Repowering of Rivesaltes wind farm

Repowering of Rivesaltes wind farm

(Pyrénées-Orientales department, in Occitanie, France)


The Rivesaltes repowering project involves replacing 8 turbines with a combined power of 7.6 MW with 6 new turbines. The new wind farm to be built in 2022 will have a 30% increase in power thanks to more powerful "new generation" machines.

The existing farm was dismantled in 2021.

GEG ENeR will thus have one of the first feedbacks in France on wind power dismantling, which is still very rare at the moment for this new sector. Unlike other more "traumatic" energy sources for sites and the environment, wind power is reversible and has little impact on its host environment.

Finally, the production of the new wind farm will increase to approximately 24 GWh/year, which is the electrical needs of approximately 5,000 French households.

To promote this work, GEG called on Aero7 to produce several short films, a 5 minutes institutional film that condenses everything, as well as photos at all stages of the project.


Main stages :

Dismantling of the wind turbines
Civil engineering construction
Transport of the new blades
Assembly of the wind turbines

Video by Aero7 on the dismantling of the Rivesaltes wind turbines