The best spots to film Strasbourg by drone

Presentation of the city of Strasbourg 

Nestled in the heart of Europe, Strasbourg exudes charm and history. Its rich and diverse architectural heritage attracts lovers of breathtaking aerial images.

Notre-Dame Cathedral, its finely crafted Gothic architecture and its soaring skyward spire offer a memorable spectacle when filmed from above. The contrasts between shadows and light on the ancient stone create panoramas worthy of a great film.

The picturesque district of Petite France should not be overlooked. Its half-timbered houses, covered bridges and canals resemble a painting where each corner reveals a new beauty to be filmed.

Other important sites include the Tomi Ungerer Museum with its modern architecture that contrasts with that of the historic center; or the European institutions in the Wacken district which attest to local political dynamism.

Strasbourg is also distinguished by its dense network of waterways bordered by countless picturesque bridges: so many opportunities for exceptional aerial shots.

Seen from the sky, Strasbourg reveals all its splendor; it then becomes more than just a city - it is transformed into a true work of art before our amazed eyes.

Discovering the unmissable spots

In the quest to perfectly immortalize Strasbourg, every corner offers a unique spectacle. The Esplanade, with its green spaces and dynamic campus, is an ideal place to record city life in motion. The Orangerie Park is metamorphosis into a picturesque setting where swans sail on the lake surrounded by century-old trees.

•The Port du Rhine, another unmissable place, reveals a breathtaking panoramic view of the bridges which connect Strasbourg to Kehl.
•La Petite France with its half-timbered houses and winding canals offers an environment worthy of wonderful tales.
•The Astronomical Observatory invites you to immortalize the contrast between modernity and historical heritage.
Notre-Dame Cathedral stands majestically above the Alsatian roofs, offering a breathtaking view for your drone.

Each location reveals a distinct facet of the unique character of this European city. It's fascinating to examine how these Strasbourg locations rival those that can be found in the French capital for filming Paris by drone. Even though each city has its own specific vibe; it is by exploring these symbolic sites that you can truly grasp the unique spirit that animates Strasbourg.

Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Strasbourg, France - vue par drone #2077395 © SKYPIC-HOsiHO

Notre-Dame Cathedral in Strasbourg, France - drone view #2077395 © SKYPIC/HOsiHO

Fly over Little France

Is it possible to imagine Strasbourg without its Little France? The answer is no. This city gem, a living tableau where half-timbered houses shimmer in the undulating canal like a moving watercolor, is the place where magic comes to life for the drone pilot.

Flying over this historic district is a unique and memorable experience. The pontoons lined up along the Ill offer a point of exceptional view, while the walkways overlooking the water trace graceful curves under the watchful eye of the drone.

The moored boats give this scene a picturesque and authentic touch. They remain there, peaceful and still, waiting to come to life at the opportune moment to sail majestically on these serene waters.

And then there are these narrow streets bordered by ancient residences which silently reveal their centuries-old history... Their sloping roofs almost seem to touch at certain points offering impressive framing when filmed from the celestial heights.

This harmonious urban setting undoubtedly represents an ideal place to capture Strasbourg by drone. It offers an unlimited diversity of angles and perspectives allowing the pilot to express his creativity while rigorously respecting existing regulations.

What better way is there to immortalize this visual symphony than by flying over Petite France? A dance between sky and stone, an ode to the splendor of our heritage.

Filming Notre-Dame Cathedral

Perched in the heart of Strasbourg, Notre-Dame Cathedral stands majestic and imposing. Its solitary tower emerges from the roofs, offering spectacular views of the surrounding landscape. It’s an essential place for any drone pilot looking for unique images.

When capturing this Gothic marvel using a drone, it is crucial to take your time to capture every detail that makes it so famous: its terrifying gargoyles that seem to dive into the void from their high perches, its multicolored rosettes which shine under the setting sun or its astronomical clock whose complexity continues to amaze after centuries.

It is important to understand that filming this masterpiece from the air offers a completely different perspective and exposes often overlooked aspects of the monument. We discover, for example, the impressive symmetry of the labyrinthine floor or the discreet nuances of the ancient stone sculpted by time and the elements.

However, before any aerial exploration around this heritage gem, it is imperative to consult the legislation concerning the use of drones in France, and to make declarations. Filming our dear lady from Strasbourg is more than a simple excursion, it is a real aerial dance between past and present, between stone and sky.

Filming the Orangerie Park

Another favorite place for directors in Strasbourg is undoubtedly the Parc de l'Orangerie. This vast urban green space offers a multitude of angles and perspectives to explore with unique views of the city. Through the branches, the greenery extends to the horizon, offering a striking contrast with the blue or gray sky depending on the weather. The century-old trees that line the paths are all exciting obstacles to avoid during the flight while ensuring a perfectly stable camera to immortalize this idyllic scene.

The park's body of water constitutes a major point of interest for any aerial shot. The reflective surface captures the sunlight wonderfully and animates the surrounding landscape in its undulating reflection.

The Joséphine Pavilion, located in the very heart of the park, is also a great attraction to film. The elegantly designed building stands out beautifully against the natural backdrop of this green haven.

In its entirety, filming the Parc de l'Orangerie by drone allows a true visual immersion in this Strasbourg setting where nature reigns supreme.

Église réformée Saint-Paul,  Strasbourg, France - vue par drone #2079310 © SKYPIC-HOsiHO

Saint-Paul Reformed Church, Strasbourg, France - drone view #2079310 © SKYPIC/HOsiHO

Find a drone pilot in Strasbourg

Filming Strasbourg by drone requires a competent, talented pilot who is well aware of the regulations in force. This mission requires rigorous precision in handling the drone, impeccable expertise in aerial photography and specific authorizations to fly over certain locations.

A good drone operator must have:

•In-depth knowledge of the places and sites to be flown over
•Proven experience in handling drones
•Artistic skills to capture the best images
•The ability to respect the strict rules related to flying a drone in an urban environment.

It is essential that your operator has professional liability insurance, in order to take care of any eventuality during filming. Several companies in Strasbourg offer this type of service with experienced operators.

Finding a qualified professional may seem complex but it is crucial to carry out your shots safely and capture the most beautiful images possible. So take the time necessary to find someone who will be able to use their expertise for the benefit of your project.

Filming Strasbourg by drone is a unique experience but it requires certain precautions. Calling on a qualified professional is therefore imperative if you wish to immortalize the exceptional beauty of this city while respecting local regulations.

To further your research and find the ideal drone pilot in Strasbourg for your shots, do not hesitate to consult our network page to find out the drone operator who represents us in Strasbourg and the Grand-Est region, here.

Important: We strongly recommend that drone pilots and budding filmmakers include these drone spots in their audiovisual project, but it will not always be easy to obtain flight authorizations from the authorities concerned. Please know that the members of our network are at your disposal and at your service. Our pilots can, at your request, take care of a drone service in Strasbourg and in the Bas-Rhin department in Alsace. As an alternative to a tailor-made drone shoot, you can acquire the rights to aerial videos already taken in Strasbourg and its surroundings. by professional authors from talents, available via our HOsiHO aerial image bank.

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