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New blog postWhat images sold in October 2019 through ?

For instance this drone footage sold for an  Internet advertisement of Marcel Bio brand

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Since last week, the agency highlights, every week, the most

outstanding and creative aerial images or timelapses from its collection, as well as

the artists who are at the origin, often with passion, always with immense talent !

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And if you like these little accelerated films, take the opportunity to also explore

our gallery dedicated to Timelapses, Hyperlapses and Dronelapses.

An avalanche of new galleries!

Galeries HOsiHO Uk

The new platform of the agency launched in April 2019 continues to grow.

This time, HOsiHO publishers began to create thematic galleries, first on geographic

destinations where the fund has several hundred clips and photos per drone. Then will come

galleries on more iconographic themes such as Winter, Environment, Transport, Industry, Urbanism.

In the meantime, you can already admire the 'jewels' found by the agency team through the

Editors Picks, Best-Of, France, Usa, Scandinavia, Greece, Namibia galleries.


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