Madinina Flying Pixels

Aerial shooting in Martinique and French West Indies

Madinina Flying Pixels

Aerial operator by drone in Martinique and French West Indies since 2014, Madinina Flying Pixels specializes in shooting for audiovisual productions. As a local historical operator, we participated to the major local aerial shooting.

We also work in other audiovisual fields such as the executive production of TV ads, video clips, 360 VR video on the ground or in air, long or short timelapses and equipment's rental with light machinery with qualified operators.

It should be noted that we pay particular attention to the safety and repect of regulations laws with regard to UAVs use.

Customers and experiences

UAVs shooting is one of our skills. We are an audiovisual agency in Martinique that produces original content (TV ads, institutional films, music videos, short films, documentaries ... etc). Olivier Tisserant, its leader, has been in the audiovisual production for over 20 years, first in the south of France and then in the West Indies.

We have worked for many productions, both in fiction and in advertising or documentary. We took part, among others, in the shooting of the TV movie "Meurtre à la Martinique" on France 3 TV, in the magazine "La Route de la soif" for Viceland, in the national TV commercial for Martinique, in the series "Tropiques Criminels" (2019) for France 2 TV or a documentary for the Japanese television channel NHK and many other films.

We also perform live or deferred recordings for local events. We regularly cover the tour of Martinique as well as the "tour des yoles" (traditional boats very popular in Martinique)

In parallel, we also work in the fields of site monitoring and inspection (wind farms in the north of Martinique) or photogrammetry (agreement with several municipalities in Martinique for cartography).

Aerial shooting in Martinique and French West Indies

Headquaters : Les Anses-d'Arlet (97217)

+596 696 955 875

DGAC ID : ED2260

Insurance contract : Air Courtage

Working locations

978 - Saint-Martin
977 - Saint-Barthélemy
973 - Guyane
972 - Martinique
971 - Guadeloupe

Fields of expertise and services

We can realize your aerial footage only or support the executive production of your film.

Our activity is divided into several areas:

Aerial imagery

We are equipped with 4 UAVs that cover all requests in the visible spectrum. We can shoot in raw to match with cinema cameras or in h.264 / ProRes for lighter setups.

We operate in the S1 and S3 french flight scenarios and have protocols with the airports of French West Indies and Guyana.

Audiovisual production

We make films in the TV advertising, institional, video and documentary fields. We are equipped with various cameras including a RED, equipment machinery, light and sound.


We offer timelapses, both short-term for your productions and long-lasting (up to several years) for your construction projects. For short timelpases we can mount the definition up to 8K fixed or moving (slider) and our boxes for long timelapses are autonomous and connected in 4G.

360 VR video

Our equipment consisting of several 360 ° cameras allows us to answer all the requests, both on the ground and in the air. We also have a large workstation on which we perform post production work (stiching, compositing, 3D inlay ... etc).

Operators / Machinery Benefit

We put at your disposal some light machinery (Stabilizers for cinema cameras - Ronin, Steadimate, travellings, sliders, cablecam, carriages with operators perfectly trained in their use and operational on large film sets.