L'Oeil qui vole

Drone serving the aesthetic

L'Oeil qui vole

I have been working on the aerial image since 2012, still with the same passion, and a growing interest for the evolutions of the technologies involved in it.

Keen of everything flying for a very long time, I naturally turned myself to drones since their arrival on the civil market, this activity innately completing my expertise field, already including traditional photography and video recording.

Your project will be studied with a real interest, and my involvement will be for a you an earnest of serenity.

The images will be provided to you in High Quality (up to 4K resolution), for a constraintless integration to your montage. I can also ensure the video production if wanted.

 You will certainly appreciate the comfort of working with a close partner, knowing his region, and working with an open-mind.

Customers and experiences

Working with equal pleasure for small companies or for TV channels, institutionals, for agriculture or shows, I offer a passionate pair of eyes, but I am also mindful of the technical restrains inherent in every project.

It is often interesting to mix aerial and "regular" to the ground shots, in order to create dynamics and fascinating videos.

I like to work with these two techniques, and I'm opened to every technologic income allowing us to increase the quality of the result.

My long time spent working on the framing and the driving of the drone helps me to capture the best your project images.

I have the opportunities of working on a lot of very different projects, which is perfect according to me: It is always really interesting to nourish every project with an experience borrowed from every different work done before.

Trusted by

Drone serving the aesthetic

Headquaters : Montpellier (34070)


DGAC ID : ED1340

Insurance contract : HG3000453948 CATLIN

Working locations

66 - Pyrénées-Orientales
48 - Lozère
34 - Hérault
30 - Gard
12 - Aveyron
11 - Aude

Fields of expertise and services

My fields of expertise extends from worksite supervision to institutional video, including constructions or crop surveillance, shows...

I can also realize virtual visits from the sky, or big aerial panoramic shots.

Every aerial shot is captured in High Quality (4K for videos, 20Mpx for pictures), allowing their integration for every kind of project.



- Drone Phantom 4 Pro (S1, S2, S3)

- Camera Sony EA50

- APN Canon 5D MKII