited to capturing photos with a camera; instead, it has diversified into several forms using advanced technologies. Here, we will discuss an unforgettable experience of shooting a historic car, a rare and unique shoot, combining several technologies such as FPV drone with cinema camera, and Rig Car. Let's dive into it!

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The shoot was for a historic car that was about to be auctioned, and the producer wanted a high-quality production to showcase the car's features and history. We had to use sophisticated technology to produce a compelling visual story. First, we used an FPV drone to shoot a stunning video while hovering around the car. The drone was operated by a skilled pilot who could fly the drone with precision and manoeuvre it near the car. This allowed us to capture a bird's-eye view of the entire car and showcase its curves and lines. The drone captured the car's motion, creating an exceptional visual experience.

Next, we needed to shoot a cinematic video of the car in motion. We used a cinema camera mounted on a Rig Car attached to the moving car. The Rig Car provided a smooth stabilized movement, to capture the car's motion and a cinematic view of the car on the move. The Rig Car captures the car's motion from multiple perspectives, allowing us to shoot the car's movement from the front, side, and rear. This provided us with an array of shots to use in the final production.

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To showcase the car's history, we used a GoPro camera to shoot close-up footage of some specific features. This highlighted intricate details, such as the car's steering wheel, seats, dashboard, and other essential design elements. These close-up shots helped the viewers to understand the car's rich history and the unique features embedded in the vehicle design.

While shooting the car's features, we also captured audio recordings of the owner talking about the car's history, which we later used in the production. The audio added a personal touch to the production and provided the viewers with a narrative that enriched the story of the car.

To add the final touches to the production, we edited and merged the shots to make a comprehensive piece of visual media. We used clips shot from FPV drones, cinematic footage from Rig Car, and added audio recordings of the owner talking about the vehicle. The final result was a unique and compelling visual story of the car's rich history and unique features.

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Technology has transformed the photography industry, pushing photographers and videographers towards innovation and creativity. It enables us to push boundaries beyond our imagination and produce stunning visual stories that captivate viewers. The experience of shooting the historic car using an FPV drone, cinema camera with Rig Car was truly an unforgettable one that demonstrated the power of technology in the photography industry. It not only allowed us to showcase the car's design and history but also provided viewers with a memorable experience that they can cherish for years to come.