The best drone spots to film Lille

Presentation of the city of Lille

Nestled in the north of France, Lille is a city with a rich past and diverse culture. Its unique geographical position, at the crossroads of various major European routes, has influenced its evolution over the centuries. Its varied architectural appearance testifies to the different eras that have marked its journey: from medieval residences to 20th century modernist constructions.

The built heritage of Lille is particularly heterogeneous. A symbolic example is the Belfry which overlooks the town with its 104 meters height. Built between 1924 and 1932, it embodies a powerful emblem of Nord-Pas-de-Calais and offers an exceptional panorama of the entire Lille metropolis.

•The Vieille Bourse: architectural pearl dating back to the 17th century.
•The Hospice Comtesse : former medical structure converted into a museum dedicated to art and history.
•The Rihour Palace: royal residence designed by Philippe the Good in the 15th century.
•The Vauban Citadel : bastion built by Vauban under Louis XIV to protect the citadel.
•The Saint-Maurice church: flamboyant Gothic building registered as a historic monument since 1914.

The different districts of Lille each offer their own atmosphere - whether it is the authentic appeal of Old Lille or the vitality of Euralille. Organizing a drone tour in Lille not only allows you to enhance its architectural aesthetics but also to understand the deep soul of this city with its precious heritage.

Vue aerienne du centre-ville de Lille en temps de Noel avec une roue d'observation, France © Lets Fly Production-HOsiHOAerial view of downtown Lille at Christmas time with an observation wheel, France
 © Lets Fly Production/HOsiHO

Discovering the Citadel of Lille

Have you ever considered the possibility of immortalizing the incredible Citadel of Lille from the sky? This question surely calls for a positive answer for any drone enthusiast.

The first place not to be overlooked is, obviously, the imposing fortified enclosure that is the Citadel. Its imposing ramparts, built in the 17th century by Vauban himself, offer an incredible spectacle from the sky. A robust bastion and a green esplanade enrich this unique historical image.

The airspace around this monument constitutes a real adventure playground for experienced pilots who wish to capture original images. The contrast between the austere gray of the ancestral stones and the liveliness of the spring green on the esplanade offers a rich and diverse visual range.

Regarding the old arsenal located not far from the ramparts, it turns out to be an equally fascinating place to explore with a drone. The 19th century industrial buildings contrast with the rest of the city and make for impressive shots.

However, you should be aware that filming these emblematic sites requires prior authorization in order to avoid any legal or security incidents linked to the air restrictions in place.

Thanks to current technological advances in the field of drones and their ever-increasing capacity to capture our environment from a new and original angle, it is possible to rediscover the Citadel of Lille and its surroundings in a spectacular way, while respecting regulations. in place.

Fly over Old Lille

The elegance of Old Lille is magnified when seen from above. Through your drone's gaze, the multi-colored roofs stretch endlessly like a vibrant mosaic, demonstrating the architectural diversity of this historic area.

A glance over the cobblestone paths reveals a confusing layout that seems straight out of a bygone era. Flemish buildings and mansions follow one another in a unique visual harmony, each structure seeming to narrate its own past.

Beyond the houses and the streets, it is the Saint-Maurice church that captures the attention. Its bell tower rises above the urban landscape like a beacon guiding lost souls towards a spiritual sanctuary. The drone flight gives the opportunity to capture all its grandeur with its elegant flying buttresses and its carefully sculpted portal.

Old Lille thus offers a unique range of textures and colors for the experienced drone pilot: between preserved architectural heritage and lively city life, each image captured becomes a veritable mine of information.

By strictly respecting the regulations relating to drones in dense urban environments - particularly concerning the maximum authorized height, it is possible to immortalize these unforgettable views while fully appreciating the adventure offered by this flight timeless.


Capturing the Euralille in an aerial view

By rising above Euralille, the drone offers a futuristic vision of the city. The avant-garde structures are revealed in a new aspect, evoking audacity and dynamism.

The cranes, at the heart of the urban landscape, dance with the buildings under construction. This incessant ballet provides exciting sequences for those who know how to observe. They breathe life into this changing panorama, adding unique visual interest to any aerial shot.

Beyond, the green terraces of the residential buildings bring an organic nuance to this metal canvas. These gardens hanging in the sky represent a peaceful haven among the hustle and bustle.

These terraces allow drones to obtain close-up shots while respecting the regulations on the maximum flight height authorized in populated areas.

Euralille is much more than a district; it symbolizes Lille's industrial past transposed into a present resolutely turned towards the future. Filming Euralille by drone reveals not only its complex geometry but also its vibrant soul - that of a city always ready to reinvent itself while remaining faithful to its historical roots.

Photo aerienne du quartier Euralille, vue par drone, Lille, France © Lets Fly Production-HOsiHOAerial photo of the Euralille district, seen by drone, Lille, France © Lets Fly Production/HOsiHO

Filming Henri Matisse Park by drone

Nestled in the heart of the city, Parc Henri Matisse is a green oasis where landscape art blends perfectly with urban architecture. The drone recording of this location offers unique views of this peaceful refuge in the middle of the city.

•The central body of water, a true mirror which reflects the reflections of the surrounding buildings and the moving sky.
•The soft lines of the paths that wind between the centuries-old trees.
•The area dedicated to children's games, vibrant and colorful, offering a striking contrast with the surrounding calm.
•The flowering rose garden, an impressionist fresco waving in the light breeze.

These aerial shots reveal another facet of Henri Matisse Park. Where the stroller perceives only greenery and tranquility, the drone captures a microcosm full of energy and life. It highlights the intense agitation that animates this natural enclave: joggers enjoying the first rays of the morning sun, families having their picnic at midday or even creators sketching a few lines in their notebook.

However, it is important to respect certain guidelines when filming by drone in such an urban environment. Flying your drone above the Henri Matisse Park - provided you are authorized to do so - is a unique experience which allows you to capture Lille from an angle new.

Find a professional driver in Lille

In the quest to immortalize Lille by drone, the choice of pilot is a crucial step. This is an expert who will be able to control the device precisely to capture breathtaking aerial images. His exceptional skill will transform ordinary images into real creative works.

Selecting such a specialist should not be taken lightly as it is essential to take legal aspects into account. For a professional activity like this, the use of drones is subject to multiple conditions and requires prior authorization issued by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGAC). Strict compliance with these rules not only guarantees the smooth running of filming, it also helps maintain public safety.

There are several platforms on the internet that can help find this type of expert in the Lille area. These sites often promote pilot portfolios so that you can evaluate their work before any collaboration. Once you have made your choice, don't forget that each project has its particularities and therefore requires an in-depth discussion with your future drone service provider to fully understand your artistic and technical expectations.

To further your research you can consult the representative of our Drone Network in Lille, via his presentation page: Click here to discover more useful resources.


Important  Important : We strongly recommend that drone pilots and budding filmmakers include these drone spots in their audiovisual project, but it will not always be easy to obtain flight authorizations from the authorities concerned. Please know that the members of our network are at your disposal and at your service. Our pilots can, at your request, take care of this drone filming in the Hauts-de-France region. Alternatively, you can acquire the rights toaerial videos of Lille and Nord-Pas-de-Calais, available via our HOsiHO aerial image bank  (see the gallery in the article).


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