The best drone spots to film Rennes

Presentation of the city of Rennes

Nestled in the heart of Brittany, Rennes is a city rich in historical and geographical heritage. As the capital of this An emblematic region, it has managed to preserve an impressive architectural heritage while adapting to contemporary needs.

Rennes stands out for its privileged location, halfway between land and sea. This inseparable link with water is manifested in the undulating course of the Vilaine which harmoniously crisscrosses the city. This feature offers varied views for large aerial shots.

The past is constantly present in Rennes' urban planning: half-timbered houses from the Middle Ages coexist with more modern buildings like the Parliament of Brittany or the Hôtel Dieu Saint-Yves, testifying to a time when Rennes was an important bastion of the kingdom.

The architectural variety provides a real field of investigation for drone enthusiasts wishing to capture these treasures from various aspects. Drone legislation authorizing these activities under certain specific restrictions, all that remains is to select your favorite location among all these architectural gems.

So, Rennes gives drone remote pilots a unique opportunity to combine advanced technology and ancestral heritage through their UAV aircraft!

Vue Aérienne Drone de La Place Des Lices, Rennes, Bretagne, France © Macareux ProductionAerial Drone View of Place Des Lices with La Halle Martenot, Rennes, France © Macareux Productions/HOsiHO

Discover the historic center of Rennes

Plunging into the heart of the historic center of Rennes, the drone camera reveals a labyrinth of cobbled streets and an architectural mosaic of incredible richness. The majestic squares are revealed from a new angle, offering spectacular shots for fans of aerial images.

Rue Saint-Michel, more commonly known as "rue de la soif", offers a unique perspective on the excitement of Rennes. An incessant whirlwind where students and regulars mingle in a joyful tumult.

Place des Lices with its weekly market is a living scene to immortalize.
•The Saint-Sauveur church sets the tone with its baroque facade and its slender bell tower.
•The half-timbered houses of Place Saint-Anne are emblematic of Rennes' historical heritage.
•The Parliament of Brittany lights up the night sky, providing stunning images for any experienced aerial videographer.

Every corner of the historic center is full of anecdotes, every stone bears the imprint of time past. Drones then make it possible to take this time journey by bringing to life the ancient remains which populate these places steeped in history.

This is all the magic that a drone can capture: this subtle alliance between technological modernity and ancient heritage. Film Rennes by drone is not just an entertaining activity, it is a tribute to the history of this fascinating city.

Fly over Thabor Park

Have you ever thought about the beauty that is revealed when you gain height? The Thabor park, a true green setting in the heart of Rennes, represents a perfect place for drone flights.

A majestic ballet awaits you, revealing a unique panorama where century-old trees and bucolic paths coexist harmoniously. The vertical dive on the Thabor fountain gives a striking perspective: the flowing water plays with the solar reflections to create moving patterns full of visual poetry.

Flying over the plant labyrinth is a particularly interesting experience for aerial shots. This green maze offers a strong visual contrast with its precise layout and impeccable hedges.

The tropical greenhouse is also worth mentioning, its glass roof beautifully reflects the sun's rays. A colorful dance between shadows and light create memorable images.

You should always scrupulously respect the regulations in force concerning the flight of drones in order to ensure your safety and that of other users of the park.

Finally, a piece of advice for amateurs: prefer to film early in the morning or late in the evening when the colors are softer and fewer people visit the park.

 Vue Aerienne Drone Du Parc Du Thabor Dans La Ville De Rennes, Bretagne, France-2079788-129-ThibaultBeguetAerial Drone View of Thabor Park in the City of Rennes, Bretagne, France © Macareux Productions/HOsiHO

Capturing the Vilaine from different angles

The Vilaine, this river which winds through Rennes, offers a breathtaking view when captured by a drone. The reflections of the cited on its liquid mirror add a unique and striking dimension to the images collected by these aerial devices. The secret to obtaining striking photographs lies in the orientation chosen when flying over this urban river.

A low altitude allows you to obtain a detailed panorama of the green banks bordering the Vilaine where runners and strollers bring animation in the shots. A higher elevation gives access to a wider visual field of the Rennes landscape with its multicolored roofs extending to the horizon.

As for the choice of angle, it is up to you: favor a side view in order to highlight the historic bridges which cross the watercourse or opt for a frontal point of view to have the background of the splendid urban panorama.

Capturing the Vilaine from various orientations is certainly a technical exercise while being artistic which requires sensitivity and knowledge of drone regulations. This is where the beauty of the profession lies: knowing how to exploit the natural assets offered by our environment while scrupulously respecting the imposed rules!

Filming Beaulieu University and its surroundings

Towards the east of Rennes, the modern silhouette of the University of Beaulieu stands out on the horizon. Here, the drone finds a favorable setting to immortalize extraordinary views. The main building, with its sloping roof and glass facade reflecting the variations of the Breton sky, offers a dynamic perspective. The flagstones forming the winding paths around the campus lend an interesting graphic look when filmed from above.

Flying over this urban space designed by geometric and organic lines blending harmoniously, we discover a monumental staircase leading to the central library. A perfect place to film from different angles thanks to its bold curves and aerial structure.

By widening the visual field beyond the university campus towards the southeast, we can also perceive the contrasts between the architectural modernity of Beaulieu and the surrounding green landscape.
Just like Lyon - famous for its points offering stunning views on its two rivers from their confluence, Rennes is full of captivating places to explore by drone. Each location presents its own technical challenge while offering aerial filmmakers the unique chance to capture all of their artistically inspiring beauty.

Photo aérienne par drone de la place de la Republique, Rennes, Bretagne, France-2079787-129-ThibaultBeguet
Aerial drone photo of Place de la Republique, Rennes, Bretagne, France
© Macareux Productions/HOsiHO

Find your professional videographer driver in Rennes

Rennes, city of art and culture, is a true showcase of creativity for professional drone pilots. Once the essential places have been identified, the selection of the professional videographer pilot turns out to be an essential phase, for taking the necessary steps with the Prefecture.

An experienced drone and video operator will be able to highlight Rennes' architectural heritage from its most attractive angle. It will ensure the precise placement of the drone and the careful exercise of audiovisual framing. His keen eye allows him to anticipate movements and design dynamic plans that highlight urban splendor.

It is therefore advisable to choose a professional drone operator who masters both cinematographic language and drones. The latter must be able to: 

•To have in-depth knowledge of the rules governing the use of drones in urban areas
•To have a pronounced artistic sense to magnify each shot
•To demonstrate advanced technical skills in piloting the drone
•To effectively manage natural lighting or artificial during filming
•To have acquired solid experience in the audiovisual field

Thus, everyone can call on the skills of an expert so that Rennes is immortalized by drone with all the grandeur it deserves.

To go further in your search for a videographer pilot in Rennes, you can see this page presenting the representative of our drone network in Rennes.

Important: We strongly recommend that budding drone pilots and filmmakers include these drone spots in their audiovisual projects, but it won't always be easy to obtain flight permits from the relevant authorities. The members of our network are at your service. At your request, our pilots can handle the drone filming in Ille-et-Vilaine and Brittany. Alternatively, you can acquire the rights to aerial videos of Rennes and the surrounding area, available via our HOsiHO aerial image bank (see the gallery in the article).


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