Reference rates for a drone audiovisual services

Every drones pilot member of the HOsiHO Drone Network agrees to apply the rates below

(in a range of plus or minus 10%)

Reference rates for an assignement in aerial filming or photography by drone, without editing

(excluding options, travel expenses, administrative costs)

Type of drone shootingType of drone et number of operatorsTime on locationTax-free rates
(from ; +/- 10%)
Audiovisual  (photo/video) Phantom 3/4+ (one pilot) 1 hour 350,00€
Audiovisual  (photo/video) Phantom 3/4+ (one pilot) 4 hours (half-day) 550,00€
Audiovisual  (photo/video) Phantom 3/4+ (one pilot) 1 day (8h + rest 1h) 750,00€
Audiovisual  (photo/video) Inspire 1 or 2 + Zenmuse X5/X5s or X7 camera (h264) and double-operator (pilot + cameraman) 1 hour 650,00€
Audiovisual  (photo/video) Inspire 1 or 2 + Zenmuse X5/X5s or X7 camera (h264) and double-operator (pilot + cameraman) hours (half-day) 950,00€
Audiovisual  (photo/video) Inspire 1 or 2 + Zenmuse X5/X5s or X7 camera (h264) and double-operator (pilot + cameraman) 1 day (8h + rest 1h) 1300,00€

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Important :

  • Each HOsiHO Drone Network member is free of its commercial and pricing policy
  • Many options are available, it could be added upon request, like: type of camera, specific focal lengths or recording codec (ProRes or Raw), etc ...
  • You will directly order the shooting to the chosen drone company and will pay their related invoice
  • Specialized or additionnal services will be subject to a study case by the contacted drone operator, after analysis of your request. His offer is binding only on himself
  • The HOsiHO company does not act as an intermediary and as such does not charge any commission on any services provided by the network's members

To complete a drone shooting, all our memebers can offer you the video-editing of rushes, or even the design of a short film before the shoot. All can provide additional shooting on the ground with dedicated cameras and stabilizers. Some are full-fledged audiovisual production companies and incorporate all the skills and talents to meet your new image needs to serve your corporate communication. Feel free to compare and view their achievements, on their page or on their website.

Other services offered by HOsiHO Drone Network operators: 360VR video, Construction site supervision by drone, Timelapse and aerial or ground hyperlapse, Classic photos panoramas or ultra-high resolution (giga-pixel) aerial panoramic photography, Thermography, Photogrammetry, Video post-production, Scouting locations in France by drone or ground, ...

Complete your drone shootings with our stock aerial videos available online through our image bank wide choice of images of the world seen from the sky, filmed by the 150 authors represented by the agency, from drone, helicopter or plane!

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