New: the essential Image Bank Survival Guide has been released!

HOsiHO released an

Image Bank Survival Guide

for visual artists


The agency specializing in aerial stock images and timelapses has just published a guide for professional visual artists wishing to market their work directly or through the numerous image banks in business.

    • Are you looking to make a regular income from your most beautiful images? 
    • You are a professional but don't know how or where to start? 
    • You are wondering which image bank to choose? One, two, three or more? 
    • You don't know what an image worth? And even less at what price you could sell yours? 
    • You are wondering what is the difference between a Macro and a Microstock agency? 
    • Do you have to give in to the Siren of low-cost websites? 
    • Or should you give in to the temptation of high-end image banks? 
    • Wondering if you should lock yourself into an exclusive contract with a single agency? 
    • What percentage of sales will you be offered? Is this the standard? 
    • Should I take photos, videos, or both? 
    • May I sell my images directly on my website? 
    • And what can I do with my images outside of stock photography?

If you ask yourself one or more of these questions, then you've come to the right place

It also means that you feel a bit lost in the nebula of image banks, and to be honest, there is reason to.

The whole point of this Survival Guide is to enlighten you without any fancy talk. We've been there. In the 35 years that we have been practicing stock photography, a certain amount of experience has been acquired. An intuition, and a desire to transmit it. 

We will therefore give you a whole series of advice and answers to help you make one of the most difficult decisions for a visual artist who wants to live from his creations: who to trust, under what conditions to practice, and for what benefit in the end? 

We start from the premise that you are not an amateur and that what you are looking for is not so much the glory of being published as the money that will allow you to pay your bills and feed your next creative projects. For you, making images and making a living from your royalties is a job, not a hobby. 

So let's get started, because we have a long way to go. 
It will be difficult and full of pitfalls, but if you hold on, what an exciting, rich and independent life awaits you! 

Follow the guide!


Image Bank Survival Guide
Table of Contents

#0 The Golden Age of image banks is over since 2010
#1 Ask yourself the right questions and be patient
#2 Evaluate yourself - Be uncompromising - Be specialized
#3 Bet it all on the 1000
#4 How does it work and what is the purpose of an image bank?
#5 Criteria for choosing your image bank
#I  Insert: First questions to ask any stock images agency
#6 Kind of image banks to prefer and pitfalls to avoid

#7 Macrostock or Microstock: two models that everything opposes
#8 Earnings to expect (speculative projections)
#9 Exclusive contract: Pros or Cons?
#10 Optimal strategies, rates and percentages
#11 Photos or Videos ?
#12 Stagnation - Dilution - Discouragement: be ready to anticipate it
#13 Direct Selling: Panacea or Chimera?                                           
#14 Why not sell prints ?
#15 Going further


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HOsiHO thus joins the prestigious partner collections presented on the professional platform inamediapro. A very positive acknowledgement for the agency.


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