The best spots to film La Rochelle by drone

The Old Port, the heart of La Rochelle

La Rochelle, a port city located in the Charente-Maritime department in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, is a true jewel on the Atlantic coast with its 75,000 residents. Its impressive historical heritage and exceptional geographical location make it an essential stopover for travelers from the four corners of the globe.

The very heart of La Rochelle lies in its Old Port, an emblematic symbol that has spanned the ages and welcomed countless ships since its foundation in the 13th century. The quays of the Old Port are framed by two imposing towers offering an incredible panorama of the blue expanse of the Atlantic Ocean and the surrounding islands.

When we observe this area marked by history through the prism of a drone, we appreciate a new vision of this maritime citadel. The fluctuating shades of the sky shimmer in the water while the immaculate sailboats stand out against the intense blue of the sea.

Immortalizing La Rochelle using a drone thus offers a rare opportunity to capture all the splendor and cultural density of this maritime haven from every angle: from the medieval fortifications to the slate roofs of traditional residences, without of course neglecting the comings and goings. comes perpetual from boats entering and leaving the port.

The Old Port (in french Vieux-Port) therefore stands out as much more than just a place to immortalize La Rochelle using a drone; it is also a vibrant tribute to the illustrious past of this maritime fortress, each stone of which contains a thousand stories.

Photo aerienne par drone de La Rochelle, Les Tours et le Vieux-Port, Charente-Maritime, France - 2077392 © L'Atelier du CielAerial drone photo of La Rochelle, Les Tours and the Old Port, Charente-Maritime, France © L'Atelier du Ciel

Other essential sites to capture

Beyond the Old Port, several other sites are undoubtedly worth flying your drone to immortalize them from an original angle.

The first not to be missed is the Saint-Sauveur church, nestled in the heart of the historic district. Its octagonal bell tower, unique in its kind, offers a breathtaking panoramic view of La Rochelle and its surroundings. An overview of this monument steeped in history will allow you to appreciate its full grandeur.

Then follows the Château de Buzay in La Jarne which charms with its French-style park and its romantic gardens bringing a royal dimension to the aerial shots. This architectural gem provides memorable shots, especially during sunsets where the contrasting play of light and shadow highlights its sumptuousness.

The sinuous ramparts encircling the old port are also an essential place for any pilot wishing to capture La Rochelle by drone. Their curves offer a striking contrast with the geometric rigor of the neighboring modern buildings.

It is impossible to ignore the main monuments of La Rochelle without mentioning the Saint-Louis Cathedral, whose two majestic towers stand out against the azure blue sky. Filming the latter from the heights gives an innovative perspective on this symbolic building.

Each place has its own uniqueness and appeal that it would be a shame not to capture by drone in order to expose their hidden splendor to the rest of the world.

Discover the Towers

Discovering the Towers of La Rochelle requires careful planning, particularly for a drone operator. Their majestic grandeur, lofty stature and strategic oceanside position offer breathtaking panoramic perspectives to immortalize: 

•The Saint-Nicolas Tower offers a panoramic view of the Old Port.
•The Chain Tower reveals a striking panorama of the maritime fortifications.
•The Lantern Tower displays its Gothic attractions from all angles.
•The row between two towers creates a unique visual passage.
•From the top of the towers, you can see the entire city as far as the distant sea expanse.

Important: We strongly recommend that drone pilots and budding filmmakers include these drone spots in their audiovisual project, but it will not always be easy to obtain flight authorizations from the authorities concerned. Please know that the members of our network are at your disposal and at your service. Our pilots can, at your request, take care of a drone service in La Rochelle and in the department of Charente-Maritime, in New Aquitaine. Alternatively to a drone shoot tailor-made, you can licence aerial videos already shot in La Rochelle and its surroundings by authors talented professionals, available via our HOsiHO aerial image bank.

Filming Minimes beach

Minimes beach, with its golden sand kissing the Atlantic Ocean, provides an ideal backdrop for an aerial shot.

A drone flying over this emblematic site reveals unsuspected variations of sea blue transforming into rhythmic waves. The sun's rays on the liquid expanse form a brilliant mosaic while the shadows of the parasols create an abstract pattern on the warm sand.

The aerial angle also allows us to assess the impressive scale of this seaside area. The drone captures the tiny shadows of people enjoying their leisure time, creating a contrast with the vastness of the ocean.

However, it is imperative to follow certain rules to ensure a safe and respectful flight. For example, it is preferable to avoid densely populated areas or areas too close to bathers in order to eliminate any possible risk.

Filming Minimes beach by drone goes beyond a simple technical exercise: it requires a unique artistic vision to enhance each subtle aspect offered by this exceptional marine panorama.

Vue aérienne du bord de mer de La Rochelle avec la Tour de la Lanterne, Charente-Maritime, France © L'Atelier du CielAerial view of the seaside of La Rochelle with the Tour de la Lanterne, Charente-Maritime, France © L'Atelier du Ciel

Fly over Charruyer Park

Parc Charruyer, a green setting in the heart of La Rochelle, offers a unique experience for aerial filmmakers. Its majestic trees create ever-changing patterns of light and shadow on the ground, making it ideal for capturing breathtaking drone images. The variety of the place is such that each flight creates a different atmosphere. The avenues adorned with century-old trees provide an ideal setting for filming from different angles or in lateral movement. Winding paths cross the park, offering various surprising viewpoints. Another major asset of Parc Charruyer lies in its vast lawns which allow pilots to achieve impressive ascending holds while ensuring safety during takeoff and landing. It is of course essential to respect the rules relating to the use of drones in order to avoid any noise or visual disturbance for other visitors to the park. If you want to vary your shots, also think about Bordeaux where certain places offer incredible visual richness to explore with your drone : the quays along the Garonne to the Cité du Vin present a contrasting urban panorama between modernity and historical heritage. Just like La Rochelle, each place has its own artistic identity which it is then up to you to amplify thanks to your technical expertise and your artistic sensitivity.

Find a drone pilot in La Rochelle

Finding a drone pilot in La Rochelle is a decisive task to ensure the quality of your aerial shots. The pilot must be qualified and experienced. Several professionals offer their services in this maritime city, each with their unique style. Choosing a pilot is about more than just reviewing their portfolio or technical skills. Its reputation within the profession and with previous clients must be considered. It is then appropriate to opt for someone who has demonstrated their competence on various projects in order to meet the specific requirements of the location to be filmed. The HOsiHO Drone Network brings together experienced remote pilots offering a variety of drone-related services throughout France, including La Rochelle. Before final engagement with a pilot, make sure that he respects the rules established by the DGAC regarding the use of drones and that he has all the necessary authorizations to carry out your project. Finding the right driver is not just about technical competence, it is also about professional integrity and creativity.

For more information on finding the right drone pilot in La Rochelle, you can consult the following page: Find your drone pilot and cameraman in La Rochelle for your drone shots in Charente-Maritime.

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