The best spots to film Grenoble by drone

Presentation of the city of Grenoble

Have you ever imagined Grenoble, this city perched in the heart of the Alps, observed from the clouds? A harmonious fusion of past times and contemporaneity which unfolds majestically between mountainous terrain and the course of the Isère. The grandiose settings that nature has shaped around this metropolis are an authentic visual spectacle.

The Bastille, this 19th century military structure, provides a panoramic view of the city. It is easily accessible thanks to its iconic cable car, but filming it by drone gives it an exceptionally unique appearance.

Strolling through the cobbled alleys of the old city center, you can contemplate Notre-Dame Cathedral which proudly overlooks the urban landscape with its twin Gothic bell towers and its Romanesque facade.

Vizille Castle is also worth a visit. Surrounded by a green garden where free swans and peacocks reside, this historic building now houses the Museum of the French Revolution.

However, Grenoble is not only a tourist destination with a rich cultural heritage: it also represents an important industrial center in the technological and scientific sectors.

It is certain that these places offer captivating viewpoints for those who wish to immortalize Grenoble from a new angle thanks to their drone.

Vue aerienne de Grenoble, sa Bastille, Grenoble, Isere, France - Grenoble Drone Vision

Aerial view of Grenoble, its Bastille, its Belledonne mountain range, its bubbles, La Belle Electrique, Eybens, Grenoble, Les 3 Towers, drone view, Isère, France © Grenoble Drone Vision

The Perret Tower

The Perret Tower, built in 1925 by the architect Auguste Perret, offers a unique perspective on Grenoble. This historic monument, 95 meters high, is a privileged place for drone enthusiasts wishing to immortalize the city from unexplored angles.

Its architecture is daring for its time, the tower is distinguished by its octagonal shape and its reinforced concrete frame. It sits in the Paul Mistral Park, offering a striking contrast between lush greenery and contemporary urban planning.

When the drone rises into the air above this emblematic symbol, the entire expanse of Grenoble is gradually revealed. The exceptional panorama not only encompasses the metropolis with its red roofs and lively streets as well as a breathtaking view of the mountain ranges of Vercors and Belledonne.

The flight from the dizzying altitude of La Tour Perret allows you to fully appreciate the urban landscape nestled within a majestic alpine environment. An intense visual experience that every drone operator should have under their belt.

It is nevertheless essential before each flight to scrupulously respect the regulations in force concerning the use of drones in order to avoid any violation or potential accident.

Bastille Fort

Perched on the foothills of the Chartreuse, the Fort de la Bastille offers an exceptional panorama for filming Grenoble by drone. This historic site, once a defensive bastion of the Alpine city, has been transformed into a strategic platform for aerial photography.

Its imposing walls and majestic keep provide a unique decor that contrasts with Grenoble's modern architecture. The images captured from this place steeped in history allow a harmonious fusion between past and present in a visual dance.

The flight above the fort gives a new perspective on the surrounding mountains whose snow-capped peaks form a spectacular backdrop. The diversity of landscapes accessible from this high point facilitates the creative work of drone pilots.

Like Lille where certain emblematic places attract drone professionals for their cinematographic potential, Grenoble has its own key places. The Fort de la Bastille is undoubtedly among them.

Whether you are a drone pilot enthusiast or professional, exploring these places full of history and breathtaking panoramas is highly recommended. They will magnify your aerial videos while respecting the rules put in place regarding the use of drones in these public spaces.

Vue Aerienne De La Forteresse De La Bastille Et Du Téléphérique, Grenoble,France, Isere - Philippe Gratteau:Hosiho
Aerial View of the Bastille Fortress and the Grenoble Cable Car Called Les Bulles, Filmed by Drone, France, Isère © Philippe Gratteau/Hosiho

Paul Mistral Park

Spanning 21 hectares, Parc Paul Mistral is a green haven of peace in the center of Grenoble. It offers a rare landscape variety for drone enthusiasts in Grenoble with its paths adorned with imposing trees, its ample grassy area and its benches conducive to relaxation. The park is distinguished by its vast expanse which allows drones to move freely while capturing impressive images.

To capture the soul of Paul Mistral Park, certain aspects are essential:

•The breathtaking view of the Vercors massif from the elevated part of the park.
•The central path which crosses the park, offering an attractive perspective for a dynamic shot.
•The water mirror and its symbolic fountain which add a lively element to the shots.
Shaded spaces under ancient trees for detailed, textured shots.
•The open grassy space where the play of light and shadow at sunrise and sunset can be sublimely immortalized.

These locations not only offer incredible opportunities for filming but also a stimulating technical challenge.

Navigating between gigantic trees and picturesque benches requires precision and control. It is this contrast between lush urban nature and technical complexity that makes Parc Paul Mistral an unmissable place for any passionate drone enthusiast visiting Grenoble.

Isère and its banks flown over by drone

The Isère, this river which winds through Grenoble, offers an incomparable visual spectacle when observed by drone. Its translucent water and green banks transform the urban jungle into a dazzling natural fresco.

Aerial shots not only allow you to admire the wild charm of the river bed and the banks lined with lush vegetation, but also to understand how the Isère sculpts its environment. Seasonal variations contribute to this interest with their effects on the color and density of foliage as well as the variable level of aquatic flow.

Isère's aerial view of Grenoble gives a unique perspective on this dynamic Alpine city while highlighting its deeply rooted ecological values. However, as always with the use of drones to obtain these spectacular aerial views, it is essential to carefully comply with regulations to ensure a safe and respectful flight for everyone.

Find your drone pilot in Grenoble

Once the best spots for filming Grenoble by drone have been identified, the next essential step is to find the perfect remote pilot. An experienced and professional drone pilot is essential to guarantee a safe flight session.

The role of the pilot is not limited to skillfully maneuvering in the sky. It must be able to capture cutting shots the breath while scrupulously respecting the rules governing the use of drones. Therefore, a responsive remote pilot that can quickly adapt to changing conditions is recommended.

Grenoble is home to a host of qualified experts ready to fly your drone and provide you with spectacular images of this picturesque city nestled between the mountains. Whether for a commercial shoot or simply personal exploration, these specialists have the expertise required to deftly navigate the drone in various environments.

It is worth emphasizing that a good drone pilot is not just someone who knows how to operate a drone; he is a person who is passionate about his work and determined to offer a unique experience thanks to the potential of aerial cinema.

To discover other professionals qualified to pilot your drone and capture breathtaking images in Grenoble, do not hesitate to consult this page: Find your drone pilot and cameraman in Grenoble.

Important  Important : We strongly recommend that drone pilots and budding filmmakers include these drone spots in their audiovisual project, but it will not always be easy to obtain flight authorizations from the authorities concerned. Please know that the members of our network are at your disposal and at your service. Our pilots can, at your request, take care of this drone filming in the Rhône-Alpes region. Alternatively, you can acquire the rights to aerial videos of Grenoble and Isère, available via our HOsiHO aerial image bank  (see the gallery in the article).


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