DRONE HORIZON Technologie (Nimes, Ardeche)

Drone photography Nîmes - Drone pilot Ardèche - Drone Gard

DRONE HORIZON Technologie (Nimes, Ardeche)

Creative Aerial Solutions

DRONE HORIZON Technology was created in 2015 by Jérôme Monnot with the dual status of operator of aerial photography by drones and engineering activities in image post processing.

The company steches in the Occitanie region and the departments of Gard and Ardèche.

From the beginning, the company is organized to provide aerial solutions for artistic shootings as well as for demanding technical interventions and their 3D digital processing.

DRONE HORIZON Technology offers high quality services in HD, 4K or Zoom photos and videos, automated capture over long distances and 3D image and thermal processing and analysis.

We also take photos in ultra high definition (Giga pixel resolution) and 360 ° videos in professional quality.

For aerial operations, we can operate in single or double operator according to the needs, as well as for audiovisual productions or for inspections on sensitive sites, with the adapted equipment (single or double radiocontrol, customer video return, fixed optics or zoomable remote zoom camera ...)

In early 2018, the company creates its brand and launches the first mobile application for shooting aerial photography in Giga-pixel resolution: SmartAerial PANO (www.smartaerial.app). The app is now available for sale on the Android Play Store.

For the drone network we are in charge of the following french cities and Ardèche / Gard departments:

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Customers and experiences

DRONE HORIZON Technologie is a dédicated french aerial registered company that provides professional aerial video and photography for landscape, real estate and promotional projects.

We deliver that perfect blend of creativity, practicality and quality that ensures an increase of value to your image, video production and business.

We're customer focused and listen to your needs as we work with you to achieve results that'll make DRONE HORIZON your go-to company for all your aerial imaging requirements in Languedoc region.

We invest also in the latest post processing technology with to deliver unparalleled aerial imaging services optic ans thermal to the mining, industries and environmental for 2D and 3D processing.

Trusted by

Drone photography Nîmes - Drone pilot Ardèche - Drone Gard

Headquaters : Martigues (13500)

+33 614 25 07 57

Operator N° UAS / DGAC : FRA8yd01ztfrli93 / ED629

Insurance contract : SIECA police n° 7359

Working locations

30 - Gard
07 - Ardèche

Fields of expertise and services

Main activities of the company

  • Aerial video and photography services,
  • Gigapixel panorama,
  • Aerial 360 ° video
  • Aerial hyperlapse
  • Dedicated aerial software application development (Web & Mobile)
  • 3D capture and modeling for topography and Digital Elevation Models
  • Realization of promotional Web video.


An exclusive and innovative solution for 2019, available in all the HosiHo network partner


SmartAerial PANO by Drone Horizon Technology


You want to:

  • to print a huge poster in high photo quality
  • to get unprecedente photo resolution

DRONE HORIZON Technologie has deveopped an innovative mobile app to get aerial view with DJI drones which manage this capability in an automatic manner for a new experience in aerial view: SmartAerial PANO ®.

DRONE HORIZON Technology realizes the shooting, the assembly and proposes you printed version 4m in photographic quality thanks to its carefully selected providers managing the chain of color.

The aerial photos in Ultra High Definition (in Gigapixel resolution) are obtained precisely with the SmartAerial PANO application. In comparaison, today's drone camera sensors deliver images between 12 and 30 megapixels. A single 10-minute elevation is enough for the framing and acquisition of the 50 photos that will make up the giant panorama at 800 MegaPixel. And up to 4 GigaPixel for a 360 ° spherical !


We have 3 drones in scenario S1, S2 and S3 with their associated camera and lens, and a radiometric thermal camera configuration.

  • Inspire 1 Pro, dual operators
  • Matrice 100, dual operators
  • Mavic 2 Pro, single operator

Onboard cameras

  • Zenmuse X5 with Optics 12mm, 25mm and 45mm
  • ZenMuse Z3 Zoom x7
  • InstaOne X2  for 360 ° video in 5.7K
  • Optris PI-640 thermal imaging camera


  • Panasonic GH5, Optical 12mm, 35-100mm
  • GoPro 8  x2
  • Stabilisateur Ronin SC
  • Autonomous and connected Timelapse camera x5