The first drone photos of the Ile-de-France urban cable car

Photo par drone Chantier Cable 1 - Pose Pylone Valenton - DCOMDRONE

A first day of filming was carried out at the end of December 2023 during the installation of the pendulum and the pylon head at the top of the highest of the 30 pylons on the line.

This cable car is under construction south of Paris. As its name already indicates, Cable 1 or C1 is the first urban cable car in the Paris Region. The purpose of this new innovative mode of transport in urban areas is to connect the city of Créteil by air to Villeneuve-Saint-Georges in Val-de-Marne by serving the towns of Limeil-Brévannes and Valenton. The C1 will be equipped with closed cabins that can accommodate up to 10 people every 30 seconds and cover the entire 4.5 kilometer route in 18 minutes. Currently, it takes around 40 minutes for users of the bus line to travel the same distance.

The project owner Ile-de-France Mobilités announces an opening in early 2025 and for the moment this extraordinary project is not showing any delay. Read more...