DRONE ARDÈCHE | The experience of a Leader


Drone Ardèche® is a civil drone operator since 2014.


We quickly imposed ourselves with high-end services in the production of videos, the realization of the promotion clip of the Monts d'Ardèche Natural Park, but also in the photogrammetry, with models of large surface, in mountain, and the inspection of structures for clients such as the Mont Blanc Motorway and Tunnel (ATMB).


Our three poles of competence:

  1. Drone Operator, with double-operators drones, for TV channels, and production companies. We operate DJI Inspire 2, with licenses RAW and ProRes 442HQ and Prores 4444, but also larger drones able to lift movie cameras, including our camera RED, or a 5DsR for aerial photos 50 million pixels .
  2. Audiovisual production company, for the production of high-end films.
  3. Photogrammetry, for the 3D-modeling of buildings, and above all, we are experts in the inspection of engineering structures, with a definition much lower than the milimeter, to annotate micro-cracks up to a tenth of a millimeter.


We do aerial captures in France for foreign customers, in order to comply with French regulations.

Customers and experiences

Drone Ardèche® is a team of 10 people, including directors for the writing of a screenplay, cameramen with cinema cameras - Sony FS7 and RED SCARLET, qualified editors, dilpomes of cinema school (ESEC PARIS).

We produced videos for the cities, institutional films for corporates and we count among our customers the city of Valencia, the ONF (french forests), SODIMAS, GATTEFOSSÉ.

We always recommend the solution giving our customers the best return on investment.

DRONE ARDÈCHE | The experience of a Leader

Headquaters : Vesseaux (07200)


DGAC ID : ED00365

Insurance contract : XL INSURANCE COMPANY SE Par le contrat n° : FRM0000001AV17A/DRO/1333

Working locations

73 - Savoie
69 - Rhône
43 - Haute-Loire
42 - Loire
38 - Isère
26 - Drôme
07 - Ardèche

Fields of expertise and services

Audiovisual production company, drone operator, and specialist in engineering inspections with a definition of 0.3mm / pixel

Aerial material and UAV

We are equipped with several DJI Inspire 2 drones with the stabilized camera X7.

Professional drone adapted to the double operator = a driver + a cameraman who realizes the image which brought more security and a better quality of image.

A speed up to 80Km, which is perfect for tracking vehicles overhead and missions with gusts of wind.

A Super35 Super Sensor is the recording of more data, better picture quality compared to the same definition (Up to 6K, 4K, Full HD)

Interchangeable heads with an aperture of 2.8. This is a difference with recreational drones, used by many "professional" type Mavic or Phantom.


Cinema material

Freefly Drones Alta 8 and Alta 6

Drone Ardèche is one of the few companies in France to own 2 Freefly ALTA 8 and 6 cinema aircraft. These cinema drones allow to board and stablize RED, Alexa Mini cameras thanks to Freefly Movi Pro and Movi M15 stabilizers. . We pack up to 6.8kg of stabilized cameras and powered by our low-capacity Vlock batteries, to save weight.

Tracking vehicle

Drone Ardèche also offers a solution for traveling by car. Our teams are equipped with a complete Black Arm version, allowing to stabilize configations up to 30Kg. Camera stabilization is carried out thanks to our DJI Ronin 2, for tracking plans up to 140km / h. The whole thing is mounted on a recent Mercedes car with a pneumatic frame, to minimize the cash movements during fast followings, stunts, with our precision driver.